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ADHD CMA looking for help


I am a CMA with ADHD both inattentive and hyperactive. I am medicated which does help.
my problem is I’ve been fire from 3 different places and I think it has to do with my ADHD and I’m looking for advice to help me out.
The 1st place I was fired from I was told by the person teaching me not to take height on every patient and later I was caught not taking height and found out it was company policy to take height on everyone every time.
2nd time I was rooming a patient and for a second forgot what room I was going to so I stopped in the hallway then turned to the patient apologizing and went on to the room. Someone told my supervisor that I entered the wrong room which is not true but they let me go because of it

3rd time I was written up for saying umm when leaving a message for a patient. I talked to my doctor about this and he says it part of my anxiety that I have. In reality there was a girl who didn’t like me because of my ADHD and how I would have to really go over stuff because I am forgetful. I went to HR 2 times because one time she yelled at me that I’d never make it and was a horrible CMA. The other time She was telling me to just go home early when she had no authority to do so. She would also say “excuse YOU” in the hallways when passing each other but I just let that go because it’s stupid middle school crap.

I have a new job I’m starting in a few weeks and really want this to work out. Any tips you can give that will help with my ADHD and getting along with others. I use a flow sheet when rooming patients so I learn to remember everything and I do take notes. I also take pictures of procedure trays so I know exactly what is needed.

I could really use some advice because I think the real reason I’ve been let go from do many places is my ADHD.

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You have no idea how much I needed this right now! I know exactly how you feel! I got fired Tuesday... on Nurse Appreciation Day for always being late on my notes. The last 2 jobs I've had were bc I got fired... Because I can't get my notes done! SMH! I do great when I have my medication, but Drs seem to not believe in adult adhd and I feel like they treat me like a druggie or something. Without my meds, I lose all confidence in what I'm doing and it can be something I've been doing for years! If someone is watching me... Then forget it!

OMG let’s not talk about someone watching me. It could be as simple as taking a pulse and I’ll mess it up.


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I also have ADHD and some other issues but before I got in to see a psychiatrist and get on medication I would get fired from every job I had. Now I have anxiety and panic attacks and they won’t give me adderall and so I’m all over the place and it’s effecting my job. It’s always something! Hang in there! It will get better

On 5/10/2020 at 11:06 AM, Slipping CMA said:

OMG let’s not talk about someone watching me. It could be as simple as taking a pulse and I’ll mess it up.

Oh I can’t handle that my nerves.


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Every excuse you had written isn’t a good reason to fire someone. Like really? Not taking a height?? OMG I can’t tell you how many times I’ve not taken a weight or forget to document something. We are all humans  and make mistakes. Those work places are horrible! You deserve a better place to work!