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  1. Thanksforthedonuts

    Facial coverings effective?

    I’m sure I have an unpopular opinion but does anyone else feel like the mass push for facial coverings and masks has very little benefit? Think about it (I know this is immature, so forgive me) if a fart can go through underwear and a pair of jeans... can’t good ol’ Rona go through a piece of cotton? Not only that, the general public is not educated in how to wear PPE and are not wearing the masks or gloves correctly. Frankly... mask and gloves provide them with a false sense of security. As nurses, we are keenly of what’s clean or sterile so we can do a pretty good job navigating ourselves in public during this pandemic. However, not trying to be disrespectful or anything, watching the public on with their masks and gloves on is quite entertaining to say the least. I was in Whole Foods recently and you can see who’s a medical professional from a mile away as it’s obvious to see which hand they’ve designated as their “dirty hand” and how they hold they hand in resting position while grocery shopping! If I can smell my coffee through my mask as I pick up a new bag from the shelf and toss it into the cart, then Rona ain’t going to be fooled by my mask. I’m not willing to waste an N95 for grocery shopping. I just don’t see the need for a mask out in public unless you have a new or sudden change in cough or are immune compromised. We will always have rouge individuals who will defy advice and not wear a mask when sick, but I’m talking about the general public. I do see the benefit when you have a cough as it will stop the droplets from traveling further. But just breathing in and out can transfer this virus... I don’t know how a mask will provide protection from this. I live in a fairly wealthy area where almost EVERYONE is wearing a mask in public. For those who are not wearing a mask, is it because of a conscious decision, typically unrelated to financial reasons. My case is: I don’t see the efficacy of surgical/homemade masks against coronavirus for healthy individuals. Thoughts?
  2. All I ask is ... why? Read in its entirety: Pandemic Politics: Maskless Trump Tours Michigan Ford Plant
  3. I recently got exposed to a patient who got admitted for a diagnosis not related to COVID, or so we thought. I had a surgical mask and only in the patients room for maybe 30 minutes giving medications. Later on, we found out she was COVID+. The patient was not coughing and she was also not getting breathing treatment. I have so much anxiety about this. I think I am at a low risk for getting it? I know a handful of other nurses that have COVID already and I can't stop worrying. Please give me comforting words. Btw, my hospital said not to isolate only if I have symptoms. I think thats a load of crap.
  4. ducky2000

    Mask allergy??

    I think I might be allergic to my mask or having some sort of reaction to it. My hospital has a new supply of surgical masks and every time I put it on I start hacking. I can taste a chemical when I put it on and then cough cough cough. Sadly, it's the only mask we are allowed to wear (only the covid floors can wear the N95s). Funny though, I can wear an n95 the whole night and have no issue, but not these surgical masks. I've spoken to a few doctors, CNAs, and nurses and they said they are going through something similar.
  5. How can he expect the country to practice social distancing and wear masks in public if he isn't practicing what he preaches? PLEASE: No political comments. This is NOT about politics but rather about adhering to policies. No facemask for Vice President Mike Pence as he tours Mayo's COVID-19 testing labs in Rochester
  6. hiidontspeakenglish

    mouthcare with covid-suspect patients

    Hi, I am an RN working at a medical turned corona floor and we treat covid-suspect and covid-positive patients, in Europe, but I have been reading allnurses for years. At the moment we wear surgical masks + gowns and face shields, hats and gloves with all suspects or positives in all situations. We are only allowed to wear ffp2 or ffp3 masks in certain procedures such as suctioning or other aerosol producing procedures, or when taking a swab test. Some of our patients are very mucuous (is that a word?) and cough very much, and most of them are not able to do their own mouth care. So I have been wondering...should I / are you wearing the heavier masks when doing mouthcare for a patient? I think at the moment many just skip the mouthcare part, because it feels risky etc., and actually we have been advised to avoid all unnecessary treatments, not really specificing what is unnecessary. HOWEVER it feels horrible to leave patients with dirty mouths and its not good care. What are your policies and how do you do this?
  7. tnbutterfly - Mary

    A Personal Valet to the President Tests Positive

    I wonder when this valet was previously tested. It may serve to point out that daily/frequent testing of WH contacts does not mean they don't need to wear masks or take additional precautions. Staffers are rarely seen wearing masks when in the West Wing. They believe getting temperature checks daily are enough. https://www.forbes.com/sites/andrewsolender/2020/05/07/trumps-personal-valet-tests-positive-for-coronavirus/#5cae8a533dd4 https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/07/politics/trump-valet-tests-positive-covid-19/index.html
  8. What do you all think? Do you think masks are now a permanent part of a nurses work day?
  9. Please forgive the naivete of my question. I am humbly seeking to understand why the majority of those in direct patient care aren't sick with COVID-19 considering inadequate PPE (surgical masks as opposed to N95s or PAPRs, unprecedented reuse of masks, etc.), all the unprotected and underprotected exposure in healthcare settings. I mourn the losses and struggles that have ensued, am thankful that many are able to carry on, but here outside of a hot zone, there still aren't any instances of COVID-19 among hospital HCWs caring for suspected and confirmed COVID inpatients. How are your colleagues faring?
  10. tnbutterfly - Mary

    104-Year-Old Nurse Sews Masks

    Once a Nurse Always a Nurse At 104 years old, Gertrude Larson is back at her trusty Singer sewing machine she bought in 1939, sewing masks for nursing home staff and residents. https://www.inforum.com/community/people/6273286-104-year-old-retired-nurse-from-Fergus-Falls-sews-masks-during-pandemic
  11. Medscape Medical News https://www.medscape.com/index/list_11861_0 Marcia Frellick April 17, 2020 How to Sanitize N95 Masks for Reuse: NIH Study Posted in the above articles comment section: Canada: N95 Mask Decontamination using Standard Hospital Sterilization Technologies
  12. Kitiger

    Homemade masks

    I read that surgical masks are 3 times more effective than homemade masks. But something is better than nothing, especially when working in the homes, private duty. There are a lot of patterns floating around. Maybe someone else could post them for me; I can't get it to work. I do have some ideas to improve them. What do you think? You know how underwire bras have a wire that could be removed if you opened one side? Could you make a mask that puffs out a little from the face - like the regular ear-loop masks, and then attach two seams that would make an "X" over the outside of the mask? I could slide craft wire through those seams - like the way the wire in an underwire bra slides in - and bend the wires to hold the mask out a little. Sort of like a frame. A mask that covers the face closely will quickly get damp. Once wet, the germs get wicked right in. This idea might keep the mask from getting wet so fast. Be more comfortable, too. The wires could easily be removed to wash the mask. If you could make a tiny pocket to hold the metal nose-piece, I could save you some from used masks. If possible, a mask that seals somewhat at the side of the face would be good. If you made a mask with two layers, a thin HEPA filter could go between the layers. The flat HEPA furnace filters come in a cardboard frame. You could cut the filter out of the frame - they're 20 inch X 20 inch. If the two layers in the mask allowed this filter to be inserted and removed for cleaning, maybe the mask would work better? From what I've read, surgical masks (the ones with ties) are 3 times more efficient that homemade masks, but a homemade mask is much better than nothing
  13. EDNP100x

    Official PPE

    Does anyone know what the official PPE is for ED? What's the official PPE for COVID units or r/o Covids in "the tent"? Currently, what we are doing is a surgical mask in ED. We aren't getting any positive covid or rule outs, that is all taken care of outside in the tent. The people in "the tent" get full on gear for the rule outs, testing, and positives.
  14. 10 RNs suspended for refusing COVID unit assignment due to not being provided an N95 Who knows if this will find its way onto their radars, but I'll be the first in applauding these nurses for standing up for themselves. https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/17/us/california-coronavirus-nurses-suspended-trnd/index.html
  15. telephone2468

    New to the field and feeling guilty

    Hi all, First off, I want to thank everyone on this forum for sharing their experiences. I thought long and hard about posting this because my experience seems trivial, but I wanted to share my thoughts anyway. I’m not a nurse (yet, I just got accepted to a BSN program), but am currently an on-call NA at a SUDS facility. I was really excited about this job, as I want to work in public health as a nurse, but then covid hit and I’m becoming increasingly weary of going to work. We are still admitting patients from the general public. Most are unhoused folks who are severely immunocompromised, and we have no way of testing them during admission. It’s a temp and symptom screen only. There are policies put in place to encourage social distancing at mitigate spread, but the facility still houses very vulnerable people in a dorm setting. I’m becoming increasingly worried that the virus will be brought into the clinic and spread like wildfire among these compromised patients. Or even that I’m a carrier and I have already/will infect patients or my coworkers. Management continues to maintain that we are low risk, but I just can’t shake this bad feeling of impending disaster. I feel like I’m being gaslit with no ground to stand on, and that I am abandoning my duty to help these people who are struggling. Policies are constantly changing with miscommunication, and I haven’t even been fully trained on all of my job duties. Some workers in our clinic were able to get properly fitted N95s, but then I was told surgical masks are more than acceptable and I’m not able to get fitted. I know we aren’t an active covid facility, but how can we know that for sure? PPE is now locked up and only accessible via the management. I’ve had the same non-fitted N95 and face shield for weeks. I feel so strongly that I want to help people, but I also don’t want to risk my health or the health of my patients right now. I don’t want to add to the surge of cases in my community. I also feel like our PPE could be put to use in our local hospitals, and that I don’t deserve to wear any at all because I’m not working with known covid+ patients. Long story short, I’m scared too, but I feel guilty for being scared because I’ve been told I’m not in that much danger. I don’t know what to think or what information to trust at this point, and I am prepared to walk away.
  16. As adequate PPE is not available for health care providers, has anybody considered the practicality of putting negative pressure hoods, or enclosures, on patients to protect health care providers from infectious material? https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2590053619300515 "In patients who can walk independently, local negative pressure isolation not only prevents the spread of pathogenic microorganisms, but also enables those infected with a greater freedom of movement, permitting rapid and flexible isolation transport. In this study, we designed a local negative pressure isolation hood for patients with respiratory infectious disease, which provides a craniofacial locally isolation environment for patients with mild symptoms or suspected infections." Also http://www.isosysinc.com/wp-content/uploads/AI7707.pdf (Does not constitute engineering or OH&S advice)

    To mask or not to mask

    So I have been having some discussions with nurses and non-health care people about use of masks. I think because I see so many people inappropriately using masks, even N95 that look like they are an inappropriate size, and are wearing it just because. Sigh, However, CDC is now recommending a cloth masks for everyone to go to the grocery store? I am not fully understanding how this is protecting against COVID or even spread. If I had sneezed or even just basic moisture accumulation from breathing can make the cloth mask wet and therefore ineffective. I guess I don't feel like I trust a cloth material. A friend of the family stated they wore one to the store and then once in the car tossed it into the back seat. Another friend said they will do it to protect the 80 year old grocery store shoppper. They are asymptomatic and no known exposures I see people running outside with masks on and just think with sweat and breathing patterns that this would render them ineffective. I need to wear a mask at work, but am doubtful of the effectiveness of a cloth mask or bandana at home. What are some of your thoughts. I don't want to diminish the importance of wearing a mask when medically necessary, but I might be feeling a little bitter about the one mask per week or until soiled deal.
  18. Dr. Gupta shows how to make a mask at home out of a bandana and ponytail holders --EASY! https://www.cnn.com/videos/health/2020/04/10/Dr-sanjay-gupta-diy-make-mask-demo-town-hall-vpx.cnn
  19. What if you refuse? What can they do? Would they really fire or send you home when they are desperate for nurses?
  20. signet

    Intubation shield

    There was a story on my local news about a High school shop teacher who worked with a local glass company to build intubation shields. Two of these were given to the local hospital in Honesdale Pa. It is simply half a box made of plexiglass that fits around the head of the patients bed. There are two holes where the Dr puts their arms through. They can look through the plexiglass to see as they intubate the patient. This protects them from secretions. This seems like a great idea. The story is on www.wnep.com
  21. I think the KN 95 masks are from China. Are they interchangeable with our N 95 masks? My husband says they are made from the same material.
  22. Kathy Richards

    Help I’m allergic to my mask??????

    So as I continue to wear my mask, the itching and burning is getting worse and worse. I almost cant stand it anymore. I spend more time messing with my mask ....I’m going to end up getting sick because of this mask. Is there a company that makes a sensitive or hypoallergenic mask, n95? I called our head of infectious disease at work but they didn’t call me back ....not surprised she is so busy. Help anyone
  23. For those nurses who are told not to wear PPE (masks) and not to bring private PPE from home: A definitive, must read announcement by The Joint Commission. The Joint Commission is essentially “God” to hospitals. They outrank (IMO) Federal or State OSHA, CDC and about anyone else (if related to a hospital). Spoiler: Yes, you can choose to wear masks, including ones you brought from home, including ones you have made, as often and as long as you damn well care to. (If you can get your higher-ups to comply--if not complain to Joint Commission!) Interesting bits: “In settings where facemasks are not available, healthcare personnel (HCP) might use homemade masks (e.g., bandana, scarf) for care of patients with COVID-19 as a last resort. However, homemade masks are not considered PPE, since their capability to protect HCP is unknown. Caution should be exercised when considering this option.” “The Joint Commission supports allowing staff to bring their own masks or respirators to wear at work when their healthcare organizations cannot provide them with adequate protection commensurate with the risk of infection to which they are exposed by the nature of their work.” “Based on this information, it is reasonable for staff to want to wear a mask throughout the day. The value of wearing a mask throughout the day will depend upon the number of COVID-19 patients in the hospital and the community. However, for staff who are at higher risk because of their age, underlying health conditions, or caretaking obligations for high-risk family member, even a small risk of contracting COVID-19 from an asymptomatic patient may make them want to err on the side of caution. Staff in emergency departments are at particularly high risk because of the high number of patients they see who may be asymptomatic carriers of the virus and the fact that they may have to emergently intubate patients and would be at significant risk without a respirator to protect against aerosolized virus.” Note: I called NH BON asking about these points many days ago: no answer. Are we surprised? I suggest that this is a MUST-READ in its entirity. Link: https://www.jointcommission.org/-/media/tjc/documents/resources/patient-safety-topics/infection-prevention-and-hai/covid19/public_statement_on_masks_from_home.pdf
  24. xAllisonWonderlandx

    Refusing to work without n95 mask

    Please let me know if I’m wrong. A nursing home I used to work at is short staffed due to one of their employees sons might have covid19. The employees sons test results won’t be back for a week. The employee is quarantined until her sons test results come back because she has had contact with him. They want me to fill in for this employee but won’t give an n95 mask until a patient or employee tests positive. Am I wrong to walk away from this job ?
  25. SchoolNurse91

    Stolen supplies

    Come to my office to find out that my hand sanitizer, masks, and cavi wipes all taken!! Why?! I'm out of hand sanitizer. I have no back up left. Thanks guys

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