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  1. There is a lot in the reports but I boil it all down to this: If anything seems off about what you are doing, you need to be both able and willing to STOP and reevaluate your steps, your information and your plan. If you are either too igno...
  2. Was just going to say I think the wording you might be looking for is rolling #month time period, like the policy posted above.
  3. JKL33

    Safety & Practice Intimidation in Ohio

    There are many other options and hospitals are not the be all end all anyway. Are you being bullied in this situation (aka pushed out)? I am not at all familiar with corrections nursing but isn't there some kind of process by which a new/reprint...
  4. JKL33

    Team Nursing

    ....and we haven't even yet mentioned the disconnect involved in piecemealing the basic nursing process for which every nurse is individually responsible. The nurse administering (not "passing out") medications must also assess and document to some d...
  5. JKL33

    Team Nursing

    Yes. It was being done when I was new also. The job overall was a great experience for me, but times were different and I would not sign up for a program now where I have to sign others' assessments. Back when I did team nursing I did find/make ...
  6. JKL33

    Team Nursing

    LOL, I've said that all along about pushing out experienced RNs in favor of new grads. It may or may not be cheaper financially, but it is DEFINITELY beneficial as far as being able to push complete crap without all the "complaining" for which nursin...
  7. Personal opinion here - if there are other viable options, I wouldn't be in favor of taking a job where one has a personal plan at the outset that will likely involve training for a whole third or quarter of the time that they are willing to stick wi...
  8. I wonder what is the reason the staff didn't just get the steak knife from her much in the same way one would manage to get a hairbrush or blanket or other personal item away from a patient to whom it doesn't belong. I'm thinking of dementia patients...
  9. JKL33

    Type and Screen

    As mentioned and linked previously it is a standard of the American Association of Blood Banks, not a reactionary policy by an isolated hospital.
  10. JKL33


    Did your past experience along with your current goals and desires come up as topics of conversation during your initial interview? I would surely think so, and that is the time to highlight your strengths, your positive attitude and your enjoym...
  11. JKL33

    Did I do something wrong as a sitter?

    Let it roll like water off a duck's back. 3, 2, 1.....gone. Sometimes it's possible to recover a situation like this with a bit of charm/extra smiling, "Sorry about that, I didn't mean to startle you! [smiles] It looked like you were about ...
  12. Is it just my reading of this or does the issue with R1 center around whether he actually did or didn't refuse wound care (3 times total)? Who knows what the truth is because while it is easy for a nurse to document something false (such as a re...
  13. The might like to be known as health advocates but they are straight up hospital corporation/business advocates first and foremost. Their purported concerns amount to saying that they can't do the right thing because they don't want to.
  14. JKL33

    Type and Screen

    Curious if other commenters are talking about situations where there is no history of any previous T&S on record; that is, are places not doing confirmatory testing (which would mean that if there is no previous T&S on record there would be t...
  15. JKL33

    Type and Screen

    Same. It had been like that for a number of years at my old place.