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A Hit With The Ladies has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Psych.

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  1. From my perspective, all of the sudden the sanctimonious Coronavirus "Karens", who act like you're committing a war crime if you don't want to wear a mask and stay at least six feet away from other people, have gone silent. Maybe they would rather have us all die from Corona rather than risk getting called racist or something LOL
  2. Vietnam is a Communist dictatorship. Human rights and civil liberties are always going to be secondary in a dictatorship, which will consistently apply the pretext of "national security" and "saving human lives" to curb peoples' freedoms. This is America, and as much as certain pro-Communist politicians here in this country don't like it, our freedom is non-negotiable, pandemic or no pandemic. Live free or die.
  3. I used to work in acute (inpatient) dialysis, and I remember when I was full time with my then-company, I felt that the hours were unmanageable. I worked 18+ hours a day(!) three days a week. All I did was work, sleep, do laundry, and work again. Rapidly burnt out. Then I went part-time, which meant two days a week, 12-13 hours a day. I noticed that I was so much happier, because I felt like I had a life again. Sure, I made less money, but work stopped feeling like a prison sentence. I work in inpatient psych now, and have been full-time for almost a year. One of the things I hate the most about my current job is that it's on a rotation system, so you're really off work for 2-3 days and then back on for 2-3 days of work. So I never really feel that I'm mentally off work because I'm spending a solid chunk of my time off resting and recovering (I work night shift as well). I'm going part time in a couple of weeks (so it'll be just 4 shifts in a two-week period versus 7 shifts in a two-week period). Very much optimistic that I'll feel less grouchy and drained from work with this one too. Anyway, my question is, if you've gone from full time to part time, have you also noticed any quality of life changes?
  4. I gave my younger sister my $1200 stimulus check because her job furloughed staff (she wasn't making much to begin with) and she apparently bungled her tax returns, had to file revisions, and didn't get either a stimulus check or a tax refund. She didn't even file for unemployment, and is sitting around at my parents' home. Ugh. I told myself I'm not helping her out any more financially, no matter what.
  5. As a nurse or other healthcare staff, have you personally cared for someone suspected or confirmed of having Coronavirus (COVID 19)?
  6. I draw labs in the morning on my patients (I work overnight), and for me it's usually a very fast process (doesn't take more than 2 minutes). Once in a while, though, you get a 'hard stick' patient and that can take a little while (e.g., more than 5 minutes) as you're looking for decent venous access. You're still nearly face to face with that patient, though. Considering all the labs I do, maybe I already got this corona!
  7. A Hit With The Ladies

    Fear and Anxiety

    That's great that your city isn't imposing levies. Here in Houston, the county judge says $1000 fine for those seen in public not masked up. Unbelievable. And like I mentioned before, here in Texas (albeit in another city) a salon owner was sent to jail. This has gone too far. Those that scared of someone else's breath should go hide under covers if they so choose. But they should not try to get the rest of the planet to cater to their fears and anxieties.
  8. A Hit With The Ladies

    Fear and Anxiety

    People can make their own sacrifices if they so choose to. Months have already passed. Enough is enough. Those who want to keep up with the endless quarantine can do so. Our state is thankfully going back to normalcy with incremental steps. I look forward to getting a much overdue haircut next week, among other things. After all, those who want to hide forever from the public to stay Corona-free guaranteed aren't being dragged out into the streets. Free country.
  9. A Hit With The Ladies

    Fear and Anxiety

    It's tyranny because people are being fined or threatened with arrest for merely wanting to breathe without a mask on in public. That's unacceptable. This is America, not Communist China. If you don't want to wear a mask you don't have to. (Not necessarily wise, but still should never be coerced on people). Certain politicians have gone off their rockers with this. Here in Texas, they locked up a salon owner in Dallas for daring to reopen. So they want to free the hardened criminals because of Coronavirus, but have no issues throwing small business owners, and eventually those who refuse to wear masks, in those same jail cells. That's how punch-drunk on power they have become. (Thankfully the Texas Supreme Court had the salon owner freed).
  10. A Hit With The Ladies

    Fear and Anxiety

    The anti-smoking law targeted smoking. These laws are "guilt without evidence" and label everyone as Coronapositive. When the government requires sick people to stay home, that's quarantine. When the government requires healthy people to stay home, that's tyanny.
  11. A Hit With The Ladies

    Fear and Anxiety

    What is an "inconvenience" to you is tyranny to others. As Benjamin Franklin said, "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety". If freely breathing is a crime to some people, then they themselves need to quarantine away from others, and let those who don't mask do their own thing. Many of us expected this country to begin opening up a month ago. If it hasn't happened at this point, then there's a problem. It's time get America back to work, Corona or no Corona.
  12. A Hit With The Ladies

    Sick but negative

    I agree with speedynurse, if you're feeling sick, don't go in regardless of the Corona test results.
  13. A Hit With The Ladies

    A Personal Valet to the President Tests Positive

    I hope that valet gets better! As for the masks thing, I have never seen Fauci or Birx wear them. Neither have they "socially distanced" themselves from each other or from Trump at the podium. Clearly it's "Do as I say, not as I do".
  14. A Hit With The Ladies

    Which nurses are considered frontline?

    I, too, was wondering that. I'm a volunteer to float to my psych hospital's COVID-19 unit. But I haven't been floated there. Suppose I spend a shift there. Does that automatically make me a frontline worker? Am I already a frontline worker for being a listed volunteer? Doesn't make sense to me. I don't think the legislation will pass, to be frank. Healthcare providers make up a disproportionate share of the student debt out there (I read that the average newly-minted doctor has about $200k in student loans). And when there is some sort of loan forgiveness program, the lenders themselves cannot go bankrupt, so someone ends up paying in a loan forgiveness program, and in this case it would be the taxpayers.
  15. A Hit With The Ladies

    Fear and Anxiety

    Sure, you'd love to believe these measures are temporary, but look at how the government has been in recent history. The War on Terror is nowhere near it was after 9/11, but the Patriot Act is still law and still used to surveil us. Now the government is using data from the phone companies to monitor our movements because of Coronavirus. Do you really think once this Corona thing is over, the government is going to say, "Oh we don't want that sort of data on the American public any more!"? Get real.
  16. A Hit With The Ladies

    With all the divisiveness - I figure we could use some Country Music

    A very good song! I hadn't heard it before. Thanks for sharing

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