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  1. They will likely put you through a fellowship and teach you what you need to learn.
  2. Queen Tiye

    Fact or Fiction?  Masking and CO2 Dangers

    I do have bronchitis. Also I realize it become bad after wearing the same mask for 4 or 5 days. I work at a new place and we get to switch our masks daily. Reusing masks to frequently made it harder for me to breathe.
  3. Queen Tiye

    Advice for new RN graduate..

    Congratulations! You’re primary reason for going to Florida is crisis pay? Will you stay on after the Covid crisis blows over? I ask because many nurses have posted about low nurse pay in Florida. In fact, it seems to be one of the lowest paying states.
  4. Queen Tiye

    Fact or Fiction?  Masking and CO2 Dangers

    I don’t suffer from anxiety and oftentimes it is difficult for me to breathe with my mask on, but you are essentially telling me: no you don’t have that issue and if you do it’s because you are suffering from anxiety. You are also a nurse and your tone and response to my comment are inappropriate and hostile. I wasn’t posing an argument about why we should wear masks. I wear my mask every shift and whenever I’m outdoors, but you posed yet another assumption and directed me to stay away from you. I won’t see your response because I’m blocking you.
  5. Queen Tiye

    Fact or Fiction?  Masking and CO2 Dangers

    rose_queen, what do you think might be causing some mask wearing nurses to feel dizzy? Perhaps some nurses who move around faster and longer may have a different experience than a nurse who moves around less. Rebreathing CO2 through surgical and N95 masks exists. How much CO2 is the question.
  6. Queen Tiye

    Fact or Fiction?  Masking and CO2 Dangers

    C02 is an issue, perhaps more so for some than others. Several times I’ve felt dizzy or faint. When I have bronchial flare-ups it’s hard to breathe with the mask on. In fact, I’m now convinced that not changing my masks frequently enough has caused me an upper respiratory infection. We are making the best of being required to wear masks for hours, but it is not healthy.
  7. For some reason I can’t edit my previous response. Please accept this less hostile contribution to this conversation. ”Some countries are more “hands off” than we are and they have a lower infant mortality rates than we do. I read some time ago that France encourages women to give birth at home. The reasons being that hospitals are infested with germs, birthing is a natural occurrence as opposed to a dreadful event, and that families ought to be comfortable. I’m a proponent of the benefits of “natural” birthing, and I also support intervention when necessary. I think it’s cruel to expect a woman to labor on her back hooked up to monitors as opposed to permitting her to move around and assume positions that provide relief. Birthing has everything to do with the mother and the baby, especially if you are a spiritual woman and view birthing as a holy, sacred event. Though, of course, different strokes for different folks. This may be old, but here are infant mortality rates in list form. https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/rankorder/2091rank.html”
  8. Queen Tiye

    Getting out of CNA-ing

    Do you see postings for phlebotomy positions? Perhaps review your resume and cover letter. Ask HR for in informational interview to learn what the job entails and use the opportunity to showcase yourself.
  9. The United States has a higher infant mortality rate than other nations who are more “hands off” when in comes to birth. I read a few years that most women in France give birth at home (or are encouraged to give birth at home) because hospitals are germ laden and pose greater risks to mother and baby — interventions are available as needed. After reading some of these posts, it’s clear why Americans have earned the reputation for being arrogant and lacking in intelligence. If people don’t do the things the way we do them, they are backward and ignorant. Our way is superior, when in reality, it is not. This may be old, but here are some stats — if you believe them. https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/rankorder/2091rank.html
  10. Queen Tiye

    Transgender nurses?

    I’ve worked with transgendered nurses, no one cares. They were just like all the other nurses. I never heard any snickers or conversation at all.
  11. Ditto. Didn’t we have the ability to block users? I can’t find the feature.
  12. Queen Tiye

    ICU nursing in Texas during COVID

    I also didn’t believe it until I met someone who knew someone . . . Then my family was slammed hard and then I was became personally affected. I think people may not believe this disease is real because they feel manipulated by the media and have become quite skeptical. Many don’t appreciate the seriousness of Covid-19 until they are personally affected.
  13. Queen Tiye

    New Job, New Cheddar

    Very important advice, we actually need more money talk here.
  14. Queen Tiye

    Six Pieces of Advice for New Nurses

    Great and necessary article. In my experience, new nurses are seldom hired on their unit of choice. Definitely go for it, but be willing to “get in where you fit in” if you don’t land a position of your choice right away. You can always transfer.
  15. Queen Tiye

    Single parent working 12 hour shifts

    Are you open to working 8s?
  16. Queen Tiye

    Is starting off LTC a bad thing?

    Yes, you will be able to make the transition, especially if you have patients receiving skilled care. It’s important to capture what you do in your resume.

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