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  1. OldDude

    Second guessing myself

    Forget about it...you did the right thing.
  2. OldDude

    Sick of nurses "referring" to our specialty

    You guys are completely and totally awesome! Snatching kids from the jaws of death like you were going to pick up supper from the grocery store. All of you are God’s “crew.” Amazing. Love ya!!
  3. OldDude

    Increase in bad student behavior.

    You guys have already recognized the genesis of these behavior issues, with a very few exceptions, is with parenting style or lack of parenting during the formative/toddler/preschool years. Then these poor kids are turned loose in public school and t...
  4. OldDude

    Bad day, Bad year

    AMEN!! It’s NOT a coincidence...
  5. OldDude

    Health Fair

    Handing out free beer would be a real attention getter.
  6. OldDude

    what to do if you disagree with PA's treatment

    Agree...the PA card trumps the RN card and such is the rules of the game.
  7. OldDude

    what to do if you disagree with PA's treatment

    Sounds like one of those..."what can I do to get this parent out of my office?" visits. Even though I agree with you, I'd let it ride for now and see how things progress; especially the eye - it'll either get better or worse...time will tell and give...
  8. OldDude

    Holiday Decor

    Bah Humbug...
  9. OldDude

    Bad day, Bad year

    Hugs...bittersweet. Agony for those having to let him go but now he is free. I'm glad you weren't injured this morning. Yes, leave early, go home, take off your personal and professional armor, and let yourself breakdown until the tears stop flowing....
  10. OldDude

    Bad day, Bad year

    One never knows what God's plan is and we frequently disagree with His decisions. I'll share this from many years ago when I was working with a pediatric rheumatologist. We were called into the PICU, as a last resort consult, for a teenage girl who ...
  11. OldDude

    New school nurse- not sure if I like it. Help!

    To answer your question...yea you like it!! You've self diagnosed your concerns. One of the reasons a person "hesitates" in a hospital setting emergency is because they can. There are others to collaborate with. Not so in school nursing. So, now that...
  12. OldDude

    Advice for New School Nurse

    Good job nurse!! The only advice I would offer is WHEN this happens next time, once you've established there is no emergency, walk them outta the crowd as quickly as possible. Just far enough to remove the audience if it's too far to go to your clini...
  13. OldDude

    Teaching Health, asking for a friend ;-|

    If your "friend's" contract has the dreaded "other duties as assigned" clause in their contract then there is no other option if assigned the task...yuch.
  14. OldDude

    Bad day, Bad year

    Ugh...I'd can't say I know how you feel but I can understand why you are feeling down, out, drained, and madder than hell. There's nothing I can say that will change your environment so I remind you of the Serenity Prayer to maybe help with your emot...
  15. OldDude


    Well, I woke up this morning so that's always a good start for the day. At this point in time, I wonder if I need to go back to work to get some rest but I do enjoy having the freedom of not adhering to a strict schedule other than getting Sweet Petu...