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  1. PrayeRNurse

    Nursing & Ebola Surveillance

    I think all nurses should be offered Ebola training. Today if you are headed to Africa to care for patients you receive training from the CDC. If you are a nurse in the states it seems more difficult to find. I am a nurse who provides care in the c...
  2. PrayeRNurse

    Goodby for now

    I love school nursing. However today I turned in my notice because I love my license more. My administration has told me to do a straight cath. using no sterile supplies and technique. Student is cathed 2 times each day. The mother of the student is...
  3. PrayeRNurse

    Should I go back to school for MSN?

    I am working on my MSN/FNP I know that their is no pay incentive. I work with a very poor population and hope to bring a clinic into the district. In some area's of Phoenix the districts have FNP's overseen by a MD at several schools. They are abl...
  4. PrayeRNurse

    Did I do the right thing?

    Having had several head lac. in my office I do standard assessment including PERRL and Alert X3, Reflexes, I measure the lump and yes I eye ball it also looking for sunken areas. I always tell parents with any head injury to seek further medical car...
  5. PrayeRNurse

    Can this child go to school?

    No school. If it is hives the body is trying to take care of a problem. You don't know the cause yet and school may hold the trigger. With each exposure the reaction may become increased leading to a true emergency. No doctor in urgent care or ED ...
  6. PrayeRNurse

    Student sleeping daily on bus

    My son sleeps in any and all moving vehicles including the bus! He is a senior in High School this year. Nothing bad has happened due to his sleeping. I blame it on the Rock-N-ROLLER STROLLER I used when he was a baby!LOL!!
  7. PrayeRNurse

    Grab and Go Bag

    ABCNurse77, What a great idea to have your own bag. The bag that came with my office had a B/P cuff whose tubing disintegrated when touched as did the gauze pads. The band aids could be sold as antiques! in place of the mask for CPR they had 5 shi...
  8. PrayeRNurse

    Orientation and other new school nurse questions!

    This is my first year as a school nurse. I am finishing my first week. I was hired and patted on the back, told they had great confidence in my skills.I was shown the nurse office and given my computer code, over 200 new incoming new student files ...
  9. PrayeRNurse

    So who's ready to go back ??

    My first week as a school nurse is just about over. Kids start back next week. I don't see why nurses in my district start with no training even on the computers. We start a week after teachers. In spite of the stress a new job has I love it! The nu...
  10. PrayeRNurse

    Excited new school nurse!

    I am starting this year as a school nurse. I have been a nurse for 3 years. My daughter is a school nurse and hearing her stories I just knew I would love it. I am the mother of a 17 year old son with SMI and CP and a 14 year old with CP, strokes ...
  11. PrayeRNurse

    School Nurse Salary?

    Arizona, First year as school nurse. Three years a nurse and former paramedic. Pay is low at $ 36,000 year paid over 10 months. The hours work with my children so for me it is worth the low pay. It is exciting to be able to help families find resou...
  12. Most nursing classes will not transfer from one school to another. Best to you in your studies. Koitriona, BSN, RN
  13. PrayeRNurse

    Frontier FNP - DNP program

    Good Morning everyone! Looking for information on Frontier FNP program. How difficult is it to be admitted to the FNP program? Has anyone taken the physical assessment course they offer or know where I could take such a course. Arizona State Univers...
  14. PrayeRNurse

    BSN to DNP Online Programs

    I am going to do a BSN to DNP also please let us know how and what you like about your program.
  15. PrayeRNurse

    My Parents raised me to be honest, now I am unemployed.

    Thank you for the info I did not know about the mandatory report for this. I will do so again thank you for the information. That is what I love about this site the info and advice from seasoned nurses!