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  1. Aliceozwalker

    Hate My Job But Feel There Is No Way Out

    Just wanting to know people with more life experiences take on my situation. I work on a busy general medicine floor and absolutely have come to hate my job. I have managed to tough the job out for about a year and a half (new grad). Honestly, I am amazed and somewhat proud of myself for even managing that with my anxiety. I had hoped that with time my anxiety would get better but it feels the longer I am there the sicker, heavier (gaining lots of weight) and more miserable I feel. I work a ton of nights between my two jobs so feel like I rarely even get to see the sun and have no motivation to do anything but watch TV. I definitely want a way out but it is easier said than done. The patient assignments have gotten ridiculous with how short staffed we have been, on night shift nurses who are supposed to have 6 patients sometimes take on 12 patients (an entire POD with IVs, climbers, drug withdrawals, etc) with a nursing student extern. It's gotten so bad people have started to message our union about unsafe conditions but were sent back an e-mail saying that we are allowed to work outside our scope due to the current pandemic. I have posted a few times on here and recently made the decision to move away from bedside. I've had such an awful experience with bedside, I doubt I will ever return. I am feeling so frustrated because for the past month I have been applying and feeling like I am getting nowhere. I have applied to several more office-based jobs or jobs out in the community such as vaccine centres as people on here recommended. I have had a few messages back all stating that I needed more bedside experience which was crushing. The only really positive lead was my manager who stated that he would hire me for a clinic at the hospital that works Mon-Fri 8-4 (but more like 8-5). This sounds like the best-case scenario for me, but the problem is that he says a position likely won't open up for another 6-10 months. I asked if he would consider me still for the position if I went to a temporary job for 6 months and he said he would so long as I stay on casually. I am at a loss of what to do here. My parents think I should stick it out for another 10 months at my current part-time hospital job with my other strictly nights casual job. I am going to be honest in saying that I can't imagine how much sicker I will feel and how much I will mentally struggle. It's been bad enough living like this for a year and a half I can't imagine going through another 10 months. I would definitely be open to working at the hospital unit casually if I could find a better job that would take me part-time somewhere else. But all of the less stressful jobs people on the site have mentioned (clinics, offices, etc) won't seem to hire me until I get at least 2 years of bedside nursing. Did anyone else feel they were locked into 2 years of bedside nursing? Are there any other positions someone could recommend that would be lighter on me mentally or have more regular hours? I just feel so stuck and frustrated. 😞
  2. Joe V

    Compassion - The Power of Caring

    Nurses and their Compassion - Do you have any stories you like to share about Compassion? The quote on the image is by Maya Angelou and was shared by sapphire18 on Motivating the nurse in all of us @ allnurses.com. Every month, we will create and share a new motivational image with the goal that it helps you get through the bad days in your life. The days when you are doubting yourself. The days when you just want to scream. The days when you need that extra push. Use this thread to share your thoughts about our latest image... If you like to share a quote please post it in Motivating the Nurse in All of Us. Please share on Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest. facebook user? The image is posted on our Nurses Rock facebook page - you can share it from there if you like. 🙂
  3. ChristineAdrianaRN

    "What I Really Do" meme

    There's this little thing floating around the social networking sites related to people's careers, where they post a picture showing what their friends, society, themselves, (and whoever else) think they do, and what they really do. I made one for myself, but no one on my facebook could really relate. So I'm sharing it with people who would get it! Background on my choices: 1) My girlfriends would love to think I have hot Grey's Anatomy romances on the regular. I think that's the stereotype for all nurses in general! 2) Inspired by all the nurses from the floor on which I worked that gave me trouble about not "doing anything" and "losing my skills" when I told them I was leaving for the OR. 3) In response to hearing what I do, laypeople are usually like, "Whoa!! So you, like, see blood?! You see people get, like, cut open?!" and are pretty amazed and horrified at the same time. 4) The next one is self-explanatory. Hellooooo nurse! 5) I'd like to think that I make an impact on the kids I take care of, but by the time they get to me, their so drunk off their little butts from the Versed, they don't remember a thing. 🙂 6) I like this picture, but I want to point out at the surgeon appears to be mask ventilating the patient? And the mayo looks like it's above the head. What the what? Haha.