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Proper PPE


Has 3 years experience.

I’m assigned to the COVID floor and our PPE is a mask, gown, goggles, and eye pro. Reuse the mask for ONE WEEK.

only an n95 is needed if getting a bronch or on a vent.

I know the WHO says it’s droplet but I see posts from other COVID floor and the nurses are decked out in those gas mask looking things!

when asked if we can wear an n95, our ID docs said we should set the example (as in don’t waste them because everyone will want one).

I'm scared, y’all. Should I purchase my own n95s and wear them anyway? I have small children at home.

If your hospital allows it. Why not bring your own?

Don't put yourself at risk if you don't feel safe. As a nursing professional you have a right to work in a safe environment. With so many "unknowns" about this virus I would say protect yourself and family first...if the hospital cannot provide it, I would not go to work. We have to draw the line, it is unacceptable to work directly with patients and not have the proper gear especially when it is highly likely there are so many positive patients yet diagnosed in the overall hospital population. BE SAFE, keep your family healthy...BE SMART. We should not let PRESSURE from any person or system stop us from being safe.

When there are so many unknowns and something does not feel right, follow your Nursing instinct. Protect your babies.