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  1. NJnewRN

    Its official! I am leaving nursing.........

    Finally, finally someone understands how I feel! I could just bawl my eyes out. Yes, there are somethings in healthcare that are down right wrong! It has nothing to do with age. I started at 24 and was ready to leave by 26. No sir! I don't have all the energy to run around like a mad person. I've been told by many that I'm young and that's where I belong. It is so offensive. Not because I'm in my twenties, it doesn't mean that I have the energy and vigor to constantly tolerate abuse and do things that goes against all my beliefs. I wish that people would understand this before they get into the profession. Every where I go, people are constantly telling me that I make a lot of money. I've learn to stop arguing with them. I shake my head thinking you have no idea what I have to do to make this kind of money. Honestly, the reason why I'm still in nursing now is because I've found an area of nursing that is the exception to nursing. Anyway, good luck!
  2. NJnewRN

    NP: Still a nurse?

    Ha ha ha that's why it's called "Nurse Practitioner." Get it? There's Nurse in the title. Clearly, there is something going on in her head to make her want to separate herself from distinction or title. When she has to renew her rn license she should make that distinction to the BON.
  3. mclennan nailed it on the head, but I wish I could tell those people not to do it! There is no shortage and it's a rough life. After 4 years of crazy, I'm on the verge of getting the heck out. Good luck to all those people.
  4. NJnewRN

    The Hardest Job You Will Ever Love! - Nursing

    Bare in mind I was a float med surg nurse. I didn't find it mentally difficult, but what I hated was all the running around. For example, I did ortho 7pm to 7am. All I did from 7:30 to 2pm is take the patients to the bathroom. I was all physical of knee & hip surgery. Then, on the other units all I did was running around passing out meds, set up IV fluids, give blood etc., There hardly any thinking involved just physically overwhelming.
  5. NJnewRN

    Help deciding which school is best

    Not sure about those schools, but congrats on making this far.
  6. NJnewRN

    When did nursing caps go extinct in the wild?

    I have mine from graduation. It's very symbolic for me. I have it on my desk among my diploma and other nursing memorabilia. I never seen a nurse warring their hat excerpt on graduation day.
  7. First, I'm just chuckling. What is OP talking about??? (Flash your rage at me) but it ain't that hard. With a bsn you have to take the science pre-reqs & the MCAT. What's the big deal? Whatever...nurses can say they want to go to med school it's not impossible.
  8. Congrats! You are young and smart. All the best to you!
  9. NJnewRN

    FNP to PMHNP

    No. If you know that you want to work strictly with the psychiatric population, I would advice you to find a FPMHNP program. That way you can work with all different age groups. If you are having doubts or not sure about strictly working with the psychiatric population, then go for FNP and do a certification as a PMHNP. I think you already know what you want. Good luck.
  10. NJnewRN

    Feeling like a job hopper!

    It could go either way. You can use it to your advantage to show that you are flexible and a fast learner. The downside is that it shows instability. I had to justify over and over again to potential employers why they should take a chance on me when you finally decide to settle down. My life hasn't been the yellow brick road. I'm glad that in a profession that allows me to try new things. The downside, is that it gets pretty exhausting after while. I'm honestly tired of the orientations and would prefer to stay in one place. The funny thing is that I bring a unique flavor to any place where I work. I have so many skills and knowledge about many different things that it actually helps me. It can be a good or bad thing, but at some point it catches up to you when you want to settle in one area. I did a little traveling for a while. I liked it at first, but I feel that when the facility is having a hard time holding on to their staff, then I don't really want to go into that situation, but you are only there for a short period of time, but it's become more and more like that in most facilities. Just my two cents! Good luck.
  11. NJnewRN

    Attitude Towards NP Students

    I know the feeling. This weird insecure nurse I work with has been acting all crazy because she thinks I'm going to NP school. Another frenemy who I went to nursing school with was trying to psych me out. She would constantly call me for no reason while I was studying. She even admitted she was jealous. I don't take it personal. I know it's a journey for me. I just keep chugging along. I work with some really encouraging people and I don't let the insecure haters get to me.
  12. NJnewRN

    NJ Adult Nurse Practitioner - Job Search

  13. NJnewRN

    bedside nursing, is it really that bad?

    Eh, to each his own. I can say that floor nursing by far has given me some great and horrible experiences. With just my nursing diploma, I have to two options: Ship out (turn in the license) or go back to school (get an advance degree). Maybe something is wrong with me, but one of the very last times I worked on the floor, it took me out for months. Sorry I can't handle 14 tele, post-op, med/surg patients. I call it traumatizing. This is not an isolated issue as I used to be a travel nurse. For me the it's the lack of control when you are maxed at 8 to 9 pts and they keep sending admissions. Next thing you know someone falls, RRT, codes... Who gets blamed? Yes, I can't live like that. To each his own. I have no problem with bedside nursing when safety is NOT an issue. Since I've come to realize that will never happen, I'm choosing to go back to school. Like I said, to each his own.
  14. NJnewRN

    Yet another burned-out nurse question...

    I say go for it. I wish I could do that. Perfect remedy for a burnt out nurse.
  15. NJnewRN

    NP Student not working in direct patient care

    Honestly, I'm sure because there was a forum about that and I remember a NP saying it's different animal. I think it helps, but you are trained to think differently. I'm applying now so I would like to hear from experienced NP's. Honestly, I can't handle the stress of the floor. I don't have time to think about the meds as much as I should. I'm always running around like chicken with my head cut off.
  16. NJnewRN

    So I Have This Rash... What Do You Think?

    Hmmm...that's funny. People almost never come to me! It's the best kept secret around. I'm usually elusive and cryptic about what I do. I am an extremely private person about my life. It works for me. In fact, a family member accused me of not being a real nurse. I will only bring out my skills when there is a medical situation that warrants it. Aside from that, I don't speak about what I do for a living. Again, that works for me.