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  1. Queen Tiye

    Quit Job and Now Accused of Abandonment

    Wow, it is very brave of you to take a stand and honor your moral code. That can be scary. As a fellow nurse I support you. More of us should stand up against the substandard practices that companies impose on us. Hopefully they are just blowing smoke, and you can get on with recovering from this🌸.
  2. Queen Tiye

    Ageism in Nursing?

    It may very well play a part in some instances but I have worked with several nurses in their mid to late 60’s, and I am not aware of anyone complaining about them to their face about performance. Though, it might be a different tale if I say down and asked about their experiences.
  3. Queen Tiye

    Internal transfer being ghosted by HR?

    I would be frustrated also. Hopefully everything will work out fine and the HR person is just a bit slow on communication. Is going to the new location and requesting a friendly conference with the HR director an option?
  4. Queen Tiye

    Help Ban Genital Cosmetic Surgery on Children

    Thank you for creating this article, Nurse Beth. It is brave and we’ll-written. I also support the campaign to cease cosmetic genital surgeries on infants in America. However, I do not purport to know what is best for other cultures.
  5. Queen Tiye

    How many unvaccinated coworkers are you aware of?

    This is a very biased statement, “crazed republicans”, generalizing those non-compliant with vaccinations by race, re: “Hispanic to African Americans”? This is inappropriate communication for a nurse and it gives the impression that you may be prejudiced. Are you prejudiced? Many of us have biases, and it important to do some soul searching and be aware of it so that we avoid discriminating against others. This is a professional forum and you may need to be more careful, lest someone recognizes who you are and report you at work for discriminatory views.
  6. Queen Tiye

    Yes, I'm Vaxxed But...

    The tone in this response is the example of the hostility that is disheartening.
  7. Queen Tiye

    Fired (Wrongfully?) And It Hurts

    I’m sorry you are experiencing this. I was also terminated from a position unfairly and it was jarring. I was at a complete loss in trying to understand how nurses can be so egotistical and unkind, I was stunned that there was no investigation. I was floored that one staff nurse had so much influence over the unit manager. I was pretty down for months because I loved this job and I was good at it. However, I found a position that I love even more and I make significantly more money now and I have a great schedule. Many of us have been there, you will get past this. When one door closes another one opens. God sees all and knows all🌸.
  8. Queen Tiye

    Nursing Profession Reputation

    In my experience and observation, nurses are highly respected. We are known to be well-educated, highly intelligent, compassionate, trustworthy professionals. Particularly those of us that work at institutions that provide great residencies and place a high value on continuing education.
  9. Meeeee. I love my job and look forward to going everyday — except day three because I’m tired by then. Some days are more challenging then others, and it is definitely not easy. However, if you are fortunate enough to find your niche it will be bliss!
  10. Queen Tiye

    Your Help Needed: Give A Tip To A New Grad Nurse

    I think this is the perfect example as to why a new nurse should be quiet and observant about who to confide in and who to be wary of. What you expressed is also the reason it is commonly advised to keep your goals private — because it may ruffle the feathers of others. Coming from leadership, this sentiment is a disappointing and unprofessional. So many of us take an assignment for a season for experience or to tide us over until a coveted opportunity arises elsewhere. Thank you, though, for your honesty.
  11. Queen Tiye

    How to Avoid Pre-Req Burnout

    Prereq blues is a real thing and can be depressing. In some ways, studying for the science prereqs were harder and more tedious. Pace yourself, stay connected to peers and professors. If possible, don’t overdue it — you’ll get there.
  12. Queen Tiye

    Let go after orientation and feeling lost now. Need advice

    This is very thoughtful advice and has worked for many a nurse. You will get hired and it does pay new RNs well — if you ask for it. However, my experience in LTC was exponentially more stressful and anxiety causing than any job I have ever worked in. Fresenius and Davita are always hiring and you don’t need experience because they teach you everything. It seems that many of the position have long hours though.
  13. Queen Tiye

    RN in Inpatient Rehab Unit, but want to get out

    Rehab nursing is very dynamic. With some ingenuity, you can spin your rehab experience into a well designed resume to show you are more than qualified to be a tele nurse. By the way, I’ve never heard of rehab nursing being at the bottom of the barrel. Rehab nurses literally get patients from every service that are still very sick. Rehab nurses have to know how to care for burns, traumas, cardiology PT’s, etc. The unit is usually very heavy, and during the day the work doesn’t stop until you leave. Nurses have to plan their interventions in conjunction with ST, PT, OT, SW, and the different services that are following the Pt. Analgesics have to be given like clockwork so Pt’s can get the most out of therapy and be able to tolerate wound care. The Pt’s are often depressed, in a lot of pain, and require a lot of empowerment and patience. Rehab nurses rock.
  14. Queen Tiye

    New Grads and Acute Care Hiring

    Hoosier_RN, you mentioned the rigorous clinical preparation that nurses received in school. I didn’t know that. That sounds as rigorous as residency. A nurse would be able to hit the ground running, but I wonder if nurses now are learning more about the how and why of what their doing. Do you think nurses of today are being trained to be smarter than nurses were 30 years ago?
  15. Queen Tiye

    Studying for NCLEX: Balancing it all

    Oh, gosh! I took your post out of context. I agree, you don’t have to spend all day studying for NCLEX🙃.
  16. Queen Tiye

    Studying for NCLEX: Balancing it all

    I don’t think I would have graduated with only three to four hours of study time.