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  1. Callbell goes off for the umpteenth time... "Yes, Can I help you?" "Why don't you have bendy straws?" "We do have bendy straws" Points at bent straw in cup. "Well they don't bend enough. Do you have straws that bend beyond a 90 degree angle? It's har...
  2. Clovery

    Rules for Per Diems

    Of the 5 different places I have worked, all have had a minimum requirement for per diems which generally includes two weekend days per month (not necessarily on the same weekend) and one winter and one summer holiday. Some facilities extend the holi...
  3. Clovery

    Looking up patients previously in your care

    Which FAQ? Here on the site or HIPAA's FAQ? Do you have a link? It's more than out of curiosity, it's clinical learning experience to follow up your assessment of the patient and the final outcome.
  4. Is it a HIPAA violation to look up the outcomes of patients you cared for? For example, you had a patient on a med-surg unit who you transferred to ICU. You come into work the next day wondering about what they did for him and what was the outcome (o...
  5. Clovery

    Bedside Reporting

    I have worked on units where bedside report turns into "let me give you a long list of things to do before you can leave". I work nights and I understand day shift has the pressure of administration on their backs about every little thing (I've worke...
  6. Clovery

    Would You Report Me for This?

    You were definitely in the wrong here. As your co-worker I would not have written you up but would have advised you not to leave meds at the bedside. As your manager, after a family member complaint, I would be forced to write you up in case that fam...
  7. Clovery

    Should I take this job?

    $19/hr? Is this a decent rate for your area? I assume you are an RN? I would worry about the drive home after working nights. I have never minded driving to work. I work 10 minutes from home now and I miss the drive time of previous jobs. Driving i...
  8. Clovery

    Attack of The Killer Poop

    I worked in LTAC for over a year. Whenever someone asks me what it's like I have to mention the poop. It's all total care patients, mostly vents. Many of them have c. diff. So basically we run feeding into their tubes and then it just streams out the...
  9. Clovery

    Poll: Nurse and law enforcement couples

    My husband isn't a cop, but my mom is a nurse and my dad was a police officer.
  10. A quad patient with a chronic infected sacral wound became infuriated with me for waking him up at 0900 to take his meds and encouraging him to eat his breakfast. He didn't want to eat so I tried to get him to take his marinol to stimulate his appeti...
  11. Clovery

    Email Follow up

    I interviewed for a position recently, was told they'd be making decisions in a week or so. Three weeks later I got an official offer letter. Since you are past the recruiter interview stage, you don't have to worry so much about annoying the recrui...
  12. Coming from an area with a similar nursing job economy, it has been my experience that hospitals aren't hiring per diem employees who have no experience in acute care. For a new-to-acute care nurse, the orientation is generally at least 8 weeks on a ...
  13. Clovery

    Vasoactive drips

    One of my family members was in a medium-sized community hospital (admitted from ER with SVT). She was in the ICU on a cardizem drip and once the drip was d/c'd they transferred her to the tele unit. I have worked on a tele floor in an LTAC and vasoa...
  14. As someone who has had numerous headaches with trying to get insurance from the marketplace outside of the enrollment period, I sympathize. Have you tried looking for a plan on ? I have purchased plans there in the p...
  15. Clovery

    the wait is killing me


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