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  1. Slipping CMA

    Oxygen and the rebreather mask question

    I was told anything below 94-93 isn’t a good sign. So 90 was low. But fake nails, nail polish cold hands can affect the O2 reading.
  2. Slipping CMA

    Oxygen and the rebreather mask question

    We aren’t using nasal candula because of covid. Don’t ask me why it was a rule handed down by the higher ups. as for why the oxygen it was ordered by the doctor because of his o2 level and patient felt dizzy.
  3. We had a pt with O2 of 90. Hand are warm and this is a hospital grade pulse ox. Dr says get oxygen and set it at 2 litters. The head managers and other head staff started barking orders too and say he’s on a rebreather not a nasel candela so it should be 10 litters and the bag should blow up. I don’t now about how many liters I just follow Doctors orders. But I thought the rebreather bag did not have to be full? anyone want to educate me.
  4. Slipping CMA

    Breath smells with mask

    Just wondering if I’m the only one and maybe I have a problem. I brush my teeth twice a day try to floss everyday and use mouthwash twice a day per my dentist. With the masks I notice at the end of the day my breath smells bad. Do I normally have bad breath at the end of the day or is this a mask thing?
  5. Slipping CMA

    What is YOUR favorite scrub brand?

    Cheaper Dickier. More expensive kio.
  6. Slipping CMA

    Code blue and PPE

    Thank you for your insight I didn’t think about scene safety.
  7. Slipping CMA

    Code blue and PPE

    Obligatory I’m not a nurse. I work in a larger office building in a doctors office but we do have crash carts “just in case”. Yesterday we had a code blue drill. ( a patient drops to the floor and tells you they don’t have a pulse, you take it from there). One thing that shocked me from the meeting afterwords is they want us to do three things before starting chest compressions. Have someone call 911( yes OK I get it). Call a code blue and announce it twice over the intercom ( yep we need nurses and doctors and someon needs to bring the crash cart) third get into full PPE before touching the patient. This I don’t know about. Full PPE takes away precious time everyone has a mask and I would just do chest compressions no mouth to mouth. Plus patient should be with a mask or it’s easier to temporarily put one on the patient. those of you with more knowledge and experience than me what do you say.
  8. Slipping CMA

    ADHD CMA looking for help

    Oh I can’t handle that my nerves.
  9. Slipping CMA

    ADHD CMA looking for help

    I am a CMA with ADHD both inattentive and hyperactive. I am medicated which does help. my problem is I’ve been fire from 3 different places and I think it has to do with my ADHD and I’m looking for advice to help me out. The 1st place I was fired from I was told by the person teaching me not to take height on every patient and later I was caught not taking height and found out it was company policy to take height on everyone every time. 2nd time I was rooming a patient and for a second forgot what room I was going to so I stopped in the hallway then turned to the patient apologizing and went on to the room. Someone told my supervisor that I entered the wrong room which is not true but they let me go because of it 3rd time I was written up for saying umm when leaving a message for a patient. I talked to my doctor about this and he says it part of my anxiety that I have. In reality there was a girl who didn’t like me because of my ADHD and how I would have to really go over stuff because I am forgetful. I went to HR 2 times because one time she yelled at me that I’d never make it and was a horrible CMA. The other time She was telling me to just go home early when she had no authority to do so. She would also say “excuse YOU” in the hallways when passing each other but I just let that go because it’s stupid middle school crap. I have a new job I’m starting in a few weeks and really want this to work out. Any tips you can give that will help with my ADHD and getting along with others. I use a flow sheet when rooming patients so I learn to remember everything and I do take notes. I also take pictures of procedure trays so I know exactly what is needed. I could really use some advice because I think the real reason I’ve been let go from do many places is my ADHD.
  10. Slipping CMA

    Coronavirus and Supply Shortages

    In my spare time I make homemade soap and candles. I do notice my supplies are out of hand sanitizer.
  11. Slipping CMA

    Which MA certification exam should I take?

    I am a CMA (AAMA). That being said there is no real difference. But I highly suggest becoming either CMA or RMA. I see medical assistance without certifications all the time and just think if you need to be licensed to be a nurse we should have a governing body too. Even something as simple as a blood draw can have serious consequences if you don’t know what you’re doing.
  12. Slipping CMA

    Associates Degree-Med Assist to RN

    Things like anatomy, physiology intro and 2 would transfer.
  13. Slipping CMA

    Apple Watch - Why I Love It!

    I don’t have a problem taking a pulse, the face stays on exactly 15 seconds.
  14. Slipping CMA

    Need advice

    I’m a CMA but I was always terrified of needles. Then phlebotomy lessons came along, time to deal with it. I was to busy learning to think about my fear. Plus everyday you are getting stuck by your classmates that are all really scared they may hurt you. I knew I had to be calm so I could help give them the confidence they needed. It does get better.
  15. Slipping CMA

    Drawing blood, did I hit a nerve?

    Thanks, I just hate the fact I might have hurt someone even though I’m sure I did everything right.
  16. Slipping CMA

    Drawing blood, did I hit a nerve?

    I’ve been a CMA for 4 yrs and I’ve been drawing blood all that time. I’m not the type of person who can get blood out of a rock but I am experienced. I do work for a doctors office and draw about 20 patients a day usually there is one or two patients I don’t feel comfortable drawing blood so I don’t try and just call someone else I was drawing this one patient, he had a nice juicie vein, the median cubital vein I believe it’s called. It was a perfect draw, I didn’t go in too deep, I hit the middle of the vein and was right there at a good angle. Patient didn’t complain until I drew out the needle. He just calmly mentioned to me the sight was sore after I pulled out the needle. No sharp shooting pains just sore at that point. I called the head CMA to talk to the patient and she didn’t think it was a big deal just told him ice and OTC pain relief she has been working with this doctor for over 20 years so she is very knowledgeable and experienced Yesterday, one week after the blood draw, he came in to see the doctor about his arm. He now says he is getting shooting pains in his arm but there was no bruising or hematoma at the sight. Doctor asked me if I happen to dig around at the sight which I didn’t and told him so. The doctor told me to never “dig around” at the site because there are nerves right there. I didn’t know this but I don’t dig around, if I miss I miss and get someone else. I don’t try a second time because patients aren’t human pun cushions. It’s just the way I am, some people don’t have a choice but I do. I am just freeking out right now that I could have hurt a patient. Does it sound to you like I hit a nerve? I know only the doctor can diagnose this but this really has me worried that I might have hurt a patient. I just want others experience with this. I’m hard on myself when it comes to drawing blood and do take it very seriously. I try to make sure the patient is as comfortable as possible and they come 1st. Thanks for any help you can offer me, my nerves are shot over this.

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