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  1. OldDude

    Why two weeks?

    This is a pretty good theory!! I'm not convinced a louse would lay an egg on a cold inanimate object but if they did, I'm not convinced you keep your house at a constant 98.6 degrees...otherwise it seems feasible - move over Bill Nye the Science Guy!!
  2. OldDude

    My very first squad call

    Good on you for remaining in control and the voice of reason! Excellent assessment and intervention. Under the circumstances you describe I can't see a need for jean cutting/splinting since he's only going to be moved from one stable environment to another stable environment. If there was some long bone deformity or swelling...maybe. Plus, grabbing the cuff of a pant leg is an excellent way to support the leg for transfer; cutting the jeans would have taken that option away! It's good to second guess yourself and identify how you will prepare for a future incident but move on and let it go. You did a great job! They are lucky to have you there to take care of those kidlets.
  3. OldDude

    Other Thread Images

    The butler did it with the lead pipe in the basement...
  4. OldDude

    Nurse on a Mission Trip to Belize

    I think this paragraph encapsulates, to the core, and exemplifies all that is "good" in humans. You went over with the intentions of doing good, helping those less fortunate than you, and you did that...but, you likely came back having "received" more than you gave and, YES, that change and bigger vision you speak of will continue to grow through you going forward. So, your "mission trip" only began in Belize but will have limitless effects and will never really end. "Good" on you!!
  5. OldDude

    Diabetic question!

    The only other thing you can do is follow the current management plan. If you don't hear back from CPS you could certainly follow up on your report "regularly." You know...squeaky wheel.
  6. OldDude

    Diabetic question!

    One word...CPS...no wait, that's 3 words.
  7. OldDude

    No More TB Tests?

    At the local children's hospital I work prn with...they required all the employees to submit to a blood test; if negative, then no more TB testing required.
  8. We interpret the RX label as the MD order for prescription medicine. Otherwise we don't need a MD order for any OTC medicine if its administered in accordance with the instruction label; with parent consent in both cases. And...only if the medicine is approved by the FDA for why it's being given. No supplements, oils, potions, or other grandma's bag of tricks.
  9. OldDude

    What if/Is it possible?

    I guess it's possible but unlikely. Of course it's been a long time since I took mine but, what I recall, is there were always two answers that could be right for most of the questions; but one answer was more right than the other. Without some practical immersion it would be difficult to almost impossible to wade through it.
  10. OldDude

    Non-Contact Thermometers?

    Here's just another example of what I'm talking about. I had a kid in c/o of HA, his oral temp was 99.7 on arrival, I let him lay down and he immediately fell asleep...you know what's next...I let him sleep for 30 minutes. I checked his temp afterwards, while he was still asleep, in the middle of his forehead, with my infrared non-contact thermometer and it read 98.7. I woke him up, checked his oral temp and it was 102.4.
  11. OldDude

    Chicken Pox Protocol

    "Flea bites."
  12. OldDude

    Chicken Pox Protocol

    Chicken Pox is a mandated reportable disease to the state health department in Texas. We exclude until the lesions are dry. I do request parents to pick up their kids from school and seek a MD diagnosis for what appears to be chicken pox lesions if the history has been along the expected progression. So far no one has refused to do so; especially when I bring up the State reporting mandate. If a parent refused to come pick up their child I certainly would go on to Plan B but I'm not sure what Plan B is...I'd come up with something.
  13. OldDude


    The only way I would buy into this is if an endoscopy and biopsy had been performed. Then there would be specific MD orders for management at school and a plan to move forward to identify triggers, if possible, and diet restrictions. Otherwise, you're right, the hamster wheel keeps on spinning. Good luck!!
  14. OldDude

    What would you do

    Since insulin is lighter than water I'd place the patient in the Trendelenberg position so the insulin will rise to the patient's feet and thus be absorbed over a longer period of time...
  15. OldDude

    Anyone else regret becoming a nurse?

    I'm sorry things haven't worked out in accordance with your expectations. But I'm wondering why you only want to hear from people who share a negative experience such as you? How will that help you to move forward? Not to be mean but...