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  1. No, actually. We aren't all capable of being thrown into bedside nursing especially after having been gone a while. Are you even for real here?
  2. Orion81RN

    MNA and Nurses Respond to the Killing of George Floyd by Police

    All of this brought back memories that I had forgotten and my psychologist just diagnosed me with PTSD. Turns out my Dad, who I always thought was a "good apple" is taking the side of cops in certain situations where it is just....so wrong. So, no. It's not a few bad apples when the "good" ones support the "bad" ones. I always trusted police. I was completely naive thinking all this was rare and it's just a "few bad apples." My world has been turned upside down, and I have no idea how to go about having any relationship with my Dad. (A retired Assistant Chief of Police) Everybody just eats up his opinions...having no clue. That being said I wish I could be out there with the protesters, but I can't risk it right now with my patients.
  3. Orion81RN

    This is just like flu

    Agreed. What's challenging is seeing how different our values are. So, who's values do we go off of?
  4. Orion81RN

    This is just like flu

    I call ***. I don't care if a 70 year old has COPD and diabetes. Many of these people have comorbidities and would have still lived for years, getting to see new grand babies etc...That is such a callous way of thinking. "They're on their last leg anyway." No, many aren't. How many people wish for just one more day with a loved one when they pass. Just one day would mean the world, let alone 5, 10 more years that MANY of these people would probably still have left. Almost a quarter million people have died in just a few months. So what's that about this not wiping out huge portions? 🙄
  5. Orion81RN

    Do you feel non covid patients are getting good care?

    My husband and I have been very lucky. He's had a breaking decahing tooth and was able to get in right away for antibiotics. They almost rerouted him to urgent care (due to low grade temp x1 month) but the doctor agreed to see him abd prescribe abt. He's getting the tooth pulled next week. But he did put it off for so long due to not wanting to expose himself in a Dr office. I got right in to the same doctor to start to get stabilized on antidepressants and to check my hormones. I also was able to resume appointments with my psychologist via computer. We are very lucky right now. I know its not that easy for others.
  6. Orion81RN

    Why not quarantine McDonald's and ban soda pop?

    If that restaurant diagram on the news was accurate, then you were correct the first time.
  7. Dangit my response got erased and I'm not putting it together that cohesively again, so here's the short of it. Never thought we'd REALLY have another modern civil war to where we'd be physically fighting each other like others have believed. But seeing lots of protesters with ridiculously over the top firearms and vests has made even me consider purchasing a gun AND conceal carry. But I have the forethought to not trust myself with my depression issues to own a gun. I do not have the faith that others have such perspective and insight, and think people who probably shouldn't own a gun will be purchasing them. I'm not living in fear of it, but I am going "😬 *** might actually go down. Yikes."
  8. Orion81RN

    To be a coward, or to be a fool?

    No it flipping isn't. That's what THOSE nurses do. ICU nurses signed up for ICU. Not to go into "austere environments."
  9. Orion81RN

    CNA pressured to work sick

    You need to take care of you and not go and spread whatever you have to your residents. My grandma might have to be released to a nursing home for rehab soon (if its not covid) and if I heard that was happening at that facility KNOWINGLY putting MY family at risk, I would bankrupt myself if I had to and get a lawyer to sue. That says a lot coming from me considering I hate the law suit mentality.
  10. Orion81RN

    Hello, introducing myself

    Welcome to AN! CONGRATS on beginning your nursing journey. Keep going. You will make it 🤗
  11. Orion81RN

    Breakdown at work

    I thought I would update you all, and thank you all again for your support. Even just being heard helped tremendously. I was able to look back and remember some coping techniques for when I'm in the middle of a panick attack. After just an hour, I was able to begin to turn my mood around. My patient and I ended up having a good rest of the day. It means the world to me when my pt smiles. I'm much happier when I know I'm making a difference. I've been able to talk to my old psychologist over the phone. HUGE breakthrough in that we discussed that yes! My "disgust" for the sounds my patient makes is my misophonia. I still have to tell myself a lot that it isn't my fault that my mind reacts this way to certain noises, bc I feel very guilty for feeling a sense of disgust. She was also able to point out that I handle these situations very well in the moment. That I can be at my absolute wits end and still put a smile on my face and be professional when the time calls for it. No one would have a clue by looking at me. Her point was just that no, I am not weak, despite feeling that way. I am strong for hanging in there when needed, and strong for reaching out for help when needed. My insurance finally kicked in, and soon I will start antidepressants. I am also talking to other schedulers about different cases. Thank you all again so very much. I am glad I made the decision to post something so private despite fear over being judged by my reaction to my patient's secretions. I am working on letting the guilty feeling go.
  12. Orion81RN

    ER nurse also working Private Duty

    Apparently my posts have been VERY misunderstood by some. I never said I don't want responses. I stated that I felt put off. I did not make any YOU statements. It's how I feel. Being able to calmly state how you feel and then provide a better explanation is a *good* quality in successful communication. That being said let me rephrase my "validation" comment. I feel/think a certain way about the situation and wanted to know if these feelings/thoughts were justified. A few seem to think so, a few don't. I genuinely wanted to know if this should be brought up to my work for the safety of my patient only. I am completely fine with disagreement on the matter. Please do not equate me with the askholes who come on here for advice, then attack when not agreed with. I have previously posted about my pt's wife. I was venting. It helps. But it was absolutely not to get advice on if I should quit. I don't MIND advice. It just wasn't the point of certain posts. You are making it seem as if I come on here and ask if I should leave my job, then just complain more when I haven't yet. That is not the case. I will gladly listen to advice, but ultimately only I know what is best for me. I was simply sharing crazy experiences of mine in the very interesting world of PDN. I find this to absolutely be the appropriate forum to do so. I posted once in the middle of a mild panick attack. I was in the beginning of a 12 hour shift with NO way of leaving. I turned to the only place I could think of in the moment, and I'm certainly glad I did. As much as you want to shame me for "complaining" about my pt (inaccurate description btw) I felt SO MUCH better just being able to get it out and hear support. I HAVE taken advice. I took some PTO. I reached out to my doctor AND my old psychologist. JUST when I was about to be able to get some help, all this with Covid happened, and Dr. appointments are pushed back, now. And I AM actively researching other cases. So I will continue to post. I accept all responses. I understand how social media works. I'm not going to tell people to not respond unless...like so many others do. But if I feel misunderstood and put off, I will say so if I feel the need. And I believe I did so in a respectful way.
  13. Orion81RN

    While we are in the news...

    So while praises are being sung for nurses in the news right now, how can we, and should we, take the opportunity to get the news to the media as a mass collective and expose the dangers of understaffing? Ideas? I have horror stories. I would like to hear yours. Oh, and lack of supplies.
  14. Orion81RN

    ER nurse also working Private Duty

    I'm going to be honest, I'm a bit put off by this response. My posts on here are not for advice on whether or not I should stay on this case. I'm an adult and can make those decisions myself. I never understand those posts asking strangers what one should do with their lives. NOBODY knows someone's situation better than that person. I did not come on here whining saying "I'm scared I'm going to get sick but gosh darnit I'm staying." I was seeking validation before I call my work about it. It doesn't matter what I do jobwise. Someone will always judge my decision on staying or leaving. My feelings are extremely raw on this as my brother just chastised me last night for how many nursing jobs I've quit. (When I judged him for not donating his N95s.) Each of those jobs, any sane nurse would say, yes. Quit. And I did. And I have completely lost the respect of my brother and dad. I have been here for 1.5 years. It is time to go. I have not left yet bc of my crippling anxiety and depression issues. It is SO EASY for someone to say well, duh. Change jobs, get on meds. The inability to do so that easily is a SYMPTOM of depression. Just bc I'm not on here describing the steps I'm taking in my life, doesn't mean I'm not taking them. At the pace my mental health allows. At the pace my finances allow.
  15. Orion81RN

    ER nurse also working Private Duty

    Exactly! Thank you! I was going to say the same thing, actually. That her being here defeats the purpose of social distancing if we get it.
  16. Orion81RN

    ER nurse also working Private Duty

    Thank you. I agree and have been very curious how other families and nurses have been doing things in this setting. So that is interesting to me. The wife doesn't care. I've posted about her before, but she really just wants him to die. It made me feel better knowing the night nurse didn't appreciate this either. I don't trust her judgment of working here, which makes me question her other judgement. Like how sanitary is she trying to be. I say trying bc of lack of supplies...but that to me just makes her being here even riskier. IMO.

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