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  1. CamperNurse

    COVID-19: Envo N95 mask

    Not sure if this is the right thread or not, but has anyone tried/ is currently using an Envo N95? I have seen a few nurses with them and like the idea of an easy to clean (relatively) reusable N95 with a fresh filter for each shift. Does anyone know how effective these are? I’m on an IMCU turned COVID unit so effectiveness is a big deal. Our hospital provides duckbill N95s. Each one is reused 5 times before being thrown away (used by same person, “cleaned” via UV or some such).
  2. runner502

    Unable to wear N95 or papr

    I had a horrible experience yesterday. I was asked to float to the covid unit. I told them that I was fit tested and failed the test for N95, so they said I had to wear a Papr. Well, I got up to the floor and they couldn't find any hoods. Meanwhile an hour had gone by with 6 patients having no nurse. Rather than find another nurse that could take the patients, the supervisor wasted another hour trying to find a hood. When the supervisor finally found one, basically taking a hood from an OT therapist's locker, I tried to put the hood on. As soon as I got the hood on, I couldn't breathe, got nauseated and started sweating. I basically had a panic attack because I couldn't breathe. I told the charge nurse I had to get it off. She called the supervisor who basically said "tough". Then she called me down to her office and tried to bully me into wearing it. She even tried to get me to wear an n95, saying....I want to see this on you. I told her I failed the fit test and it didn't fit. She then called my manager saying I refused to wear the mask and refused to work on the unit. I told her I would work anywhere else they needed me, but physically could not handle wearing the hood. So, I was placed on another unit, but basically threatened that I needed to get a doctor's note and I had to sign a write up about what happened. I am sick about this whole thing.....especially since there was no regard for my safety and now I'm being punished. I have never had a panic attack before and I have no trouble working with contagious patients, but I can't put up with being bullied into risking my own health and well-being. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Any advice on where to go from here? Then ironically, I got a text this morning asking me to come in to work for bonus! That's after the supervisor said I needed a doctor's not before coming back to work!
  3. Raven Sierra

    Masks and sore throats/sinus issues?

    Since we started wearing 1 surgical mask per shift and wearing sanitized N95s (reused and re-sanitized multiple times and not necessarily given back to the original owner), multiple staff members have noticed chronic low-grade sore throats and sinus congestion/irritation. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  4. Runsoncoffee99

    KN95 mask?

    How is a KN95 mask supposed to be equivalent to an N95 mask when I can feel air leaking out of the front,near my chin? They are one size fits all. I cant even tighten up the strings. I work in a LTC facility on floor with Covid patients only. We get 1 KN95 mask/shift
  5. MeganMN

    Workplace Safety and PPE

    The CDC current recommendations for mask use/re-use: -Discard N95 respirators following use during aerosol generating procedures. -Discard N95 respirators contaminated with blood, respiratory or nasal secretions, or other bodily fluids from patients. -Discard N95 respirators following close contact with, or exit from, the care area of any patient co-infected with an infectious disease requiring contact precautions. https://www.CDC.gov/niosh/topics/hcwcontrols/recommendedguidanceextuse.html The WHO recommendation for surgical mask use/extended use: -Surgical Mask extended use no more than 2-6 hours. -N 95- no more than 5 uses before discarding (also CDC/NIOSH) https://www.cebm.net/covid-19/extended-use-or-re-use-of-single-use-surgical-masks-and-filtering-facepiece-respirators-a-rapid-evidence-review My facility policy on use/re-use: We wear surgical masks all day. We wear surgical mask and face shielding all patient contacts. We are given one surgical mask to use for the entire 12 hour shift. We are given one N95 mask per shift that really only gets discarded if seriously soiled. We don and doff into a plastic storage container. We reuse it after five days of rest for an unspecified amount of uses. We use N95 or PAPR with shield for suspect or confirmed Covid patients. We also have a limited amount of PAPR units to use but have to de-contaminate the "disposable" face piece to share among other staff. Per Dr Osterholm, The University of Minnesota's Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy: "People want to wear a mask. That's great. But I think we're going to show in the end that many more health care workers were infected by working with only surgical masks and not N95 [masks]. I realize and understand the shortage of N95. I get that [surgical masks] are better than nothing, but I don't think that it offers anywhere near the protection that we need for this virus." https://www.MSN.com/en-us/health/medical/Dr-osterholm-questions-covid-19-guidelines-on-cloth-masks/ar-BB13GGRP I have given this a ton of thought due to being high-risk, as well as having a son and husband at home that are also high-risk. I am trying to take my own surgical masks so that I can swap out after a few hours. I am also tying them so that they fit more tightly. I am using the N95 once, and then switching to the PAPR. ( I cannot confidently say that I can don/doff the duckbill style N95 without it somehow contaminating myself). I am considering purchasing my own PAPR hood, but am not sure if my facility will allow it. It feels overkill, but I just feel like there are too many healthcare provides getting this darn virus at work. Overkill? Probably, but this madness is just too much for my already anxious brain to handle....
  6. Hi everyone, I am a new graduate nurse on a telemetry floor, and recently, because of the surge in COVID (+) patients, management is giving us 5 tele patients with no CNAs on the floor (we're really understaffed). This is concerning because being out of ratio (the hospital is in California) & doing CNA duties compromises the patient's safety. The nurses on our unit have brought this to our management's attention but they're saying that due to the pandemic they cannot get in trouble by the CDC or Public Health. I have been doing research and have not found anything that says it is okay to be out of ratio. Does anyone know if this is in fact true? Also, we're still reusing N95 for weeks straight...is this still the norm? Thank you for your help 🙂
  7. PREFACE: I'm confident that I'll do just fine for the 24 hours that I'm filling in for, but given that I'm not an epidemiologist or seer, I'd love any real-life advice or tips that might come in helpful. I have an unused KN95 and N95 mask (gowns and shoe covers) which will have to do, as I've worked at this center before, and -- in short -- I'll be surprised if they have an adequate supply of the basics. My agency said they have 2 + case's, but again, based on my previous experience, I find that nearly impossible. I was hesitant to accept the shifts and plan to inquire about my assignment(s)/responsibilities before accepting it, but felt their desperate need for a nurse and my desperate need to add some cash to a down payment for my new car, would be worth it. I've been around the block, so I ain't no dummy. Just looking for some outside-the-box tips, ideas, thoughts... THANKS!!
  8. Many of you are wearing surgical or N95 face masks for long hours, or all day long. Do you know of any specific brands of surgical masks that are hypoallergenic and better for sensitive skin? Admin: Remove if this post violates TOS. I have zero connection to any mask vendor/supplier, but have been asked this specific question and we have here, a large quantity of nurses who could, if they chose, answer this. However, brands or product names might be a violation of TOS and if so, please remove. Note: Hypoallergenic/allergenic is a difficult subject. Oftentimes what is considered (in my experience) an allergic reaction is actually not an allergy to a specific substance but rather contact dermatitis which can also be known as allergic contact dermatitis. For my question: Either/or works. true allergy or contact dermatitis does not matter--in short, what brands/products seem to be the best, in your experience for extended wear. For those interested see Contact dermatitis - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/contact-dermatitis/symptoms-causes/syc-20352742 Allergic contact dermatitis https://dermnetnz.org/topics/allergic-contact-dermatitis/
  9. paramedic-RN

    Headache from N95

    So mild hypercapnia can cause headaches among other symptoms. And wearing a facial covering for hours on end can cause hypercapnia; which seems obvious to me but if anyone wants 'proof' just Google it or check out the article I put below . I definitely experience headaches while wearing the mask. I would never be able to take a nursing job that required constant mask wear like the OR and I'm shocked that anyone does. I guess the mask doesn't bother some people as much? Maybe some people just have a physiology better suited to compensate for hypercapnia? Therefore maybe they experience less symptoms. Anyone else get headaches from the mask? Carbon dioxide re-breathing with close fitting face respirator masks
  10. Hi, everyone -- I work in elective surgery (not a frontline nurse) and I was laid off d/t COVID-19 in mid-March, with the promise of being hired back. I've been in contact with my manager recently and it is expected that I return to work next week (great, right?!) However, I'm hesitant... I was told we are going to be testing patients. It seems that there is no solid plan as to where they will be testing patients (indoors? outdoors? in the waiting room?), when they will be testing patients (patients typically come to the office numerous times before surgery, but they're only being tested a few days prior to procedure), the building has poor ventilation, and I made the mistake about asking about PPE... sounds like we're expected to be OK with just surgical masks and a face shield when testing patients. It seems like I received a bit of pushback when I asked about N95's or something that filters a bit better than your typical surgical mask. I did a bit of research on the OSHA website and here's what I found: Source: https://www.osha.gov/SLTC/covid-19/healthcare-workers.html Basically, I want to know if any other nurses are in this situation. Are your jobs not supplying proper PPE? Are you expected to just be happy you have a job to return to, grin and bear it? I love my job and I want to return, but I'm super cautious about this... I have some underlying conditions that could cause greater-than-average health risks to me if infected, and of course I'm not trying to hurt my husband, parents, in-laws, etc. Help!
  11. ducky2000

    Mask allergy??

    I think I might be allergic to my mask or having some sort of reaction to it. My hospital has a new supply of surgical masks and every time I put it on I start hacking. I can taste a chemical when I put it on and then cough cough cough. Sadly, it's the only mask we are allowed to wear (only the covid floors can wear the N95s). Funny though, I can wear an n95 the whole night and have no issue, but not these surgical masks. I've spoken to a few doctors, CNAs, and nurses and they said they are going through something similar.
  12. mermer_rn

    COVID and return to work anxiety

    I worked full time up until April 1st and then was furloughed to due lower census, but mostly because the hospital was losing a lot of income from cancelling non-emergent procedures. I have been off work for almost 3 weeks and will be returning in 4 days. While I was still working I regularly floated to the floor dedicated to COVID PUI as well as confirmed cases. The rules were changing daily, we were not allowed to wear even surgical masks unless aerosolizing treatments were taking place, even then they would tell us to "try to not go in the room for about 2 hours". N95s are completely under the control of the house supervisor who's only response seems to be no. I am not an ICU nurse and only ICU and critical care nurses get issued N95, though I spend 12 hours exposed to the same patients. I have talked to a few other nurses and it seems not much has changed, and I am having extreme anxiety about returning. I'm not sure how to handle this proactively....I go back and forth between wanting to be a part of the frontline and wanting to run like hell. Am I the only one? How do we protect ourselves???
  13. Kiwi82

    Storage of N95 masks

    Hello fellow nurses, What are you using to store your N95 mask for reuse? The hospital where I work gave us paper bags. There are a few videos on FB and Youtube circulating around with someone demonstrating the usage of a plastic container. I feel like this isn’t the best option as this creates humidity which will not allow the mask to dry. I’ve heard from some coworkers that they will use a glass one or I have also heard about poking holes in the top. None of these options seem safe to me but I’d like to hear your opinion on it. Another question.. if your hospital is sanitizing masks, what is the process? What is used? How are they collecting/returning them? Thank you and sending good vibes to all of you out there. These sure are trying times. I hope this *** ends soon.
  14. Medscape Medical News https://www.medscape.com/index/list_11861_0 Marcia Frellick April 17, 2020 How to Sanitize N95 Masks for Reuse: NIH Study Posted in the above articles comment section: Canada: N95 Mask Decontamination using Standard Hospital Sterilization Technologies
  15. 10 RNs suspended for refusing COVID unit assignment due to not being provided an N95 Who knows if this will find its way onto their radars, but I'll be the first in applauding these nurses for standing up for themselves. https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/17/us/california-coronavirus-nurses-suspended-trnd/index.html
  16. Nursing personnel have prepared for this pandemic to hit their facilities and areas in different ways. This Chief Executive Nurse in San Antonio has spent her time very wisely. Local nurse designs mask with 99.5% filtration efficiency
  17. Is anyone using their own PPE because their hospital won't provide masks? My floor will be converted to an additional Covid 19 unit within my small regional hospital. We were told the patients would be "low risk" and therefore will not be given N95s to protect ourselves. We were told to use surgical masks, and that we would be provided with goggles. What would you do in this situation?
  18. wileyfinn

    Cleaning and reusing N95

    Sorry if this has been covered, but I'm wondering what the best procedure is for reusing an N95. At my hospital we were initially told we would be using N95/PAPRs for Covid 19 Rule out patients or patients that are positive. The masks were to be reused and stored in a paper bag between uses due to a shortage of them. So my question on the N95's is this. Can you clean the N95's between uses? It seems to me the outside of your mask would become contaminated with virus particles, and simply putting them in a paper bag would then possibly(or likely) result in some of those particles getting into the wrong side of your N95, so it would be best to clean the thing off before putting it in the bag, but I'm not sure what effect if any this would have on the mask, and what solution to use. We have Oxivir wipes that we use to clean other equipment. Would those work for the N95s? As it is were apparently so short on n95s that were using surgical masks instead unless in an ICU setting or doing certain procedures, so thats what I've used on the few patients I've had that were rule outs(some of whom were later positive). But Id like to know in the event I'm using an N95. Previously I had used a PAPR on TB patients and cleaned it off with the wipes between uses, but PAPRs are in even shorter supply.