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  1. TheMoonisMyLantern

    COVID Faces

    Okay, so this has the potential to sound very strange. I have noticed that at work the past couple months when a co-worker slips their mask down for a moment to take a drink, eat, readjust the mask, etc. That from the nose they just look strange almost deformed and it seems to be with all of them even the folks I knew before the pandemic their faces just look off. I figures it's just becoming so ingrained to see the masks that seeing a full face is disarming. Is anyone else experiencing this? I really hope someone is that I'm not having a COVID psychotic break 😂
  2. Accolay

    Covid-19: Going Back to Normal?

    I know I'm jumping the gun here, but who's looking forward to having all visitor restrictions lifted, visiting hours gone, hoards of visitors back? Our patient satisfaction scores are way up, wondering what the hospital head honchos think is the cause? I'm not saying I never want visitors again, but do you think the Powers That Be will swing the pendulum back just a teensy bit? Also regarding mask wearing, how many influenza cases have you seen this year?
  3. guest584920

    Could masks be another vector?

    Consider that when people go about their daily lives they put their hands on everything in their environment; door handles, gas pumps, counter tops, store shelves, etcetera. And I notice people constantly touching and readjusting their masks. Some people do it almost subconsciously. I notice people wearing everything from flimsy & porous cloth masks, to bandanas and surgical masks. I even saw a guy with a full beard wearing an ill fitting N-95 the other day. It stands to reason that when people constantly touch their masks they transfer germs to the mask with their dirty hands, and subsequently inhale the germs. The average size of a COVID-19 virus particulate is approximately 0.125 Micron or 125 nanometers in diameter so various face coverings provide different levels of protection and some not at all. In my opinion, masks may help, especially the immunocompromised. But they also give people a false sense of protection, and at worst, may be another vector. We've been masking for almost eight months and we continue to see new cases daily. Thoughts?
  4. Runsoncoffee99

    Coworker's refusing to wear mask

    My agency requires us to wear masks. Yet,I see too many of my coworkers refusing to wear masks.Should I report them,or let the parents/caregivers do it? I work in private duty,8 hour shifts in the home. I saw one nurse come from her car and into the patient's home with nothing on her face since the pandemic started. The child's room is extremely small,so we do have to stand less than 6 feet from each other. I spoke with another anti-masker nurse that believes in the conspiracy theories.
  5. My local shop where I was getting my masks from, has ran out of them, and they don't think they can restock.. I ended up ordering from amazon blindly, a complete disaster ( thin, not 5 layers, extremely poor fit). Please share if anyone knows a good online source ? I am on my last 2 masks
  6. runner502

    Unable to wear N95 or papr

    I had a horrible experience yesterday. I was asked to float to the covid unit. I told them that I was fit tested and failed the test for N95, so they said I had to wear a Papr. Well, I got up to the floor and they couldn't find any hoods. Meanwhile an hour had gone by with 6 patients having no nurse. Rather than find another nurse that could take the patients, the supervisor wasted another hour trying to find a hood. When the supervisor finally found one, basically taking a hood from an OT therapist's locker, I tried to put the hood on. As soon as I got the hood on, I couldn't breathe, got nauseated and started sweating. I basically had a panic attack because I couldn't breathe. I told the charge nurse I had to get it off. She called the supervisor who basically said "tough". Then she called me down to her office and tried to bully me into wearing it. She even tried to get me to wear an n95, saying....I want to see this on you. I told her I failed the fit test and it didn't fit. She then called my manager saying I refused to wear the mask and refused to work on the unit. I told her I would work anywhere else they needed me, but physically could not handle wearing the hood. So, I was placed on another unit, but basically threatened that I needed to get a doctor's note and I had to sign a write up about what happened. I am sick about this whole thing.....especially since there was no regard for my safety and now I'm being punished. I have never had a panic attack before and I have no trouble working with contagious patients, but I can't put up with being bullied into risking my own health and well-being. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Any advice on where to go from here? Then ironically, I got a text this morning asking me to come in to work for bonus! That's after the supervisor said I needed a doctor's not before coming back to work!
  7. Raven Sierra

    Masks and sore throats/sinus issues?

    Since we started wearing 1 surgical mask per shift and wearing sanitized N95s (reused and re-sanitized multiple times and not necessarily given back to the original owner), multiple staff members have noticed chronic low-grade sore throats and sinus congestion/irritation. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  8. imintrouble

    Tell me I'm being too literal

    Haven't been here in a while, but I need some advice. Covid has come to my little rural corner of the world. We're taking care of covid positive patients. I'm not afraid to take care of them. I've always figured I'd contract it eventually. However, my place of employment has issued a memo full of instructions and requirements to enter the Covid rooms. They've directed us what kind of masks to wear, and where to wear them. Eye protection the same. Detailed instructions on what to do and how to do it. The problem is they haven't supplied the PPE as directed in the memo. The way I interpret it is, they've covered their butts with the proper procedure, then I get to decide how I protect myself and those I care for. The last day I worked I didn't have an N95 mask, and threw a fit until I got "one" even though I'm supposed to have a different one for each covid room I enter. I've been burned several times in my long nursing career, improvising when I found I simply couldn't do what I was told to do. Management can and does leave you hanging when you try to do your best with what you have. I've read the horror stories about nurses in NY, and other hot spots, who weren't properly protected and what they had to do. I feel small complaining about my little problem, that's why I'm asking for advice. When they tell me I have to have a new N95 mask for each Covid room, and only supply me with one, what do I do?
  9. NRSKarenRN

    "I should have worn a mask."

    Chris Christie writes in the Wall Street Journal today that upon self reflection in the Morristown Hospital ICU, he should have worn a mask. Lets see if he sticks to that statement going forward. WSJ 10/21/2020 I Should Have Worn a Mask
  10. Runsoncoffee99

    KN95 mask?

    How is a KN95 mask supposed to be equivalent to an N95 mask when I can feel air leaking out of the front,near my chin? They are one size fits all. I cant even tighten up the strings. I work in a LTC facility on floor with Covid patients only. We get 1 KN95 mask/shift
  11. Predicted this would happen...along with needless deaths. South Dakota's Republican governor in denial of need for COVID restrictions in her state (focus on personal responsibility) and despite 60% of Sturgis townfolks wanting event cancelled., it went on. Washington Post. Oct. 17, 2020 How the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally may have spread coronavirus across the Upper Midwest When one's "personal liberties" affect other persons unknowingly especially in light of a highly contagious disease pandemic, that's not OK. Public health promotes and protects the health of people and the communities where they live, learn, work and play. The average U.S. resident no longer has polio, cholera, typhoid, rare measles in their communities due to Public Health regulations and activities. The disdain for today;s Public Health officials recommendations is alarming,. The fact that masks help decrease respiratory virus transmission has been known for 102 years since 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, With President Trump telling Miami Town Hall participants and viewers that 85% people wearing masks get the Coronavirus due to misinterpreting a study, its no wonder why the U.S. is today + consistently #1 in the number of COVID-19 + cases ( 8.1 million ) and # Covid-19 related deaths ( 220,000) --- 22% of worldwide stats with just 4% of worlds population. Bloomberg.com 10/12/2020 U.S. Virus-Death Rate Is World’s Worst Among Developed Nations ABC News 10/16/2020 Trump falsely cites CDC data on mask-wearing, catching COVID-19 https://www.goodmorningamerica.com/video/embed/73626636 Mask Up America Dublin has launched the world’s first ‘Smiling Face Mask Emoji’ and submitted a proposal to Unicode – the world standard for text and emoji – for the new creation to be added to emoji keyboards around the world. https://www.lbbonline.com/news/tbwadublin-creates-worlds-first-smiling-face-mask-emoji-to-challenge-negative-sentiments
  12. Itsjustaride

    covid related job questions

    Has any one working felt weird about putting face masks on patients? Especially uncooperative ones? In psych wards?? Do you put a face mask over the patient when you give a routine nebulizer treatment in LTC facilities? Does it change in emergency rooms? I feel uncomfortable forcing things over peoples mouths a little. Any scary stories??
  13. CNN 10/1/2020 Not a 'good look': White House fight over masks signaled Covid-19 plans running awry
  14. Including those on ICU units. On my M/S unit they only have to wear them while being transported or if they are ambulating on the unit. What about if they are in their rooms and they are in a shared room? We don't require masks in those situations for the patients, only the staff has to wear them. What about when people are sleeping? I don't want to get cursed out for waking up a big dude at 3am in the morning if their mask slips off😜.
  15. Kitiger

    Sneezing wearing a mask

    What do you teach your patients to do if they have to sneeze while wearing a mask? Should they sneeze into their shoulder? If they do, does the spray come out the side of the mask? Does it differ if they are wearing a cloth mask versus a procedure mask? Does a KN95 mask control it? And now the inside of the mask is coated in mucus; what now? Changing the mask only works if you have spare masks.
  16. jeastridge

    Marvelous Masks Youth Art Contest

    “I am afraid peer pressure will discourage children from wearing masks. I am feeling nervous about sending my girls back to school unless everyone is trying to be as safe as possible. Is there anything that we can do?” A Contest to Inspire Kids An inspiration struck us: We could design and run a youth art contest and get kids to design cartoons or drawings with a message and submit them to win prizes! We quickly worked through the details of how this could work, including developing a flyer, a facebook Event, and winning categories. We would have winners in elementary, middle and high school with prizes for the top three. Each prize would be matched with a gift card for their teacher. We felt like that way, we would encourage personal creativity but also encourage a spirit of charity. Along the way, we also hoped to see more prestige attached to wearing a mask and more positive peer pressure working to produce a more uniform adherence to the necessary policy in this time of COVID-19. To Wear or Not to Wear Masks, to wear or not to wear? That has been the question for months! Since the novel coronavirus was identified and began its insidious spread, masks have been the center of swirling controversy, made more difficult by initial conflicting instructions from scientists. While March may have seen some doubt about the effectiveness of masks in controlling the outbreak, by April evidence was solidly on the side of mask-wearing by all since “Your mask protects me and my mask protects you.” Efficacy of Social-Distancing and Masks It is a given that homemade face coverings do not offer fail-proof protection, but coupled with social distancing, the transmission of COVID drops dramatically, to the point where it becomes manageable in community. Scientists have stated that if every last one of us adhered to the mask advice faithfully, we would see a definite decrease in transmission rates with the subsequent decline in total numbers. For now, there are far too many adults and children who are not wearing masks. In the south, many continue to gather in churches, at funerals, and other social gatherings, without masks, sometimes even singing and physically greeting. While lawmakers and politicians are reluctant to face the outcry if they call out group gatherings of a religious nature, individual participants need to realize this behavior prolongs the pandemic and makes all of us less safe. Going Back to School Safely As school opening approaches, we find ourselves with no really good options. We see pediatricians and the CDC saying that children need to be in school. We see community transmission numbers climbing daily. We see hospitals becoming overwhelmed. Teachers, parents and children are faced with impossible decisions. The "Cool Factor" One thing we can all do to help make this current situation better is to find ways to encourage children to wear masks. While they may not suffer from COVID-19 as much as older adults, they can also get it and transmit it. So having an art contest designed to increase the “cool” factor of masks, is a win-win for all! Once we launched the contest, our local newspaper, The Kingsport Times-News, provided front-page coverage. In an article by reporter Holly Viers, they detailed the contest criteria in an article titled, “How do you get students…Behind the Masks?” The caption to the photo and artwork explained, “With two daughters attending Kingsport City Schools, Subhashini Vashisth has been concerned about young people not wearing masks. With that concern in mind, Vashisth and Joy Eastridge decided that an art contest would be a creative way to help children view mask-wearing more positively.” Viers went on to quote further, “If kids can see that wearing masks can be helpful and can keep them in school, allow them to go to school, I think that’s the message that we want to transmit. If everyone will wear masks faithfully, then life can resume with some kind of normalcy.” Children Can Be Leaders Let’s empower our kids to use their personal creativity to persuade others to wear masks. Sometimes children can be our real leaders, especially if adults are torn by outside issues such as politics. Art is a heart language that speaks loudly to all people of any age. So share this with your friends, family, schools, and encourage young people you know to participate in this fun and important art contest! Let’s Mask Up to bring COVID down! If you or your child or your child’s teacher want to learn more about COVID-19 and have a book to help start conversations, download the free children’s book, Conquering COVID-19.
  17. Sherrie Smith

    Mask refusal

    At Virginia Department of Health, RN's are being told that we must serve clients who refuse to wear masks. Ironically, it is VDH that is supposed to be enforcing the mask requirement in public buildings in Virginia. How is this ethical or even legal?
  18. MeganMN

    Surgical Mask Direction

    The Infection Control Nurse authorized a staff member at our facility to wear the surgical mask with the blue facing in and the white facing out because she was reacting negatively to the 'fibers'. Anyone heard of this? I cannot find ANY data out there to support that. The data is quite clear in stating this is incorrect and could actually endanger the person wearing it by attracting the outside air/moisture to the inside of the mask. It does not affect me but concerns me. Thoughts?
  19. Saw my pcp. I have been wheezy/chest pressure/ nasal drainage/throat difficulties My pcp says I am reacting to fibers in mask. Most people I talk to looked at me as though I had a third head or questioned me that I wear my mask in public. I honestly do. Even with all the problems. Does anyone else have the same problem? I am going to pay more attention to which medical mask they give me. It used to be only n 95. Now offered yellow or blue mask. Will pay attention. I haven’t had a covid patient since April and wasn’t tolerating N 95 mask as was many staff. But I think mostly bc claustrophobia. Will be reducing hours at work. I know that will help.
  20. I haven't found the answer. I sweat in my masks(kn95 plus regular surgical mask) and face shield a lot. I have to remove it to cleanse my face every shift multiple times Maybe I should switch back to goggles. My skin is getting really bad. I have never suffered of acnea before. Ant suggestions?
  21. Read this, from BBC News: Millions go back into lockdown around the world Mask mandates in Western countries! Can you believe it? In places like Iran they have "morality police" who harass women wearing clothing deemed too 'un-Islamic' and not covering their hair. In North Korea the government mandates you get a haircut from an approved list of 'socialist hairstyles'. Leftists here in the U.S. surely at licking their lips at the prospect of harassing those who don't conform to the mask national dress code.
  22. As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, health experts continue to urge the public to wear face masks for protection. Sound advice, right? Well.. if you spend any time on social media it’s likely you’ve read warnings about the dangers of wearing a mask for long periods of time. Specifically, the risk of carbon dioxide (CO2) becoming trapped under your mask, causing unsafe levels to build up in the body (hypercapnia). So, let’s take a closer look to see if wearing a mask can lead to someone passing out or worse. A Possible Catalyst One April incident added fuel to the “masking causing carbon dioxide poisoning” theory. On April 25, 2020, a New Jersey woman crashed her car into a power pole and was taken to a nearby hospital. The local police department posted to facebook that the woman had been wearing an N95 mask for several hours and passed out. The department believed wearing the N95 mask contributed to the crash by causing a buildup of carbon dioxide and resulting in the driver fainting. The facebook post was shared thousands of times and received hundreds of comments. The story was also reported on major news outlets. The Basics Let’s first review the characteristics of protective masks as we look for the truth. There are two main types of masks used in healthcare, N95 respirators and surgical masks. Surgical These masks are fluid resistant, fit loosely and protect you from large droplets, splashes or sprays of body or hazardous fluids. They also protect others from your own respiratory and body secretions. However, there are limits to protection surgical masks provide, including: Does not provide reliable protection from small airborne particles Are not considered respiratory protection Leakage occurs around the edge of the mask when you inhale Designed for single use N95 Respirators The N95 respirator is tight-fitting and requires a fit test to make you have a good seal around the mask. It protects you against small particle aerosols and large droplets. In fact, it filters out at least 95% of small and large airborne particles. If properly fitted, minimal leakage occurs around the edges when you inhale. N95 masks also have limitations, including: Ideally, N95 masks should be discarded after each patient encounter Is ineffective if a good seal is not maintained Breathing can become difficult The Verdict A CDC representative told Reuters that CO2 will build up in face masks over time, however, the level of CO2 trapped is tolerable for most of us. Protective masks are designed to trap droplets, which are much larger than CO2 particles. Therefore, CO2 will escape through or around the edges of surgical, cloth and even N95 masks. If CO2 levels do rise high enough to cause symptoms, we would most likely remove the mask. Healthcare workers, who wear masks for extended periods of time, could potentially experience symptoms of elevated CO2 levels (I.e. headaches and dizziness). Caveat: Preexisting Conditions People with respiratory conditions (such as COPD) that cause hypercapnia may experience breathing difficulties. Therefore, the CDC does not recommend face masks for anyone having breathing difficulties or other conditions that will increase the risk of hypercapnia. Have you experienced any other “myths” or “truths” related to masking during the pandemic? References Driver in crash may have passed out from wearing N95 mask too long: Police Killer COVID-19 Masks? The Truth About Trapped Carbon Dioxide
  23. MeganMN

    Workplace Safety and PPE

    The CDC current recommendations for mask use/re-use: -Discard N95 respirators following use during aerosol generating procedures. -Discard N95 respirators contaminated with blood, respiratory or nasal secretions, or other bodily fluids from patients. -Discard N95 respirators following close contact with, or exit from, the care area of any patient co-infected with an infectious disease requiring contact precautions. https://www.CDC.gov/niosh/topics/hcwcontrols/recommendedguidanceextuse.html The WHO recommendation for surgical mask use/extended use: -Surgical Mask extended use no more than 2-6 hours. -N 95- no more than 5 uses before discarding (also CDC/NIOSH) https://www.cebm.net/covid-19/extended-use-or-re-use-of-single-use-surgical-masks-and-filtering-facepiece-respirators-a-rapid-evidence-review My facility policy on use/re-use: We wear surgical masks all day. We wear surgical mask and face shielding all patient contacts. We are given one surgical mask to use for the entire 12 hour shift. We are given one N95 mask per shift that really only gets discarded if seriously soiled. We don and doff into a plastic storage container. We reuse it after five days of rest for an unspecified amount of uses. We use N95 or PAPR with shield for suspect or confirmed Covid patients. We also have a limited amount of PAPR units to use but have to de-contaminate the "disposable" face piece to share among other staff. Per Dr Osterholm, The University of Minnesota's Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy: "People want to wear a mask. That's great. But I think we're going to show in the end that many more health care workers were infected by working with only surgical masks and not N95 [masks]. I realize and understand the shortage of N95. I get that [surgical masks] are better than nothing, but I don't think that it offers anywhere near the protection that we need for this virus." https://www.MSN.com/en-us/health/medical/Dr-osterholm-questions-covid-19-guidelines-on-cloth-masks/ar-BB13GGRP I have given this a ton of thought due to being high-risk, as well as having a son and husband at home that are also high-risk. I am trying to take my own surgical masks so that I can swap out after a few hours. I am also tying them so that they fit more tightly. I am using the N95 once, and then switching to the PAPR. ( I cannot confidently say that I can don/doff the duckbill style N95 without it somehow contaminating myself). I am considering purchasing my own PAPR hood, but am not sure if my facility will allow it. It feels overkill, but I just feel like there are too many healthcare provides getting this darn virus at work. Overkill? Probably, but this madness is just too much for my already anxious brain to handle....
  24. NormaSaline

    Mask refusal on unit

    Hi - I tried searching already existing topics, so as not to add to them, but couldn't really find an appropriate place to post this. Someone with an admin job in our unit and who works in a small yet moderately / regularly trafficked office, takes off her mask when talking on the telephone, even when people are less than four feet away. She is someone who has worked as an MA in the past, and who comes from a medical family. Still, she doesn't get that talking is one of the main activities for which you should wear a mask. I asked her, while in the office with her, if she could put her mask on when on the phone, and her reply was, after attempting for a nano-second, "I can't." and then pulling it back down. I have a pretty good idea how this would go down if I pushed the issue, and that is that I would end up being the bad guy for bugging a good ole gal so much. She is a key member of our team, has been there a number of years, and liked by management. What have others' experiences been? Thanks!
  25. Emergent

    3 things I'll ignore on TV

    1) Living room interviews, especially the ones with poor audio and video quality, which is most of them. 2) Covid themed commercials. "We're here for you in these challenging times. (No, you are trying to make a buck, that is why you are advertising) 3) A field reporter all by him or herself, wearing a mask. Substitute anyone out doors, all by themselves, wearing a mask, and I'm out. I was driving by a flagman the other day, all by himself out there on the road, wearing a mask (yes, I know he was being forced to). That is stupid. Kind of like the idiots alone in their cars, wearing masks, before they even get out of it to go to the supermarket. Seriously? Why do you need a mask when you are alone in your car? That kind of mindless 'compliance' rubs me the wrong way.