Experienced LPN picking up shifts in C-19+ Nursing Home.


Specializes in Med-Surg, L&D, NB-100+ (home care & office). Has 26 years experience.

PREFACE: I'm confident that I'll do just fine for the 24 hours that I'm filling in for, but given that I'm not an epidemiologist or seer, I'd love any real-life advice or tips that might come in helpful.

I have an unused KN95 and N95 mask (gowns and shoe covers) which will have to do, as I've worked at this center before, and -- in short -- I'll be surprised if they have an adequate supply of the basics.

My agency said they have 2 + case's, but again, based on my previous experience, I find that nearly impossible.

I was hesitant to accept the shifts and plan to inquire about my assignment(s)/responsibilities before accepting it, but felt their desperate need for a nurse and my desperate need to add some cash to a down payment for my new car, would be worth it.

I've been around the block, so I ain't no dummy. Just looking for some outside-the-box tips, ideas, thoughts...