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Supernrse01 has 22 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Telemetry, Gastroenterology, School Nrs.

I've been a Registered Nurse since 2001. I have worked in areas such as telemetry, gastroenterology, Internal medicine, and now as a school nurse.

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  1. Water Beads

    Thank you!
  2. Documentation for today...

    Shockingly, I've had this happen before and after some research, I called Mom to refer for further evaluation. Pituitary disorders/tumors can cause this, and it turns out that's exactly what this particular student was dealing with. Benign, thankfull...
  3. Head Lice

    Our students are sent home for live lice only. We do not have a no-nit policy and I don't typically do a recheck once they have been treated.
  4. Documentation for today...

    C/O upset stomach, nausea without vomiting. Ate lunch, played at recess. No need for bathroom. Gave sips of water and allowed rest for 15 minutes. improvement of symptoms, no vomiting. Returned to class... and threw up. 🤦‍♀️🤣 How's your day?!?!
  5. Tired of School nursing?

    I have been a nurse for almost 22 years, 13 of them as a school nurse. There are plenty of days that I long to be doing something else, like something else entirely but at this point, I'm staying right where I am. My husband is a teacher, my daughter...
  6. G-Tube

    Thank you all! I received specific orders and have everything in place and ready. No reinsert here either.
  7. G-Tube

    I have a student with a new g-tube. This is my first go with one in the school setting and I'm trying to be sure I have all of my legal ducks in a row. What has been your experience with what we can and cannot do if the tube were to be accidentally p...
  8. Supplements

    I have a parent wishing for their student to receive a supplemental medication during school hours. Do you administer these, if the proper paperwork is in place?
  9. SY 2021-2022 Roll Call

    I'm here, just limited on being able to check in! I'm back for my 13th year as a school nurse, 21st year as a nurse. I must say this has been the most overwhelming year, to date, and I'm exhausted. I'm not planning on leaving any time soon, but ...
  10. Vision/Hearing with virtual learners

    Thank you all!
  11. Vision/Hearing with virtual learners

    Our students had the choice of attending a full 5 days or doing everything online. Those virtual learners are still enrolled and considered active students. I'm not sure what to do with them as far as the vision and hearing screenings go. Have you al...
  12. 3rd Party Lice Reports

    I do not accept 3rd party reports. Period.
  13. Coronavirus and Schools

    My thoughts exactly!
  14. I hate to tell you I told you so........

    I am getting a tshirt made that says, "Not every bump and bruise requires and ice pack." I say this 12443775543235 times each day ?
  15. IHP

    I only do IHPs for those students that have medications/rescue medications to be dosed during school hours.