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JenTheSchoolRN is a BSN, RN and specializes in School nursing.

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  1. JenTheSchoolRN

    Vault mail in testing?

    So, digging into testing options for my school. As there is everywhere, delays are an issue and there is the question of can we/should be regularly testing staff at least (students would be even better, but I have to be somewhat of a realist here!), so I got send this: https://www.vaulthealth.com/covid/corporate Not perfect AT ALL, of course, but FDA approved. I proceed with caution on tests outside of PCR where the sample is collected by a health care provider. (The antigen test out there as well - the data in my state is actually showing higher than acceptable rates of false positive/negative.) But my school is willing to entertain paying for regular testing for staff. Which, first off, I appreciate, but then my brain was like with the back-ups in testing, etc, can this even happen if you don't have endless supplies of money. Anyone else examining this? Have any information? Know someone that has even done this test this way yet?
  2. JenTheSchoolRN

    Any Massachusetts nurses know their district's plan yet?

    To build on it further, my school is hoping for hybrid, with 6 feet of distancing and week A/week B (which my school physician and I recommended for contact tracing vs two groupings in one week). We have the space to pull it off it looks like. I know DESE is really waiting as long as they can because of trending. But it does make it hard to plan. My school has already pushed our school opening back one week and may know push back a little more with the 170 day allowance released this week. Also, anyone else frustrated/confused by the whole "if you are a close contact and test negative and are asymptomatic, you can come back to school masked at all times" yet the general public still needs to quarantine 14 days if they are a close contact regardless of test result? I was a contact tracer and was surprised by this deviation, especially for the adults involved. But if schools are now essential services, it follows the health care essential worker guideline (which I expected school nurses to fall under, but not necessarily everyone else).
  3. JenTheSchoolRN

    Any Massachusetts nurses know their district's plan yet?

    I do to a degree. But I'm on the re-opening committee for my school and it is more of what the school is hoping to be able to do/achieve. But even then, it is still on the fence because of instructional pieces to be worked out so nothing is 100% yet. (And yes, in MA, the date to submit all three plans - full, hybrid, remote - to the state is August 10th and the state is encouraging folks to not share official plans until then.)
  4. JenTheSchoolRN

    What will you wear?

    This is my plan. I also have long hair and long before this had perfected my bun for school using a giant clip. (Being able to put my hair up is actually why I keep it long, if that makes sense). My washer/dryer is in a closet in my kitchen space, which I walk into immediately at home, so I come home, wash hands, strip, throw clothes directly into the washer, wash hands again. And my crocs may come back out because I can wipe them clean easily.
  5. JenTheSchoolRN

    Any other states get responding to COVID scenarios guidelines yet?

    Sure thing, here's the link to all the documents DESE posts - the protocol one is the first one listed: http://www.doe.mass.edu/covid19/on-desktop.html
  6. JenTheSchoolRN


    It does also need access to a full, separate restroom. If a trailer can also provide that, I'd think that might actually work well. To do this at my school, we actually are taking over a smaller sub separate classroom that is next to what is usually a student restroom. That restroom is now isolation-use only. It is also located very near a side exit that is usually fire exit only, but we will be using it for dismissal from the isolation space.
  7. JenTheSchoolRN

    Any other states get responding to COVID scenarios guidelines yet?

    Finding an isolation space was the first thing we did at my school (floor above me with its own bathroom), I was just thinking how to manage both so yes, this is huge. And yes, it is so overwhelming! But I was wondering if it was more than other states had gotten, same, etc. I mean, I'm guess I'm glad to start somewhere. To do this, today I also mentioned every staff member must have a sub plan ready to go with a plan for the at least two people that could step in to cover a class if needed, or staff an office if admin, etc.
  8. So my state released the initial COVID case in school scenario document Friday night. (I'm in MA - here is the link for those curious: http://www.doe.mass.edu/covid19/on-desktop/2020-0717protocols.docx) I presented it this morning to our health/operations re-opening committee after turning it into a presentable Powerpoint. There was a lot of wide eyes and rightfully - especially about who is considered a close contact. (Mainly to the point of what to do mean an entire classroom cohort is considered a close contact if they are six feet apart and masked...I had to stop and say when you have students in a self contained classroom, it may be harder to be perfectly 6 feet away for a full 6 hours so yes, they should all be tested in one confirmed case was in the cohort.) And they realized I can't navigate it alone, so they found money to hire a LPN to assist me. So that is a positive, I suppose. I will supervising this person and still be assessing every person but now I can delegate other tasks and have a person to help me with managing both my office and an isolation space.
  9. JenTheSchoolRN

    List of questions and requests

    Nice list, Flare. I see you are in my home state. In MA, mask wearing will be mandatory for grades 2 and up (and suggested from grades 1 & K). I'm working with older kids and my school is requiring masks. I have a demo set with me, my boss, and my school's big boss for Emocha (https://emocha.com/remote-monitoring-service-for-return-to-learn/). It is big bucks, but my school is willing to consider it for pre-screening prior to entry. I can report back after the demo Zoom meeting next week.
  10. JenTheSchoolRN

    Contract for parents before students return to school

    And while names can't disclose, we likely won't be able to stop anyone else from talking. Finding that balance as my school looks ahead to the what is the COVID amendment of our handbook. Which we do have families and students sign off on. But I have already brought up the issues on my re-opening committee (I'm lucky to have a seat at the table) issues with picking up and the many, many students I previously had permission to send home on their own with written parent permission - usually on public transportation. That is a huge issue to rethink and I want to let parent know early to game plan put up options. Having an Uber pick up your possibly COVID positive student is also now an issue. I'm not knowingly exposing an Uber driver.
  11. JenTheSchoolRN

    Students to quarantine until test results received??

    This. I contact traced for three months in MA and it will be so very helpful come Fall for me. However, I'm trying to keep all my skills and data up to date as I will say the guidelines for quarantine and its length changed at least 3 times during my time as a contact tracer. We do know more know, of course, so they had been more stable there at least.
  12. JenTheSchoolRN

    What won't you get done?

    Spring screenings; I do postural and SBIRT in May usually. Waiting on my states recommendations for that right now. We will go back May 4th at the earliest, which would give me about 6 weeks (last day would be June 24th) So still doable. But who knows what is ahead.
  13. JenTheSchoolRN

    Now that we are working from home . . .

    No assessing. I do teach MS health. I’m on email, student can check in with me if they want, just talking and listening. I’m part of our remote mental health crisis team, now focused on helping if teachers notice anything amiss with students in remote classes, etc. I’ve launched a Google classroom with my colleague for grades 5-8; been debating one for grades 9-12. No work, just resources and health videos and way for student to comment as needed. Basically my virtual office in a social emotional way. I’m checking in with a few families on my own list; including those students with high medical need and lower income to see if they need anything. We are all learning; I’ll get paid, I know and appreciate that, which make me very lucky I know.
  14. JenTheSchoolRN

    Now that we are working from home . . .

    I added my name to a volunteer database in the town next to me. I don't have kids and I know the head public health nurse there, and despite working from home, I am feeling like I'm not doing enough. Don't know if I will get called and for what. I'm not a hospital nurse - my experience is not thorough enough. But I'm all for helping with public help if I'm needed for contract tracking. I tried Zoom virtual Nurse's Office hours yesterday and today - MS one had about a dozen attendees; HS no one showed up. Kids are getting overwhelmed by emails from Google classroom (this is what MS students shared with me) and it is hard. For everyone.
  15. JenTheSchoolRN

    Do you think schools will resume this year?

    MA extended closure to May 4th yesterday. I want to be wrong (I really hope I am!), but my gut say no school for the remainder of the year.
  16. JenTheSchoolRN

    If your school is closed re COVID19, what is your role

    Ooo, NCSN prep, didn't think about that. I am taking that exam this Summer no matter what I told myself!

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