PAPR, mask underneath, protect others?

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Fellow RN's using PAPR. Are you wearing a mask underneath the PAPR? Was instructed by our authority that masking underneath the PAPR to protect the patient was not needed. 

My brain cannot reconcile the written policy that

1. If I wear an N95 with an exhalation valve the valve needs to be covered by a cloth or surgical mask, yet

2. Being told its fine to wear a waist-strapped personal fan connected to a plastic head bag, that traps my exhaled air and then that is blowing that exhaled air out of the sides of my head and mask over my face not needed.

If I were Covid - patient, I would not want a clinician wearing a personal head fan bag blowing out air who was also not wearing a mask, anywhere near me.

Interested to hear what other staff in other places are doing etc. I just cant reconcile what I was told. Thx in advance.


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Isn't it just that with the vented respirator masks there is a concentrated stream of exhaust directed at whatever direction you are facing (I.e. the patient)?

And with a PAPR the exhaust can be directed away from what you are doing?

And wearing a mask inside the PAPR hood isn't going to significantly change the contents of the exhaust and it is still going to come out headed in whichever direction the exhaust is pointed?

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