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  1. Yes I found a good one, because one hospital I called they were rude and very condescending, but I refused to let it stop me, people have all kind of reasons for not doing things right away so just apply to everything you never know! Again good luck
  2. I did not take a refresher course, before applying for my job I called the nurse recruiter at the hospital I planned on working at. She was extremely nice... In a nutshell she basically said that she has come across people in my situation and that orientation would be long enough. I applied and got hired on a Med Surge floor. My orientation was good alot of things came back to me instantly and I asked alot of questions I was not just thrown out there. I had to learn better time management but everything worked out. Remember you just passed your NCLEX this year, so you are up to date with current standards. Hope this helps to encourage you!
  3. Yes I got a job 3 weeks later I had no problems.
  4. Yes I was hired at my current job about 3 weeks after I passed. I had no problems!
  5. So happy for you I passed this year after being out of school for seven years.... It is definitely God's Timing!
  6. Lupe Sanchez

    Has anyone used UWorld to study for NCLEX?

    Don't be bummed, what did your assessments say. It's about understanding the rationales of what you got wrong..... I'm sending you encouragement and good vibes! You got this!
  7. Lupe Sanchez

    Has anyone used UWorld to study for NCLEX?

    UWorld to pass NCLEX....is anyone familiar with this as a study guide? (videos and links added by staff) UWorld NCLEX-RN Qbank Impressions A Word From UWorld Related Topics UWorld RN prep.. Is it reliable? Has anyone passed Nclex specifically using Uworld? Passed with 75 questions using UWorld UWorld vs. Kaplan Passed with 75 questions thanks to UWORLD & HURST