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  1. Queen Tiye

    Message from an RN to LVNs

    Hello, I just read a post by an LVN stating that LVNs are looked down upon. I have also heard from more than a few LVNs that RNs do not respect or take their role seriously. I am an RN and I have worked with many, many RNs and we have also wor...
  2. Queen Tiye

    New Grad RN Can’t Find Job

    Maybe work in an LTC or in SN as an RN to demonstrate that you can manage the patient load as RN? Perhaps repost asking former LVNs that have transitioned to RNs how they did it. Good luck.
  3. Queen Tiye

    Abuse accusations

    Hello, I am sorry you are experiencing this. Do you have nursing liability insurance? If not, get some asap even though it may not cover this incident. If you already have insurance, call the company and discuss mom's allegations. If you do ...
  4. Queen Tiye

    4 yr program vs community college

    I know this post is a few months old, but ill chime in. Though the choice to attend private or community college is personal when asked I always recommend community college because you will get a thorough education that is more affordable than priva...
  5. Queen Tiye

    Future Medical Assistant! Any advice

    What justpeachykeen said, and you will likely make at least $10 more an hour with the potential to make more if you go the LVN/LPN route for just a few more months of education.
  6. Queen Tiye

    Intermittent Catheterization

    Sometimes you will have to have a second go at it for various reasons. Each time you start over reclean, maintain a sterile field and change your gloves. It's funny to think of how much we go through to cath a patient when many Pts discharge and ca...
  7. Queen Tiye

    Nurse going on probation

    I worked at an LTC that gladly hired a nurse who was not allowed to give narcotics, so Laura RN may be correct in saying they might be more forgiving of stipulations.
  8. Queen Tiye

    Telling People Your Nurse Title, RN or LVN

    I just say "Nurse". Also, if people asking you about becoming an RN is off-putting, perhaps just completely ignore the question. It's presumptuous and I would find it annoying.
  9. Queen Tiye

    How do I go about re-negotiating my pay as a staff nurse?

    You are certainly smart, well-spoken, know your self-worth, and represent yourself eloquently. I support you asking for an increase. 1) you can ask a mentor nurse or two what the minimum for your experience is and then work from there 2) HR should...
  10. Queen Tiye

    I'm About To Fail NCLEX Need Help With Where To Go From Here

    Congratulations on graduating nursing school, it's a huge feat! From reading your post, I can see why you are exhausted, anxious, and not retaining what you are reviewing -- you are studying way too many hours! When I graduated I thought I had to s...
  11. Queen Tiye

    How To List My Credentials In Correct Order

    Congratulations on your achievements! I used to wonder why some list both "BSN" and "RN" in their credentials --- it's a bit redundant since it is generally understood that a BSN is an RN.
  12. Queen Tiye

    Maybe 4th times a charm ?

    Wow, I had almost the exact same experience. If you feel like your license is in jeopardy then it might be time to leave no matter how short your stay is. A lot of nursing facilities have unscrupulous practices. If they are reputable, at the very ...
  13. Queen Tiye

    Failed NCLEX 3 Times in FL, Advice/Tips on NCLEX in GA

    I recommend purchasing the UWorld app and completing all the questions. It is comprehensive and user-friendly, you can highlight text, and create flashcards within the app -- including diagrams. The app has excellent diagrams.
  14. Queen Tiye

    Medical Assistant During Nursing School?

    Congratulations on beginning your nursing journey. If I'm not mistaken, MA programs are nine months long, they are also generally paid less than CNAs. My CNA program was five weeks. You might see more illnesses and higher acuities as a CNA in a ho...
  15. Queen Tiye

    Working with a Colleague with a Dominating Personality

    LOL, Olive also sounds like my colleague. I almost thought this was my facility you were talking about.