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  1. JenTheSchoolRN

    Break Plans?

    February break / winter break. It is really a New England thing I've learned. I didn't have it when I was in high school in NJ a million years ago.
  2. JenTheSchoolRN

    Break Plans?

    I start week before Labor Day, have 185 school days / 195 teacher days. If no snow days this year, we will be done June 17 (ha! like that will happen in Northeast). 1/2 week at Thanksgiving, 1.5 week at Christmas, 1 week in February, 1 week in April, than school year over.
  3. JenTheSchoolRN

    Break Plans?

    I'm back 1/2 as well, but 1/2 is a PD day with no students (they come back 1/3). My in-laws and my sister-in-law and her husband are staying with us for the break - they all arrived this week, so I've already been busy.
  4. JenTheSchoolRN


    Half day - attendance is low - but I do have a two hour health curriculum planning meeting before dismissal at 11:30. So close I can taste it...
  5. JenTheSchoolRN

    Assessing the student on drugs

    Ours too. It went officially into the school handbook and we notified all families at the beginning of the school year.
  6. JenTheSchoolRN

    The Big Chill

    UGH! The quality of your ice packs? Wow. I also tell students that no you cannot constantly ice an injury. If the pain is bad enough to need constant ice for relief, then the student needs to be seen by a doctor and I need a plan of treatment for constant ice.
  7. JenTheSchoolRN

    Need to vent and process this

    Yes, you did the right thing. I once had a student with full body hives (started out more localized), called Dad, Dad coming. This was in the very early days of finally getting stock epi for me. As I was walking with kid and Dad to the front door, kid stops and you could hear the stridor loud and clear. Dad didn't speak English and I was running to my office for stock epi while calling for Spanish translation help back for Dad and having someone else call 911. I had Epi in student in ~20 secs. Epi worked immediately and EMS arrived about 6 minutes later. Student had unknown allergen. It was one of the scariest allergic reaction progressions I have seen personally. Full body hives can progress - Epi was needed. You will never regret giving Epi. You may regret not giving it. That has become my mantra.
  8. JenTheSchoolRN

    The Big Chill

    I hate to say it, but this one may be one that just ain't worth it. I feel the exact same way about you re: ice. But my MS teachers let any kid that asks for ice come see me. And if I no-ice them, they keep coming back until they get ice. So what would have been a I did get a small ice maker to make it easier. My boss is actually very supportive of my no-ice plan and we brainstorm strategies, but my boss can't control the writing of the passes. My HS teachers, FYI, are much better at what I call the "suck-it-up-buttercup" game when it is needed. Ice handed out in HS is mainly for fresher gym or sport-related injuries. But I have returned to asking students if they ice an area every time they hit at home. Most say no, of course, and I have gotten through to a few of them using this technique.
  9. JenTheSchoolRN

    C'Mon Now!

    G tube update: lovely chat with Mom, who appreciated the check-in. Student's energy levels have increased 10x with its placement because kid is getting nutrition that wasn't happening well orally. Right now feeding is just overnight with flush before and after. I still wish I'd known a week ago (!) but I think I have a good line of communication open now, so here's hoping. And shifting gears to another c'mon: Student: I need an ice pack. Me: Why? Student: My arm still hurts from swimming. (Student had same complaint last week, full ROM, everything check out, etc.) Me: Oh. Does Mom know it still hurts? Student: Yes. She says I complain to much though. She says she is changing my name to "complainer." I could not help laughing. I told the student I liked her mom. (She did get a very small ice pack because if not she would keep coming back and back. which is c'mon now itself.)
  10. JenTheSchoolRN

    C'Mon Now!

    It is a button. I know it will be like riding a bike if parents even want me providing any G-tube care. I send Mom an email saying I found about the tube today and that I am happy to provide G tube care if needed per the doctor (with the doctor's order of course). We shall see.
  11. JenTheSchoolRN

    C'Mon Now!

    Yep. I'm drafting an email to send to mom shortly. Student does eat food; I suspect G-tube to supplement a diagnosis of failure to thrive (student has extensive medical history - well, what the parents choose to share). I have orders for student to drive Ensure at lunch currently.
  12. JenTheSchoolRN

    C'Mon Now!

    Nope. Per student, they give Ensure at home at night. Student was complaining of discomfort at site, but everything thankfully looks good and infection free. (Do need to brush up a bit on my G tube care, though, long term. It has been a bit since I've last seen one, so I would have really liked the head's up!)
  13. JenTheSchoolRN

    C'Mon Now!

    Student with G-tube that is a week old. Has para. Para assumes I know. I had no clue. Called parent and voicemail box is full so phone tag, email, text follow-up. Yep, a G-tube - I need to know about that.
  14. JenTheSchoolRN

    Independent Diabetics?

    YEP, this is what I do. My goal is independence by 9th grade and I start with them in 7th grade. I have a 10th grader this worked wonders for. That student goes to camp each summer and I make her teach me something new when she and her mom (also a nurse) drop off her back-up supplies with me at the beginning of the school year. Mom loves this approach. I want them to be able to self care when they go to college, get a job, interact with the real world. You can't do that unless you let them transition to management on their own in school. And no, I don't do any contracts. My orders do say student can self administer care. Now, a non compliant HS student? I have had orders before that student must check glucose in the presence of the nurse because student would not otherwise. But that is a different thread.
  15. JenTheSchoolRN


    I keep debating. I need to take it. I just need to force myself to register and then I know I can get in the zone for it. My previous boss did tell me they'd reimburse me for the exam if I passed - need to confirm with my current boss that they would still do that. (They did reimburse me for my MTEL when I passed that to get certified by the department of education.)