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  1. JKL33

    Nurses are the 'Canary in the Mine'

    This is a sentiment that might be acceptable/understandable coming from a grateful patient. From the perspective of a nurse, things really aren't this simple. Believing these sentiments, imagining that they are true, acting upon them and perpetu...
  2. JKL33

    Giving False Bad Reference

    Hmm. Sounds like a big talker. I suspect this is part of her program to make herself feel more significant or to at least make others think she is. She's really counting on HR calling the floor (weird) and her being right there to answer the phone so...
  3. JKL33

    Orientation Not Going Well

    If you really think your job is on the line... Is this a situation where you can have a heart-to-heart with your supervisor? Could you say a careful version of what you have written here? Along the lines, "I know I will be able to succeed.....
  4. JKL33

    Why is there a shortage of pediatric nurses?

    Good advise.
  5. JKL33

    Top Skills for the ER Nurse

    The actual work of ED patients has never been the problem; in fact that is what ED nurses love. The only problem has always been people who expect excellence from those below them while they themselves maintain a mile-long list of excuses for not hel...
  6. JKL33

    Preceptor issues

    It could be you or it could be her, but since things aren't working for you, you might as well review your part in it. You actually don't need to explain your thought process every time, and unless you are a very perceptive and skilled communica...
  7. JKL33

    Preceptor issues

    Problem: How does your "witness" know exactly what you did? I stopped signing my initials to procedures like what you describe--because of the utterly hateful way nurses are treated while trying to handle controlled substances; nothing personal....
  8. JKL33

    Management Timing Nurses Pee Breaks

    Doubtful. It isn't like they're watching you in the bathroom. Two options: Quit Go on as if you never heard about this Both wise in their own way!
  9. Winner. ETA @Wuzzie, I was also thinking someone should piggy back on your previous entry re therapeutic communication to say something about the fact that surely this person is having the worst day of their life. That's why they're throwing ful...
  10. I'm not in your shoes right now so...take it for what it's worth: I pretty much would have almost zero long-term tolerance for the scenario you describe. Even so, I say do everything in your power to stick it out. You really do have the finish l...
  11. JKL33

    Arguing Over a Patient Assignment

    Yes it is deeply troubling but money is what drives these places, unless you believe they do everything they do with the best of intentions and out of the goodness of their heart to provide excellent care to all. Surely that's why they have 2 nursing...
  12. JKL33

    How to deal with lazy techs/CNAs?

    Serious here: You leave. If you love everything else about the job it may be worth it to have a talk with your manager stating that things can't continue on the way they are--but that tends to have one repercussion or another. I would advise aga...
  13. JKL33

    How many preceptors did you have?

    Ditto. Seasoned expert on days for the first half, seasoned expert on nights for the second half.
  14. JKL33

    How many preceptors did you have?

    You are correct. In my opinion having you show up and just go with whoever happens to be there is a frank display of the underlying lack of concern they have for your development of any expertise or comfort level. It's the kind of thing that happens ...
  15. JKL33

    Nurses Promoting COVID Misinformation

    😂 And here I was thinking of writing a post about my interesting observations in primary care regarding the kind of things we are dealing with related to unvaccinated people who had covid which was "nothing but a bad cold" a couple of times and ...