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mc3 has 12 years experience as a ASN, RN.

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  1. mc3

    Peanut allergy issue

    Gotta agree with Mr. Nurse x2. We have a peanut free table in our cafeteria also. They get to pick a friend to sit with them - of course that friend does not have PB&J. Nobody to my knowledge has ever felt left out or ostracized. The kids feel special because they have a special table. Most of the parents will pack their child's lunch. Parents will supply snacks for the child to eat for class parties, etc. If the allergy is that severe have the child sit at a peanut free table during the party - with a non-peanut eating friend of course. Other parents are understanding, of course but there's always one or two that won't be. On the other hand, I had a Mom the other day ask the school to only provide sugar free, gluten free, low calorie foods to her daughter because she was overweight and she wanted to see if it would help. I told her we needed a doctor's order before we could do that. I also suggested she should consider packing her child's lunch to make sure she's eating the correct foods in the correct amounts. Food allergies aside, sometimes we just can't be all things to all people. She hasn't been back yet... mc3
  2. mc3

    Remote Area Medical founder dies

    Yes, I've volunteered at a few clinics. Wonderful organization!. Stan was so humble, yet he brought so much to tens of thousands of people. In my book, he truly was a hero mc3
  3. mc3

    Health office software

    Old Dude - Hurrah, a fellow Skyward user! Do you use the section for Nurse Office Visits, where you put the reason for visit, findings, etc? We don't, and the thought is it's impractical because you cannot easily remove the info once its there and you don't want it carry from year to year. I use mine for IHPs, contacts, Medicaid eligibility, attendance, stuff like that. I'm curious to see what you use it for :)
  4. mc3

    Gerry Brooks video

    OMG, for anyone who hasn't watched the video, you must stop whatever you're doing and watch! Merry Christmas, mc3:cat:
  5. mc3

    I can't call all parents!!!

    I think of it this way.....If I see 40 kids/today and 30 were minor booboos and I called on each, that would be 30 calls at a minimum. 30 calls x 3 minutes/call = 90 minutes or 1.5 hrs, just making phone calls! Never mind, the parents that have 2 or 3 different phone numbers you have to call. Nobody is saying any serious injury, or head bumps or anything that leaves a mark shouldn't be brought to parents attention, but geesh!! Is that how they want you spending your time?
  6. mc3

    parents won't pick up sick kid!

    Yes!! ^
  7. mc3

    G-tube question

    yes, that's what I plan to do. Why do that do they child if it isn't needed. She does not have any medical history indicating need for this that I can see. Just curious.....
  8. mc3

    ROLL CALL!!! School Nurses 2017/2018

    I'm here! At a new school in a new town and LOVING it!!!
  9. mc3

    Best end of year complaint

    My legs are wobbly after jump rope..
  10. mc3

    Not my problem!

    OMG I love this!!!! So true!!!! 8 more days...8 more days...8 more days...
  11. mc3

    Tiny acts of kindness

    A few years ago, my husband happened to mention to his aunt (who lives in a different state) that I had some students who borrowed clothing/warm jackets at times. We live in the South, but do occasionally have some cold mornings! Our district was low socioeconomic as well. About a month later I received a check for $100. from her women's church group - in another state! - donated to purchase clothing for my clinic. Wow - just wow!
  12. mc3

    Charter School Dilemma

    I would get the school SW and/or guidance counselor involved. Our SW will drive by the parent's home on occasion to see if they're home, and tell them their child is sick at school. I've also called the non-emergency 911 number for the police to do a well person check if I can't get anyone and it's really serious. Call 911 if needed. Oh, and sometimes our SW will use her work cell phone to call home. Parents who see the school calling will sometimes ignore it but pick up if they don't know the number. I've also asked my AP to call, sometimes a stern-worded call from them helps too. It's a very frustrating problem! We are not a babysitting service, despite what some parents want to believe. Good luck! mc3
  13. mc3

    UGH- Head Lice- But for real, a serious question

    I've had a few chronic lice students. I can ask our school SW and District RN to pay a home visit. Lots of times, the parent isn't treating correctly or not following up. The RN can help identify problems and suggest solutions. The SW oftentimes will either buy some vegetable oil and shower caps, and can also give gift cards to the local Walmart for parent to purchase OTC lice treatment. In one extreme case, we arranged for the child to see their doctor and get a prescription, and paid for that. The student also comes to me each morning and checks her own hair with my lice comb, and I'll check it too. We've actually gotten to become friends :) So far, it's been worth it and I've not had any further problems. Hurrah!!
  14. mc3

    New here

    This is a pet peeve of mine! The one in my office is the only one available for visitors to use. I don't like it when I have people traipsing in and out, especially when I have children in the clinic. Never mind potential privacy issues and FERPA. Management doesn't really take it seriously...I' m sorry, but this is not a public bathroom!!
  15. mc3

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Same to you all!í ¼í¾„
  16. Gee, don't give them any crazy ideas, ok?í ½í¸³