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  1. Meaning of your username?

    Well, I'm from NJ and I was a new RN. I think that says it all.
  2. Least stressful nursing specialty

    For me it was radiation oncology, but there were a few times when it was stressful. For the most part I loved it. Teaching was fun as well. I had my moments, but it was super fun. Also being a hha supervisor was easy for me and rarely had any stress....
  3. I sent you a pm. All the best to you.
  4. What do you want for Christmas?

    I have everything I could EVER want and need. I just want to be with the people I love!
  5. Great Salary But Sometimes I Wonder...

    I wouldn't call our hard earned money "great" that's for six figures and up. Since I have to bleed for it. I make a good salary.
  6. How do you cheer yourself after a bad day at work?

    Check my calendar to see if I have to return the next day and call out. Then, I basically make sure I spend the next day venting on Allnurses. Take myself out to a steak dinner and a movie. Then, I spend the entire day relaxing. I might even turn off...
  7. Six weeks out - never been so happy

    Funny, this is how I felt after leaving home care. Know the feeling. My anxiety level was through the roof! I felt as if I was being tortured throughout the process. Good luck on your future endeavors. I'm looking to leave the field all together, but...
  8. Its official! I am leaving nursing.........

    Finally, finally someone understands how I feel! I could just bawl my eyes out. Yes, there are somethings in healthcare that are down right wrong! It has nothing to do with age. I started at 24 and was ready to leave by 26. No sir! I don't have all t...
  9. NP: Still a nurse?

    Ha ha ha that's why it's called "Nurse Practitioner." Get it? There's Nurse in the title. Clearly, there is something going on in her head to make her want to separate herself from distinction or title. When she has to renew her rn license she should...
  10. mclennan nailed it on the head, but I wish I could tell those people not to do it! There is no shortage and it's a rough life. After 4 years of crazy, I'm on the verge of getting the heck out. Good luck to all those people.
  11. Where are you happy?

    I've tried many different things. The only thing I seem to like is radiation oncology which is an outpatient setting. It's where I've felt most happy as a nurse.
  12. Personality At Work vs. At Home

    Pretty much the same. Funny as ever. Making the patients, family, and friends laugh. I like everything neat and presentable. Sometimes, I'm not as meticulous about cleaning my apartment. But for the most part I'm pretty much the same.
  13. The Hardest Job You Will Ever Love! - Nursing

    Bare in mind I was a float med surg nurse. I didn't find it mentally difficult, but what I hated was all the running around. For example, I did ortho 7pm to 7am. All I did from 7:30 to 2pm is take the patients to the bathroom. I was all physical of k...
  14. Seeking feedback: NJ NP programs

    Actually, UMDNJ leaves it up to the students to find their own preceptors. I looked in Felician College, but can't afford their tuition.
  15. Seeking feedback: NJ NP programs

    Thank you for the feedback I was seriously considering FDU, but I know nothing about them. What about UMDNJ. I heard there's a lot of disorganization with them. I applied there, but decided to hold off off going until next year. So please let us know...