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Breath smells with mask

Just wondering if I’m the only one and maybe I have a problem. I brush my teeth twice a day try to floss everyday and use mouthwash twice a day per my dentist. 

With the masks I notice at the end of the day my breath smells bad. Do I normally have bad breath at the end of the day or is this a mask thing?  

amoLucia specializes in LTC.

8 minutes ago, Wuzzie said:

You may be dehydrated. 

I'm thinking you may have devel dry mouth prob because you may be breathing with your mouth OPEN.

Different prob but I have difficulty with my CPAP mask - my mouth just plops open after I doze off. Mouth breathing is VERY DRYING . Like Sahara Desert dry!!!

You could try one of those Biotene Dry Mouth items. I like the spray - helps a little. That and freq slurps of water to 'wet the whistle'.

eggyweggy has 7 years experience as a MSN, RN.

My coffee breath is enough to make me vomit in my mask. Staying hydrated helps and so does chewing minty gum. I notice my breath less when I try to breathe more through my nose. I think the constant moist environment also promotes bacteria growth on my mask itself - changing out the mask helps, but the real culprit is my dry mouth. Think about why we all have morning breath after a full night’s sleep - I’m usually parched when I wake up in the morning. 


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