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  1. amygarside

    What inspired you to be a nurse?

    I always feel happy when someone says "thank you". I guess that keeps my fire burning.
  2. amygarside

    Terminated whistle-blower nurse reinstated!

    You did a good job. Well, best of luck in your career. I hope everything's fine.
  3. amygarside

    No! It is NOT OK.

    This is an interesting article. I'll take your advice.
  4. amygarside

    Emergency Response for Dummies

    Well-written. Thanks for sharing.
  5. amygarside

    Why I love being a nurse.

    This is really a great article. It reminds me of why I became a nurse. Thanks!
  6. amygarside

    The cost effectiveness of school nursing

    Thanks for sharing. This is great news.
  7. amygarside

    The Face of a Medical Error...

    Thanks for sharing your story. I hope this will inspire others as well.
  8. amygarside an Imperfect World.

    Strive to become a good example to others. Just don't let them abuse you. If you are a good leader, you can do this. Best of luck.
  9. amygarside

    My one big issue

    I feel you. We don't have breaks too.
  10. amygarside

    1st semester 4.0

    That's awesome! Keep it up
  11. amygarside

    I got the job!

    Good luck.
  12. amygarside

    My moment in the sun

  13. amygarside

    Humble Pie

    Whose line is it
  14. amygarside

    My Kaplan Experience (Passed 05/06/14)

    Nice. It was also similar to mine. Congrats.
  15. amygarside

    I'm not the doctor!

    I've also seen a lot of nurses say these lines. But I never saw that that they let themselves down because they are a nurse. Sometimes, we are asked to do beyond our scope. If I am asked to do such things, I would gladly do it if I can.