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JenTheSchoolRN is a BSN, RN and specializes in School nursing.

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  1. JenTheSchoolRN

    Medication Expiration Dates

    End of the month. But would I use an very recently expired Epi-pen if needed vs no Epi-pen at all if I truly needed it? 100% of the time. Epi-pen expiration dates have also been extended in some circumstances due to supply issue. I do not ...
  2. JenTheSchoolRN

    Postural Screening And Trans Gender Children

    This. I screen all students in T-shirts. We wear uniforms at my school and I do this screening on a student's gym day during the warmer months when they all wear lightweight T-shirts (usually white). I've also caught plenty this way. It is faste...
  3. JenTheSchoolRN

    18 year old student will not share info

    To what everyone said above, sharing info with us can only HELP the child. We all want the same thing. We also respect a student's privacy. But knowing if ibuprofen is indicated for supportive treatment at school is valid. Knowing your child has a tr...
  4. JenTheSchoolRN

    Mask Mandate in MA Schools Ending on 3/1

    Oh, it is same here. Nearly all my unvaccinated students have gotten COVID. Vaccinated kids, yes, I did see a huge increase, but there are plenty of vaccinated kids that didn't get COVID as well to round it out.
  5. JenTheSchoolRN

    Mask Mandate in MA Schools Ending on 3/1

    We aren't dropping ours on March 1 - city I'm in isn't dropping their mandate just yet either. Honestly, dropping it RIGHT after February break is a terrible idea. Why couldn't the state just at least wait one more week! I did just hit 80% vacci...
  6. JenTheSchoolRN

    Eastern University??

    Why I'm not moving, even though I am originally from NJ :).
  7. JenTheSchoolRN

    Office Testing

    This x1000. At least at the MD office, they will send the culture out if rapid is negative but it still looks a lot like strep. And even prescribe antibiotics in the meantime. We would not be able to do any of that...and a positive strep test would s...
  8. JenTheSchoolRN

    Determining Day Zero

    So, this can be tricky. No two situations are ever the same and I really look at it case by case. Symptoms can the day 0, but for some folks a baseline for them is a daily headache/congestion (especially for chronic allergy sufferers, like mysel...
  9. JenTheSchoolRN

    Elementary vs. Middle School Nursing

    I mostly work with grades 7-12. And I love them. MS kids are the most challenging, but honestly, also the most rewarding. Puberty is such an awkward time, and it is phase where kids can be, well, let's be honest, just kinda jerks. But most of them ge...
  10. JenTheSchoolRN

    Eastern University??

    Honestly, I was so done with school, but did want further certification, so I went the route of taking the national certification for school nurses. That is an option in my state vs getting my masters for me to get my professional certification as a ...
  11. JenTheSchoolRN

    Body Odor

    So bumping this thread up to circle back to no washer/dryer could be the issue. So, I had a HS student that graduated a few years old. Lovely young man, lived below poverty level, mom struggled with addiction. Odor issue was big - but he did hav...
  12. JenTheSchoolRN

    Copyrighting Health Teaching

    My contract says this specifically - any curriculum I create and use at my school belongs to my school.
  13. JenTheSchoolRN


    Everyone: I PASSED! I am so relieved. I needed this so much this week after getting COVID (despite being triple vaxxed). I finally tested negative to go back to work in person and then I got the email for my results and I'm smiling for the ...
  14. JenTheSchoolRN

    Dashboard info

    I track all numbers, but I do separate cases to those that were tested on campus and off. For the week of break, I tracked those separately, but in the dashboard. We report our numbers weekly to staff and families. But we test A LOT on campus. ...
  15. JenTheSchoolRN

    Diabetes Documentation

    I do it all in my EMR (Schoolbrains, which I know like no one uses). For a couple of my students, we also do a paper log of BG, carbs eaten, insulin given, ketones check (if needed). This is so they can take that simple paper log to their doctor...