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  1. Queen Tiye

    Outpatient Clinic vs. Bedside Nursing

    I don’t know if the two year sign on bonus means it’s a hospital in bad shape. I worked in an awesome academic institution that has sign on bonuses. My view is that they get cheap labor from people new in the field and once residency is over the pay is immediately increased plus review for a raise every six months.
  2. Queen Tiye

    Pediatric resp distress

    Immediate interventions would be to reposition the patient to make sure they are sitting up, properly aligned, and the airway is open. Is the kiddo congested? Still low? How low? Is their a bronchodilator/ breathing treatment prescribed for low sats? Do they need suctioning? Can’t correct the problem quickly, oxygenate and contact provider for persistent desats. Least invasive first. I’m learning too and I’ve been caught not knowing remembering what to do when actually in the moment. Application is a whole other animal compared to just intellectualizing interventions.
  3. Queen Tiye

    Webcams in Nursing Homes?

    Patients with cognitive deficits have absolutely no power.
  4. Queen Tiye

    Nurse bringing child to work

    I’m a new nurse and most of the inpatient positions have mandatory nights and that isn’t an option for a lot of women raising children alone. All of the nurses I work with on days, outside of a residency, work only days and are not forced to cover nights. It’s the newbies that are forced to work nights if they want to get into the hospital.
  5. Queen Tiye

    Home Health Nurse pay??

    Peds home health is different. You can have one full-time case, work part-time, or combine 2-3 cases to get full-time hours and have variety.
  6. Queen Tiye

    Home Health Nurse pay??

    You can go to Linked in or Glassdoor to see how much nurses are averaging at any HHA. I looked at one pediatric hha and the average RN earned $40-50/hr.
  7. Queen Tiye

    Inpatient rehab unit

    If it is in a large hospital, especially a county hospital you will see trauma/ wounds, burns, diabetes, cardiopathy, traumatic brain injuries, everything. It is med surg but pain meds round the clock for everyone in addition to what they already get. In addition, you have to coordinate with occupational/physical/ speech therapists, social workers, and providers from different specialties. These people are usually all fall precaution and need assistance toileting, wiping, showering. It’s a heavy floor, and you will learn a lot.
  8. Queen Tiye

    I failed my patient today- Student Nurse

    I’m sorry that you are having a difficult time; nursing school and clinical scan be so stressful. Perhaps you may benefit from getting help on learning how to cope with anxiety and feelings of low self-esteem. Colleges usually have licensed counselors or psychologists that are available to students at no extra cost. Feelings of low self-worth combined with the stress of nursing school can be exhausting. You deserve support.
  9. Queen Tiye

    Got kicked out of nursing school

    People change nursing schools all the time. School is, after all, a business and you have a good chance of getting back in if you demonstrate that you have fresh perspective, a plan for success, and your life is ready. You can also request a meeting with the dean of the prospective schools to get a feel for if it will be worth applying. Also, phlebotomy usually pays more than CNA work and is easier on the body. Perhaps begin paying your loans off little by little now, and avoid them like the plague in the future — unless absolutely necessary, like purchasing a home.
  10. Queen Tiye

    Can I lose my license over this?

    Don’t worry about it, if it comes up just deny it or tell the truth — that you were having a private conversation and she was listening in. You weren’t at work, you weren’t speaking about anyone in particular, and you aren’t responsible for her feelings when you’re far from work minding your own business.
  11. Queen Tiye

    Anxious About Clinicals

    Clinicals are awesome. It’s great that you’re getting ahead of possible anxiety in order to succeed. Ninety-nine percent of my preceptors were great, the other 1% just weren’t in the teaching mood but no one was out right mean. If you go in there ready to learn, confident in your ability to learn and serve your patients you will shine. Also just being a well-rounded, assertive adult helps to deter people from coming at you the wrong way. People read energy — while humility and willingness to learn are important remember you’re not a child but an adult and behave accordingly and you likely won’t have problems with people making you feel dumb.
  12. Queen Tiye

    Nurses Experience Empty Nests Too

    This article is well-written and insightful. Thanks for taking the time to put these delicate feelings into words.
  13. Queen Tiye

    My STRUGGLE With The NCLEX!!!

    UWORLD, and Saunders as a reading reference. You can also practice the online Saunders questions.
  14. Queen Tiye

    Student Loans and Debt

    Where are you that community colleges are impossible to get into? You’re willing to go into $175,000 worth of debt without even trying to gain acceptance into a community college? You won’t receive a loan for anything else while you owe $175,000. What about owning a home eventually, buying a car? Do you have children and will you have to support their college education? Unless you are very wealthy or plan on marrying wealth, I don’t understand the reasoning in this decision. It seems immature, poorly thought out and financially irresponsible. I think moving to a new city to attend the local community college is more reasonable than going into enormous debt so you can hurry up and be a nurse practitioner with no nursing experience.
  15. Queen Tiye

    How To Prepare for Last Semester Nursing

    If your last semester is critical care: interpreting ABGS and treatments, heart failure, respiratory failure, hemodynamics, most common emergency/ critical meds, and all the emergent presentations in your medsurg book. There's a highly recommended book entitled, The ICU Book by Marino. Take a look at the table of contents in Amazon to get a look at the critical care topics covered.
  16. Queen Tiye

    Already struggling as a cna

    Great advice, but the SPO2 will be lower with thermometer in the mouth.