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  1. ducky2000

    Mask allergy??

    I think I might be allergic to my mask or having some sort of reaction to it. My hospital has a new supply of surgical masks and every time I put it on I start hacking. I can taste a chemical when I put it on and then cough cough cough. Sadly, it's ...
  2. ducky2000


    The study material works for differently for everyone. For me, I wouldn't have passed NCLEX the second time around if it was not for Uworld . The first time I used ATI and did bombed it. I think the ATI questions were easier and did not have thoro...
  3. Usually people who have near passing in all topics have the basic content down but may need help with how to answer nclex type questions. Review content (doest hurt) but I'd focus on practicing questions. I'd check out lacharity or u world because I ...
  4. ducky2000

    Failed NCLEX due to anxiety! Need new review course!!

    What you described was how I felt the first time I took the test. At times the whole screen would get blurry. I initially wanted to see an MD to help with my anxiety, but didn't have health insurance at the time. (which is why I turned to this metho...
  5. ducky2000

    Oxygenation vs Circulation vs Cardiac

    It's kind of hard to answer the question since they all are intertwined with each other. Are you talking about ABC priority questions? Although, it's helpful to know the symptoms and disease process, often I find the question is actually asking whet...
  6. ducky2000

    Getting discouraged..

    I agree with the previous poster. The test caters to your own strengths and weaknesses. Also, I found that the tests in school greatly differed on the nclex. Cheers for UWORLD. It's a great tool for studying NCLEX questions.
  7. Sorry, quickly read message. I received the payment letter about 14 days after I saw that i passed and less than a month until they posted my license.
  8. It took me a little less than a month that I received the email.
  9. ducky2000

    TEAS is my Weakness

    I'm not the best test taker, but did well on it. Practice the ATI TEAS book and memorize the conversion table (you can get it at the ATI testing website or amazon). The test questions in the book are very similar. Most schools who use TEAS pay more...
  10. Finally got my name posted on the IDFPR website. YAY! Also, got the email that they will not send out paper licenses (I was always checking the mail box LOL). I'm sort of sad and wanted to keep it as a keep sake (sort of my trophy for passing the NCL...
  11. ducky2000

    Just finished UWORLD

    I agree with the others about redoing the wrong questions, but I would also redo questions from some of the lower % subjects as well.
  12. ducky2000

    Has anyone used UWorld to study for NCLEX?

    Congrats!! WOOT!! :)
  13. ducky2000

    Has anyone used UWorld to study for NCLEX?

    I agree with the poster who said it's different for many people. For me, I mostly used Uworld because I could use it on my phone (came in handy during break time at work). I've read that others just used Uworld and passed, For me, I used other mat...
  14. ducky2000

    Failed NCLEX.. Scared to test again

    Will hurst, UWorld and Lacharity be enough to pass the 2nd time? I believe so. Try them out and see if it works for you. Everyone is different. I also used other sources, as well as the things used (ATI ,excel, kaplan). Mostly used u world because...
  15. ducky2000

    Failed Nclex RN First Attempt 75 questions

    I agree with the other posters about treating NCLEX studying like your job. Even on of my co-workers, a nurse, was surprised that I was working long hours as a CNA (got to pay the rent). She said not only did I have to be mentally prepared but physi...