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Nurse - The hardest job you will ever love!

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Would I come under fire if I say it's the easiest job I ever hated?:blink: After nearly 30 years of combined LPN/RN experience, I still believe nursing is easy, once you nab those fundamental skills. It's just that it is too much easy work piled on one nurse that makes it ****-near impossible to do, which makes it the hardest job.:yes:

Nursing is really a hard job but the rewards you get are worth it in the end.

I agree, if it wasn't for thousands (and I really mean thousands) of interruptions from other patients and nurses all day it would be a completely easy job. It sucks when you have people who can't handle or refuse to take on a team-like mentality. Just yesterday I had a 6:30 admission and a CNA REFUSED to take her vitals, so myself and another CNA had to do it to "help" the team. At that point it isn't that I don't love my job, it's just the simple fact that it is not my patient. So many nurses try to delegate, and in my hospital we have a phone system where they just call up giving orders, which if it is my patient I am fine with, but if it is to "just go and do this or that" to another patient out of my assignment for that shift I begin to be more than frustrated. At this point I just say I am sorry I can't its NMP (not my patient). But on this same shift a man who had been admitted to our floor over a year ago just came to pay respects to all the nurses hugging everyone and crying for the simple fact that he had made it through his BMT and that he was alive. It was an amazing thing just to experience. You see A LOT of battles fought in hospitals and it really makes you stop and think that if they can just be present and aware of what is going on in their bodies that we can be thankful we have wellness on our side.

I'm a new nurse and I'm pretty close to hating my job because there's no time to do anything but squirt meds in PEG tubes, hang IVs, and chart about it. But this just reminded me of the time, a couple weeks ago, we were discharging a patient to a rehab. I had built a rapport with his wife... They were both rather young, in their early 50s, and he had a massive MI and been anoxic. He came to us on a vent and I was with him when they weaned him, then they gave him passy muir valve and suddenly he was talking to me. I loved to report to his wife, when she came to visit after work, everything he said to me that shift. Finally he was decannulated and doing great on room air. When they were getting ready to leave she hugged and thanked me with tears in her eyes. This is why I am a nurse.

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We all hate the not enough time factor in our job, but those moments when someone thanks you and you know you did the best you could are the moments that make you think yes!

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Yes, nursing is hard, but has it's rewards in the end - like a bad back and bunions. LOL LOL... :smug:

Bare in mind I was a float med surg nurse. I didn't find it mentally difficult, but what I hated was all the running around. For example, I did ortho 7pm to 7am. All I did from 7:30 to 2pm is take the patients to the bathroom. I was all physical of knee & hip surgery. Then, on the other units all I did was running around passing out meds, set up IV fluids, give blood etc., There hardly any thinking involved just physically overwhelming.

Nursing is a very noble job you should love it!

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