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A Hit With The Ladies has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Psych.

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  1. Who said anything about getting sent out to die? When there's a greater than 97% chance of survival, you can recover at home with your O2 tank with you. And those stadiums are explicitly set up for overflow patients - nothing irrational about sending otherwise medically stable transferred to those stadiums for care rather than multispecialty hospitals.
  2. But that would mean the "intelligent, educated, experienced, career experts" would be half-competent at their jobs and be getting rid of this Corona. And they have failed miserably on this front. If all their wisdom and expertise adds up to nothing, then they should at least have the honesty to admit as such. The real dangerous drivel is destroying our entire nation for failed policies because of the haughty and sanctimonious attitudes of a few self-styled experts.
  3. Oh no, I'm just like Anthony Fauci. I can make any baseless assertion I choose, and then ever-so-conveniently do a 180 and say the exact opposite two months later, because "we just didn't have the science at the time" 😆
  4. Ah, classic "move the goalposts". Governor Abbott, and most other Southern governors, did right in reopening their respective states because the cases were ridiculously low when they were reopened. Oh, you mean the same people who use hospital services disproportionately anyway? And last I checked, it would take an act of Congress to increase Medicare payroll tax rates to offset budget deficits. Given how well Congress works, I anticipate that happening... probably never. Those costs would be spread out for an even longer period of time with lengthening life-spans. By your logic, if Coronavirus wipes out a significant proportion of elderly folks, we'd end up saving money in the long run! But like I said before, the healthcare organizations should be pushing more and more people out with rapid discharges and to stadiums, where care will be far less expensive than in hospitals. I bet many of these people would benefit from an O2 tank and a nasal cannula put in the backseat of their cars, a packet of discharge papers, and a wave home goodbye.
  5. A Hit With The Ladies

    We Say Boom, But History Says Bust: Will COVID cause a decline in births?

    I think it's pretty clear there will be a baby bust. Who wants to go to prenatal care and have a hospital birth in uncertain circumstances? All in all, Earth is horrifically overpopulated. A baby bust is a great thing. The ecosystem just might not collapse after all! But we still have to deal with surging population growth in Africa and South Asia, though.
  6. A Hit With The Ladies

    Texas Hospital making nurses resign or take care of COVID patients

    No one asked you to come to Texas. Also, New Jersey has more than twice as many Coronavirus cases per 1000 people compared to Texas. Some great accomplishment.
  7. A Hit With The Ladies

    How are your Covid patients treated in your Covid/ICU unit?

    The trick in patient care is to set strong boundaries. Common sense dictates that emergencies will take priority over routine medical needs, which in turn takes priority over ADLs. No matter how time-efficient or hardworking you are, you are still just one human being and can't be at two places at once. The cold hard truth is sometimes we just can't do everything for everyone in a timely manner, if at all. If you are busy with something urgent and some other patient's call light is going off, you just have to ignore that call light and hope that someone else is available to attend to it. If not, then that's too bad. If you are feeling overwhelmed (in any area of life, not just nursing) that means you need to prioritize and mentally accept that you cannot do everything and should not be sorry about it. And if management gets upset about it, be assertive and say that you were doing X, Y, and Z at that time. Nursing attrition is high already. They shouldn't get to squeeze the life out of you and discard you when they can get a new body to replace you.
  8. A Hit With The Ladies

    Study: Immunity To Coronavirus May Fade Away Within Weeks

    Even the pediatricians' groups are calling for the schools to be reopened. For the Corona-obsessed, I guess now these pediatricians' heads have got to roll. Only they and those who agree with their own worldviews get to be the "experts" we all have to blindly obey. Everyone else gets to be labeled a "troll" and "non-compliant" and cancel cultured to oblivion for Orwellian thoughtcrimes. "Why pediatricians are pushing for kids to go back to school in the fall: What's at stake for kids' development, mental health, nutrition and more." (ABC News) https://abcnews.go.com/GMA/Wellness/pediatricians-pushing-kids-back-school-fall/story?id=71696668
  9. Merit alone should be used in university admissions decisions. NOT race. Because considering race is systemic racism by definition. Here is proof from the AAMC (someone here wanted a link) showing how Asian Americans are discriminated against by having to have higher GPAs and MCAT scores to gain admission: https://www.aamc.org/system/files/2019-10/2019_FACTS_Table_A-18.pdf College and university admissions is a zero-sum game. There are only a certain number of slots available, so some will be excluded if others are given preference. This means caps on Asian students who have the grades and academic qualification. It's systematically bigoted against Asian students, showing them that no matter how hard they study their own racial heritage is grounds for excluding them. Racism by defintion.
  10. A Hit With The Ladies

    How bad will it get in the fall/Winter time?

    Who knows? Some scientists were theorizing that the Coronavirus situation would get better in the Summer (meaning now) while others said otherwise. The Wall Street Journal had an article about it today: https://www.wsj.com/articles/scientists-hoped-Summer-temperatures-would-tamp-down-covid-19-cases-what-happened-11594632601 No doubt, there'll be public health "experts" who will talk out of both sides of their mouths... "It may get FAR worse in the Winter!"... but will conveniently be unavailable for comment if it isn't there in the Winter. Or they will just say "Oh but the science has changed!" It's like when the meteorologist says there's a "30% chance of rain"... a good way to hedge your bets for plausible deniability either way 🙄
  11. A Hit With The Ladies

    Study: Immunity To Coronavirus May Fade Away Within Weeks

    Key words in the OP were "may" and "if proven true". Dr. Hotez (who is the wannabe Fauci in my city) even said that if COVID cases keep spiking here we'll have to do the herd immunity thing: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Hotez-Houston-needs-COVID-action-now-The-15364521.php
  12. A Hit With The Ladies

    Now this....the crazy just keeps getting crazier

    The CDC has been consistently inconsistent. Thankfully, the Trump administration intends to purge many of these bad apples from the federal bureaucracy: https://www.politico.com/news/2020/06/23/trump-CDC-overhaul-coronavirus-335039
  13. You're right about Fauci, though. Yeah so Boston's got a population density much more like NYC than Houston, so what works in Boston may not apply over here. It's more like The Manchurian Candidate movie, but in that case the leftists actually served our country in the military before becoming brainwashed Commies seeking to undermine our freedoms.
  14. Read this, from BBC News: Millions go back into lockdown around the world Mask mandates in Western countries! Can you believe it? In places like Iran they have "morality police" who harass women wearing clothing deemed too 'un-Islamic' and not covering their hair. In North Korea the government mandates you get a haircut from an approved list of 'socialist hairstyles'. Leftists here in the U.S. surely at licking their lips at the prospect of harassing those who don't conform to the mask national dress code.
  15. A Hit With The Ladies

    Will the White House fire Fauci because of his countless missteps on the Coronavirus?

    Trump doesn't need to fire him. Trump can give him a reassignment where he won't be able to do any more damage.
  16. So California is going to put affirmative action back on the ballot in November. Black legislators are for repealing the affirmative action ban, Asian lawmakers largely against it. I definitely do think there's a systemic racism problem in America, and affirmative action is part of the legalized racist institutions to this day. Take a look at how Asian students have far lower admissions chances, and Black students have far higher, for medical school: I think if we're going to have a serious effort to dismantle systemic racism we have to tackle affirmative action head-on. It was used to impose de facto quotas against Jews in the 1920s and 1930s, and is being used against Asians today. It needs to be thrown out by the U.S. Supreme Court entirely.