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  1. PrayeRNurse

    Nursing & Ebola Surveillance

    I think all nurses should be offered Ebola training. Today if you are headed to Africa to care for patients you receive training from the CDC. If you are a nurse in the states it seems more difficult to find. I am a nurse who provides care in the community with no training from a hospital. If Ebola spreads like the news just reported every nurse in America should have the training. Side note; my local news has labeled the American nurse a hero! I agree.
  2. PrayeRNurse

    School Nurse Salary?

    Arizona, First year as school nurse. Three years a nurse and former paramedic. Pay is low at $ 36,000 year paid over 10 months. The hours work with my children so for me it is worth the low pay. It is exciting to be able to help families find resources in the community that will help them maintain their health!
  3. PrayeRNurse

    BSN to DNP Online Programs

    I am going to do a BSN to DNP also please let us know how and what you like about your program.
  4. PrayeRNurse

    My Parents raised me to be honest, now I am unemployed.

    Thank you for the info I did not know about the mandatory report for this. I will do so again thank you for the information. That is what I love about this site the info and advice from seasoned nurses!
  5. PrayeRNurse

    My Parents raised me to be honest, now I am unemployed.

    I live in AZ and we are a right to work state. Being fired on a whim is allowed according to my atty. I have picked myself up, and have applied to every RN job I can find. I know that most employers will never ask for a nurse to do anything wrong. I was never even given a warning. In fact they said the week before that my work was so good they wanted me to help revise a form that we used. I went from that to fired in a heartbeat. Nothing I did changed other then I very respectfully told them I could not change records and explained how I documented everything so during the audit it should help make up for the lack of documentation prior to my coming on board. Oh well. I will find work and I took the time to apply at Arizona State University to the DNP-Leadership program! All will be well. Thank you all for the advice.
  6. I am a New Grad. I am in my mid 50's and just received my first termination. Working as a case manager was my dream job. I called my sister two days after I lost my first RN job. "I am unemployed" I said. "What happened, you loved your job" she questioned me. "It is Dad and Mom's fault, they raised me to be honest, to do the right thing", I replied. Now I would never really blame my parents. The truth is I was working as a case manager and asked to change medical records of each of the consumers on my case load. The nurse who had the case load before me had not completed all the documentation and had falsified some of the information. My employer was about to audited and asked me to document areas that the other nurse had left blank and if I saw something wrong on the rest to fix it. I told them I would be happy to enter into e-file the hand written notes of the other nurse however I would sign it with her name and entered by my name and would transcribe exactly as it was written. They did not like that reply. I explained I could not add to her assessment and referral page as that would be falsifying medical records and that I would not place my license at risk. Two days later I was called into a meeting and told I was to turn over my case load and to sign my payroll paper that I was terminated. No reason given either in writing or oral. Up until I was terminated they liked my work, had me work on a project to revise a form and told me they would work with me on my project for my PHD. I am so hurt. I know that I was right not to doctor the med records. Can I ever find work now? At my age and new grad already terminated status. Anyone else survive something like this?
  7. PrayeRNurse

    So why even bother with getting an RN?

    The school district that my daughter attends is looking for a LPN or RN and the pay offered is $13.00 per hour. Really. I know. It for a one on one with my daughter. They have had the position open for 2 years and until they hire someone they use a lpn from an agency paying the agency $45 per hour. The principle and I are fighting the district to hire a nurse for $20 per hour and cut the cost in half. I wonder if a MA could do the job for less and if so how much.
  8. PrayeRNurse

    When did nursing caps go extinct in the wild?

    I have a cap and just had photos made with my daughter who is a new nurse. She wore a cap and so did I. It was fun for the photos and everyone that saw us commented on how nice it was to see a "professional nurse". I was surprised at how many young kids came up and said "wow, you are a real nurse"! Many older nurses stopped us and said how they missed their caps. Don't know why they are gone but it makes a great photo prop! We were in a busy mall and had placed our caps on before going in because we wanted to see if they would really stay on.
  9. PrayeRNurse

    Jumping back in to school! Oh my...

    You just received the best advice from Annaiya. I am older and just finished my BSN online after 20+ years out. I will add two tips that saved me. I am also a single mom but everyone struggles with time for everything so tip one is to develop a 2 week or even a 30 day menu. Shop for everything and then come home and cook it. Put it is a deep freeze. I avoided eating out this way. I just thaw and no mess or worry. Tip two. APA will be your worst nightmare. Have a great book on APA they will prpbley tell you which one to buy. Find someone at a local college that is a English major or a Professor that will review your paper for sentence and grammar errors as well as APA formatting. It will cost a bit however it will save your grades. Please keep us posted as to how you do I am looking for a MSN or DNP program online.
  10. PrayeRNurse

    Bachelors Degree requirement for Mickey D's!!!!!!

    You are so right when I started on my nursing education in 2007 hospitals were signing students up before they hit the floor for clinical to be interns now I am a new grad with a BSN and no one wants new grads. I am willing to get my 3 years needed experience but confused as how to do that. I am holding off on my Masters and DNP until I see if I can use my BSN.
  11. PrayeRNurse

    Help! ASN wants BSN but has a BA

    Look at Arizona State University. I am 50+ and just earned mt BSN after having a ASN. It is all on line and they use mixed media. Teachers record parts of class they use wide range of teaching resources. You can call your professors and e-mail them. I was very pleased with all that I learned. Classes are 7.5 weeks long you can do it fast or at a slower pace. We had students from every state and many countries. You must learn APA format but they teach you that.
  12. PrayeRNurse

    Bachelors Degree requirement for Mickey D's!!!!!!

    I am with you on that! Graduation is May 10th and the loan repayments start in May! McDonald's here I come complete with a BSN. I know I can teach them about healthy eating habits and heart health well they wait for their super sized order!
  13. Some times venting is good! It is harder when you are older. I know I am 50+ have been a RN for 10 months and am half way through ASU's BSN with a 4.0. I have three kids two special needs, one of which is on hospice. I had a bilateral mastectomy 3 weeks before I started RN school, I made the grades with a lot of hard work and tears at times. Try to stay posative and know that you will be a great leader when you get done. You know how life works, the young ones are still learning!
  14. PrayeRNurse

    LPN to BSN

    I am a RN working on my BSN in Arizona. You can do Excelsior online however for AZ you will need to do 120 (?) hours of clinicals that Excelsior sets up for you. It is self pased and you are given a outline, with reading page numbers and then it is up to you to learn. You can call or e-mail profesiors for help. At the end you take a hands on pratical exam that is 3 days long and you travel to take it. I did mine in NY. It was a challange but doable. I learned so much more than I would have in a traditional class room and now I am at Arizona State University with a 4.0 gpa. If you do Excelsior contact them directly. College network will take your $$ and give the same information you pay for from EC at three times the cost.
  15. This happened at a LPN school I went to ( the cohort before mine) during my last block the board of nursing found out and all the students that had graduated and passed boards had to make up the entire semester of clinical before theycould practice as a LPN. If you look at your state board you will see a list ofthings you must report as a nurse. One is academic dishonesty. Nurses need to lead from where they stand. You are standing in the middle of muck. Don't sitin it. Stand up and lead the others to do the right thing. If you really fear retaliation by the instructor call an educational lawyer. Advocate for yourself and for your future patients. If you tell put it in a professional written letter. Send a copy to the dean and to the ombudsman of the school and one to the state board o fnursing. You will be ok really. You will gain experience as a leader.
  16. Excelsor online LPN to RN is great. Contact them but don't fall for Colledge network. Call Excelsior and find out about it. I did my RN in 10 months and I will graduate inMay from a university with a BSN. Thihs is a self passed program, no waiting and a wonderful solid education. Blessings on your studies.