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Goodby for now


I love school nursing. However today I turned in my notice because I love my license more. My administration has told me to do a straight cath. using no sterile supplies and technique. Student is cathed 2 times each day. The mother of the student is threatening to sue if her child gets a UTI or pressure ulcers this year yet will not provide the supplies. The school will not order the stuff either. I went to the board of nursing and yes it is a sterile procedure ( I knew that but wanted some documentation). I asked if the student is off loaded from their wheel chair during the day and was put in my place on this is not my business.

Then a child came into the school that has seizures and a heart condition. I was told that I can not seek information from the parent on the condition which I did find out included a pacemaker.

The Administration explained that a nurse is NOT a need to know person and any good nurse would just know when a student comes in what is wrong with them. I feel working in the dark and doing things wrong such as the cath. was to risky. Was I wrong? I will miss each of you and the wonderful advice that is given here on all nurses/ school nursing.

mc3, ASN, RN

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I'd be out the door in 2 seconds flat................No, you were not wrong. :no: Administration is crazy to imply otherwise. You can still visit this site anytime! :)

mc3 :nurse:

NutmeggeRN, BSN

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Yikes!! Good for you!!! Sorry for the kids in that school who will not well taken care of under the direction of that administration....

Holy Cow! A call to the Department of Education might be in order.


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That's too bizarre for words....good move......I'm thinking God has a better plan in mind for you.

Sounds like the school is setting themselves up for a huge lawsuit! You are better off far away from that situation. Good luck!

JenTheSchoolRN, BSN, RN

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The nurse is not a need to know about a student's medical condition? I am stunned by that most of all. I'd be out of there in a flash!

Perhaps you will find yourself in the future with another school nursing opportunity in a school which proper protocols. Best of luck to you.


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I don't blame you a bit! You aren't a need to know? Wow! I'm sure you will be seeing the outcome of this in your local papers soon. So sorry you had to make this decision but I have a feeling you made the right one!

coughdrop.2.go, BSN, RN

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I wish you much luck and happiness in your future endeavors! Always do what is best for YOU!!! Take yourself out for a treat to celebrate your new beginnings :cat:

CrunchRN, ADN, RN

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Nuts. you did the right thing!

Hope that you are able to find a similar position in a system that has a more intelligent view of the role of a school nurse. Best wishes.

VivaLasViejas, ASN, RN

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Smh. If a school nurse is not a "need-to-know" member of the staff, I don't know who would be. It's ridiculous. You are right to get out of Dodge as quickly as you can. Best of luck in finding a new job where they don't expect you to work blind and with one hand tied behind your back.

meanmaryjean, DNP, RN

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I can't believe I just read this. Wow- scary stuff.

Wave Watcher

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WOW!!!! That just made me want to punch someone! In their case.....they don't need to waste the money on a school nurse. They need to save the money they would spend on a licensed nurse and be prepared to pay it out in a lawsuit.

I would have been gone also! Good golly!!


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Uuugh. The cath I could not do.

I mean, I can cath, but not twice a day in a situation like that.

What will you do? Are you going to try for a school nurse job in another district?

You did the right thing.

It is very frustrating to work in an atmosphere where you are surrounded by people in the education field and not medical field. I hit my head on that brick wall all the time.

I'm only staying one more year but if I were put in a situation where I knew I would be violating my own license, then I'd go quicker.

Best of luck!

Run as far and as fast as you can!! History is imperative to the assessment process. Not in the need to know. They need to have some sense slapped into them!