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Tangential, enigmatic, compassionate lover of quotes: “The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.” ~Norman Schwarzkopf

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RenaissanceNurse has 25 years experience and specializes in Med-Surg, L&D, NB-100+ (home care & office).

Not a rebel, know-it-all, or people pleaser, but often disliked -- and sometimes hated -- for doing the right thing, offering my assistance, and refusing to lower my slightly-above-average-nursing-standards. I'm just a physically-fit, young-at-heart, very kind-hearted nurse, with a lot of experience and the most awesome, heart-wrenching, bizarre stories that many don't want to hear, because -- IMO -- they can't one-up me. It's depressing when you're forced to watch patients suffer, because your CNA and fellow nurses are too proud to accept your genuine offers of assistance : / 

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  1. PREFACE: I'm confident that I'll do just fine for the 24 hours that I'm filling in for, but given that I'm not an epidemiologist or seer, I'd love any real-life advice or tips that might come in helpful. I have an unused KN95 and N95 mask (gowns and shoe covers) which will have to do, as I've worked at this center before, and -- in short -- I'll be surprised if they have an adequate supply of the basics. My agency said they have 2 + case's, but again, based on my previous experience, I find that nearly impossible. I was hesitant to accept the shifts and plan to inquire about my assignment(s)/responsibilities before accepting it, but felt their desperate need for a nurse and my desperate need to add some cash to a down payment for my new car, would be worth it. I've been around the block, so I ain't no dummy. Just looking for some outside-the-box tips, ideas, thoughts... THANKS!!
  2. RenaissanceNurse

    CMA playing "Nurse Manager?" CMA boundaries? NPD?

    OP here. As I posted, more than 2 weeks ago, my suspicions were accurate. The line between healthy boundaries/guardedness and paranoia are razor thin for those of us with C/PTSD...and I have to live with it every day of my life. On a good day it can be taxing. Bad days are very dark, stressful and depressing. Before commenting on my posts, please ask yourself "what is the purpose of my comment?" If you don't understand where I'm coming from or what I'm saying, ask.
  3. RenaissanceNurse

    CMA playing "Nurse Manager?" CMA boundaries? NPD?

    And if that's your only input, you sure are nosy, offering unsolicited and unnecessary commentary...for what purpose? I'm asking you -- and your 14 "likes" -- to leave me alone. I fully understand this is a public forum and you have every right to post whatever you want, but I'm asking civilly, just stop. I've had enough negativity and strife to last 10 life-times, hence I prefer to avoid it whenever possible.
  4. RenaissanceNurse

    What kind of seizure is this??

    HELP! Family going from personal caregiver to licensed -- a major transition in itself -- for severely cognitively and developmentally delayed 8 y/o, non-genetic, only affected triplet. My 6 hours of "orientation" was interesting. Client takes several anti-seizure meds and strict Keto diet, but szs are apparently worsening. Coincidentally, she had recent EEG and those results should be in soon. Mom's pretty cool, but a so-so historian. First few days have been pretty crazy. Hopefully mom has some records tucked away or can print something from online chart. My main concern is giving some kind of name or type to the seizures. Preface: these are the least dramatic or intense appearing seizures I've ever witnessed. No rigidity, no 1000-yard-stare, no tremors, no posturing, etc. It seems the milder ones start with a good 10-15 seconds of laughter, then watery eyes, moaning, and whimpering...then it just fades away so gradually you barely notice it. Two of the worst I've seen, started with a few soft, short barks of laughter/smile, then went into full-fledged crying, not screaming, but hollering/crying pretty good. + facial flushing, and maybe a little stiffening. Very involved family member -- that's having a hard time "letting go" -- was holding/consoling client through all 5 szs the other day, making assessment a bit difficult/awkward. The beginning of the seizure is evident, then....so much of it is very common stuff for these kinds of younguns. I'm no seizure expert, but I feel, or felt, like I had a pretty good grasp on what's what, and have always been very comfortable documenting, using appropriate terminology, but this has me perplexed. For now, I'm documenting what I'm seeing, regardless of terminology or -ictals...but any input -- as to "what kind of seizure is this?" -- would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. RenaissanceNurse

    Is this a hostile work environment?

    I mean no sarcasm, but is English your second language? Your post is still a bit hard to nail down. Anyway, it sounds like you've involuntarily resigned, so that's good. Have you consulted an attorney? Your (EEOC) investigator may have insinuated that doing so would mean that they (EEOC) would have to drop the case(not true)...but to sue for retaliation, you're forced to go through EEOC...it's utter madness :( If the EEOC in your area is anywhere near as worthless as mine, well, expect nothing but your former employer looking like "Employer of the Year" and you a deranged basketcase, rambling on about how "wronged" you were. I was prepared to sue for as much as I could, giving all but a few thousand to charity, but I just didn't have the energy (or money.) I was on emotional-life-support and finally had to throw in the towel, or commit myself for incessant thoughts of suicide and worthlessness. I'm over it for the most part, but it was very traumatic. I wish you the very, very best, and please know, you are not alone. Reach out any time.
  6. **I mean no disrespect to CMAs, and would really appreciate your input. I recently interviewed at a Peds office I worked at from mid-90s to early-00's. Many changes, but 3-4 providers + 3-4 remaining staff greeted me with big hugs and "great-to-see-you's." It was so heart-warmingespecially after a few several (personal & professional) life-changing punches to the throat! My experience and 2 thumbs up from nearly a third of the staff make me pretty confident I'm a shoo-in. Especially since they've been "urgently hiring," for 2 openings, for a few weeks. I was so excited at the thought of working with people that I knew wouldn't plunge a knife in my back or mess with my head. BTW: I'm not paranoid, I'm very self aware and honest...a painfully earned "gift" that few people are comfortable with, and definitely don't want to talk about. Niggles: "Office Manager"/MHA believes in full transparency, so he mentions some turn-over issues they're working through, then says "so-n-so is a CMA...my right hand...but only makes the schedule...are you OK with that?" I wanted to say "I was until you asked." In hindsight I recognize his attempts to describe a CMA with some great attributes that helps with scheduling/ordering/admin stuff, but it didn't/doesn't make sense. At some point he said something like "she's great, I don't know how I'd do it without her." A fleeting sense of being gas-lit, almost like being sized up for a fresh target, came and went. We talked about all kinds of stuff, he would ask my opinion or invite me to share my thoughts...I kept thinking too much, too much...then I remembered reading something about people pumping others for information, not because they care about you or your opinion...they stockpile, and use it as ammunition. Then he said something about discipline, or maybe current problems they're having. I was mostly paying attention until he said "....me or 'Right Hand'." THAT got my full attention, as I was getting the distinct impression that "Right Hand" had more of a managerial role, than was being let on. Or maybe I wasn't "catching on" quick enough, because as I was preparing to leave he texted "Right Hand," so we could meet. Thank goodness she didn't respond, as I likely would have stood there, dumbstruck. It was so strange to hear a grown man with a Master's Degree, speak so highly of a CMA, referring to her as his "Right Hand," almost as his "professional" equal. Maybe you had to be there...? I can't judge her, and really not even him, but my lower jaw started tingling as we were saying good-bye. I met a lot of people -- old and new -- when we did the tour, but if they weren't at their desk, we just kept going. We didn't even wait or look around for the Dr who's kids I used to babysit. Only "Right Hand" -- the CMA that makes the schedule, which he and I had already discussed, in detail -- was summoned, "to meet me." My "BS radar" -- free, with a painfully earned ArmChair degree in Psychology, specializing in NPD -- suggests they came as a "set" or just happened to make a "perfect match." And has me wondering if all the employee turnover/discord is all due to lazy, complacent CMAs with attendance issues...? What are a CMA's limits/scope/role? In the real-world, preferably...like what's acceptable vs what's no-way-in-h*ll? I can't judge any who think I'm off-my-rocker, but hand-to-heart, I'll follow up, whether I'm right or wrong... But based on everything, I smell a[n] [ove]RAT[ed], manager wannabe...that's very likely a narcissist...with a weird relationship, but I don't suspect sexual, with her boss.

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