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JenTheSchoolRN is a BSN, RN and specializes in School nursing.

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  1. JenTheSchoolRN

    Should Have Called 911

    Same. OP, I once had a female faculty member present with pretty severe chest pain. Given her age and history, my brain went to cardiac immediately. But I was still a new school nurse, and she was SO insistent I did not call 911 as she would send them away. She wanted to instead drive herself home. I would NOT let that happen and got her husband on phone, expressed my concerns to him and he was not able to convince her to let me call EMS, but did convince her to let him get her. Luckily, he was close by and took her straight to the ED, where it was later determined she was having a mild (thankfully) heart attack. I should have 100% called EMS immediately and I would today, but I was green and not used to standing up to staff as much as I am today. (Not an excuse, of course, but what I saw later when I could re-examine the situation with a more experience under my belt.) Staff stuff is harder here - they are adults and can say no. Let them send EMS away - but as I learned this year at work that my school will let me have the authority to not have a staff member return to work if I perceive their health issue will endanger students/staff and request they submit a doctor's note to me or HR. (Do I want this authority? That is a different thread, LOL...)
  2. JenTheSchoolRN

    Chest Pain in ES

    You did just fine. One thing I have learned about school nursing: we look for horses first, rather than zebras. Because 9.5/10, it's a horse, not a zebra.
  3. JenTheSchoolRN

    C'Mon Now!

    We had a family this week - parent tested positive and to separate is camping in the back yard. Other parent assumed this meant no one else in the house is a close contact and had kid in a hockey tournament that weekend. And kid tested positive 2 days later and hangs out regularly with like 4 other families that are at school. So...
  4. JenTheSchoolRN

    COVID Testing Fatigue

    I've been testing since November, so I'm used to the process, but the volume has increased x4 pretty much overnight since we went from high needs in person to full in person (no hybrid). I found my positive student in my pool and finally finished my complete contract tracing (including still talking to some close contact families at 10 PM at night from home). Testing can be a Mon-Thurs process depending on the results for me. Though right after this all, I got called to MS recess outside. I had a kid with a cast somehow get their casted foot stuck in the railing. I managed to twist it out with no cast damage thankfully. Normally this would be in the C'mon thread, but I was just happy to have a non-COVID task it kinda made my day!
  5. JenTheSchoolRN

    COVID Testing Fatigue

    Any push back on not opting in? I was already running individual PCRs on my high needs in person kids since November so pooled wasn't a huge transition in terms of knowing what to do. But it is my main job function right now. I did choose not to do reflex BinaxNOW tests and instead do reflex PCRs and quarantine kids in a positive pool for 1 day while I get results. I hire EMS help for the main swabbing (which takes 10.5 hours of my time and that does NOT include any prep work - just the swabbing itself that I run admin on), follow up PCR swabbing and athlete testing is all me. I've become an expert swabber with more love for the envo reusable N95 mask and a good relationship with the local EMS.
  6. JenTheSchoolRN

    COVID Testing Fatigue

    Mainly just a minor vent. I'm all COVID testing, all the time. I built our program from scratch. I'm proud of it. I have opt ins from EVERY SINGLE family - that is huge. But I'm also just exhausted. We welcomed back all our students last week. I run about 600 COVID tests weekly. We do an individual PCR baseline on new returning students, then do pooled testing after that on students, individual PCRs for staff. Had a positive pool come back this morning, calling families and re-swabbing to run individual reflex PCRs all before 8 AM. I'm at my desk every morning at 5:45-6 AM. I am getting a promotion come June with the official title of School Nurse Leader - something so very, very rare in the charter world and I'm excited about the growth and that my school respects and trusts me. But with respect and trust come the texts all the time. And to be honest, the staff needs way more from me than any of the families. The anxiety levels are high. Luckily next week is our April vacation. And I have never needed it more. I will finally travel slightly on a vacation for me and my husband - both fully vaccinated - and see my family (mom/dad/grandparents now fully vaccinated) that I did not see for any holidays.
  7. JenTheSchoolRN

    2021-22 contracts?

    At my school, we get them in April. (And I'm waiting for it to be official, but I'm getting a promotion for next school year! Does mean I'm moving to 12 month position, but I'm actually very excited.)
  8. JenTheSchoolRN

    Help Type 1 diabetic and lunch

    Of note, all my kids with T1D have a line in their medication orders that allows the school nurse to adjust insulin +/- 20%. I find this very helpful when I have newly diagnosed T1D kids - they can be all over the map sometimes with BG numbers (especially if their diagnosis aligns with puberty). I typically dose before if it is a kid that is reliable eater, after if not. I talk with parent to find out which works better. I've had parents that pack lunch and a note with all the carb counts on it, those that do school lunch, and some that let the kids buy chips at 7-11 and don't carb count with their child consistently at home (that is another long story). I work with slightly older kids and honestly that picky eating - it doesn't change when the kid is 13. While I wish I could convince a T1D that chips and soda are NOT a proper meal, when that is what they are allowed to eat at home, it is a harder battle. I'm still fighting it, but also at least teaching the student how to carb count for chips and soda to cover properly.
  9. JenTheSchoolRN

    If your school asked you, would you admin COVID vax on campus

    I've become the CVS and vaccine hunter. I've registered 50+ folks now myself. Helps that I am up early and when CVS drops new appointments. But also because of this, no staff can tell me they didn't get a chance to get a vaccine. Because if they wanted one, I would have gotten them an appointment in my state.
  10. JenTheSchoolRN

    If your school asked you, would you admin COVID vax on campus

    Realistically in the time I need to get it set up? For students, not staff. Staff are eligible now in my state and right now the fastest why to get them vaccinated is through CVS or a mass vax site.
  11. JenTheSchoolRN

    If your school asked you, would you admin COVID vax on campus

    Yep. I'm actually looking into setting this up, but it is a PROCESS. My school doc and I actually talked about getting ahead for possible COVID vaccine clinics for the older kids on Saturdays in the Fall, when we predict they will get approval. My school is grades 5 and up, and Moderna has a 12-17 aged trial ongoing now. My school is willing to pay me and any nurses I need to do this. And my school doc is also willing be on site and even vaccinate (for free!). So I'm intrigued about it. Right now, I'm helping staff get appointments in my state. I scored 13 appointments via CVS for staff this weekend that will happen between now and next week ;).
  12. JenTheSchoolRN

    Medications For Staff

    Yep. I do it exactly the same way.
  13. JenTheSchoolRN

    How has your role as a school nurse changed with COVID?

    That is amazing! I have trying to organize this for when educators in my state are eligible and gotten no where :(.
  14. JenTheSchoolRN

    COVID Vaccine: False sense of security or green light?

    Right now, we know they prevent severe COVID and suspect that they may prevent a person from getting COVID (at least original recipe COVID - variants may be different). As more folks get vaccinated, Moderna and Pfizer are now getting further info on whether or not it actually fully prevents a person from getting COVID. This is why I urge folks that do get vaccinated to sign up for V-safe so data can go to the CDC about safety of the vaccine and also some follow up. I got Moderna #1 on 1/16. Signed up for V-safe - they texted me a link to a questionnaire every day the first week mostly asking about side effects and 1x a week after that they also asked me if I had experienced COVID symptoms and/or tested positive or been diagnosed with COVID. They also sent me a reminder this week to make sure I had an appointment for shot #2 (I do) and to update my info use I receive it. I also get tested weekly at work - I'm a school nurse and I run our weekly testing program for in person students and staff. I just got test #4 since getting vaccine #1. All have been negative. But I also haven't changed any my behavior and mask up, hand wash, social distance (except when I can't in my job and PPE up as warranted).
  15. JenTheSchoolRN

    Menstrual changes following vaccine?

    Interesting. I have the Mirena IUD and due to it haven't had a period in 7+ years, so I'm can't add anything to this as I still haven't had a period since getting vaccine #1 on 1/16.
  16. JenTheSchoolRN

    Just Can't Make This Up

    Oh, nothing. Is this statement, I meant we had already gotten the PCR sample earlier in the day before the Tylenol wore off to re-reveal the symptoms.