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  1. 100kids

    Clinical Assistant

    That's great! Glad you're so happy in your new position!
  2. 100kids

    C'Mon Now!

    so ready here! 5 days left.
  3. 100kids

    Got an Offer!

    Congratulations and welcome!!
  4. 100kids

    This is Where the Cowboy Rides Away

    Congratulations! You will be missed here and I am sure you will be missed at your school. Enjoy retirement and come visit us!
  5. 100kids

    Sometimes school nursing sucks

    It's one of the absolute best parts of this job as far as I am concerned. I get to relax, spend time with my family and recharge my batteries. 19 more days for me. Can't wait!
  6. 100kids

    Breaking the Rules to Save a Life

    I told my husband on about day 7 of this job, before I had stock epi and standing orders for epi, if it ever comes down to it and I see a kid in anaphylaxis with no order, I'm using someone else's epi pen. It may mean I lose my job and/or my license...
  7. 100kids

    Exclude for vomiting

    My policy for return is generally 24 hour vomit free but there are exceptions. If you go home @ 11:00 after vomiting, then take a nap, eat a hearty dinner and breakfast and are ready to go in the morning without another episode of vomiting and no ot...
  8. 100kids


    We don't have a cafeteria. I give out snacks to anyone who forgot one at home. The good thing is a forgotten snack then clues us in that the child probably didn't bring lunch so we can call home for someone to bring them something by lunchtime. My...
  9. 100kids

    Spring Break is Over...Countdown to Summer

    38 after today!
  10. 100kids

    hot glue guns

    Oh hot glue guns. I always cringe when I smell them because I KNOW I'm going to see a few kiddos that day.
  11. 100kids

    4 day weekend

    So looking forward to having next week off, then the long stretch until the end of the year. Need to regroup and refresh.
  12. 100kids

    It's P-day

    Kidzcare I was thinking Pacer Day too. ? I do the 5th grade girls video (Nurse and Health Teacher here) but the PE teacher does the boys. Always an interesting day. Good luck!
  13. 100kids

    Countdown to Spring Break.....

    6 working days until Spring Break, and then 39 until Summer.
  14. 100kids


    Welcome Back. Personally, I like classic better than dinosaur. But glad to see you back here.
  15. so funny I just found his site a few days ago and was checking it out.