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Supernrse01 has 18 years experience and specializes in Telemetry, Gastroenterology, School Nrs.

I've been a Registered Nurse since 2001. I have worked in areas such as telemetry, gastroenterology, Internal medicine, and now as a school nurse.

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  1. Supernrse01

    Vision/Hearing with virtual learners

    Our students had the choice of attending a full 5 days or doing everything online. Those virtual learners are still enrolled and considered active students. I'm not sure what to do with them as far as the vision and hearing screenings go. Have you all considered this yet, and if so, what's your plan? Can we ask them to see their physician for screenings or do we just document them as online students and call it done?
  2. Supernrse01

    3rd Party Lice Reports

    I do not accept 3rd party reports. Period.
  3. Supernrse01

    Coronavirus and Schools

    My thoughts exactly!
  4. Supernrse01

    I hate to tell you I told you so........

    I am getting a tshirt made that says, "Not every bump and bruise requires and ice pack." I say this 12443775543235 times each day 😄
  5. Supernrse01


    I only do IHPs for those students that have medications/rescue medications to be dosed during school hours.
  6. Supernrse01


    OLDDUDE!!!!!!! Thanks for stopping in to say Hi and giving us the words of encouragement! It was the pep talk I needed to hear. We miss you.
  7. Supernrse01

    Head lice

    🤦‍♀️ Such a waste of time.
  8. Supernrse01

    Head lice

    I don't send letters or do full classroom checks.
  9. Supernrse01

    prn to scheduled

    Any change in dosage requires an order for us here.
  10. Supernrse01

    Narcan- Do you stock it?

    Hi all and welcome back! We've been in for a few weeks now but I haven't had a chance to pop in and say hello. Hope you are all having a wonderful start! I'm currently doing some research re: stocking Narcan in our school district. What are your thoughts? Do your schools stock it? I work in a small, southern Ohio school and honestly I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'm not looking for a debate, just hoping to get any info you might be able to share, especially if your school stocks it.
  11. Supernrse01

    It’s a Lice Celebration

    That's awesome, congratulations!! We transitioned several years ago, and while I still have some arguments, for the most part the teachers have given up fighting me 🙂 In the beginning, I would just simple state our policy, spout out a few facts if I needed to, and didn't back down. "Our policy says..." became a pretty standard response and eventually they just stopped asking!
  12. Supernrse01

    Awards assembly

    We have "Bucket Fillers" here and students get treasure cards for actions recognized by teachers and staff here in our building- Going the extra mile for each other, holding doors, volunteering to help a student in need, etc... If they are awarded a treasure card, they are recognized during morning announcements and then can pick a small something from the counselor's treasure box (pencils, fun shaped erasers, etc...)That's how I recognize something like you mentioned. I think that, plus the praise you have already given is plenty enough. I may be a bit finicky when it comes to stuff like this but I'm not one to jump at passing out a trophy or certificate every time a student does something good.
  13. Supernrse01

    Take Away Envelope/Containers

    We don't allow our students to transport meds to or from school. A parent must drop it off and pick it up. Too much liability and worry about who may get their hands on it. Students that keep epi and inhalers in their possession have an entirely different set of paperwork filled out, in order to be able to do that and even then I worry.
  14. Supernrse01

    Take Away Envelope/Containers

    I wish we could but we don't have that option here locally. The closest location is about 35 minutes away.
  15. Supernrse01

    Take Away Envelope/Containers

    I came across this today while browsing my supply catalog and getting things ordered for next year. Any of you familiar with this? I would love to be able to utilize this, as we do not have facilities in place for me to dispose of medications that are not picked up by parents at the end of the year. I'm in Ohio, and I'm trying to research now whether this is something I can use. I'm hoping you guys will have some experience with them too 🙂 https://c.ymcdn.com/sites/www.productstewardship.us/resource/collection/3009FD86-6AE4-488D-BFC0-1A4CB91B53AE/NCPA_Dispose_My_Meds_Program__and__Take_Away_Environmental_Return_System_Program.pdf
  16. Supernrse01

    Screenings for Cyber Students

    We have online students; however, I do not do screenings on them, nor do I keep immunization records or health folders for them. They are not on premises which means they are not my responsibility.