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What kind of seizure is this??

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Family going from personal caregiver to licensed -- a major transition in itself -- for severely cognitively and developmentally delayed 8 y/o, non-genetic, only affected triplet. 

My 6 hours of "orientation" was interesting. Client takes several anti-seizure meds and strict Keto diet, but szs are apparently worsening. Coincidentally, she had recent EEG and those results should be in soon.

Mom's pretty cool, but a so-so historian. First few days have been pretty crazy. Hopefully mom has some records tucked away or can print something from online chart.

My main concern is giving some kind of name or type to the seizures.

Preface: these are the least dramatic or intense appearing seizures I've ever witnessed. No rigidity, no 1000-yard-stare, no tremors, no posturing, etc.

It seems the milder ones start with a good 10-15 seconds of laughter, then watery eyes, moaning, and whimpering...then it just fades away so gradually you barely notice it.

Two of the worst I've seen, started with a few soft, short barks of laughter/smile, then went into full-fledged crying, not screaming, but hollering/crying pretty good. + facial flushing, and maybe a little stiffening. Very involved family member -- that's having a hard time "letting go" -- was holding/consoling client through all 5 szs the other day, making assessment a bit difficult/awkward. 

The beginning of the seizure is evident, then....so much of it is very common stuff for these kinds of younguns.

I'm no seizure expert, but I feel, or felt, like I had a pretty good grasp on what's what, and have always been very comfortable documenting, using appropriate terminology, but this has me perplexed. 

For now, I'm documenting what I'm seeing, regardless of terminology or -ictals...but any input -- as to "what kind of seizure is this?" -- would be appreciated.


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gelastic or dacrystic seizures? Focal or partial seizures. 

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