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CrunchRN has 25 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in Clinical Research, Outpt Women's Health.

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  1. CrunchRN

    New Nurse, Thinking About Throwing in the Towel

  2. CrunchRN

    Wants to Leave Nursing for USPS Carrier Job

    Go for it. You can always go back to nursing if it doesn't work out.
  3. CrunchRN

    Access To Providers Personal Cell

    Just tell them it isn't OK.
  4. CrunchRN

    New Job Anxieties For "Mature" Nurse - Help!

    3 months minimum. But it is a process and with passing days and weeks it gets better.
  5. CrunchRN

    What Do I Please. I'm so lost

    Have you gotten any counseling? Obviously you are very stressed, depressed, and confused. You need counseling for the depression and anxiety in addition to changing jobs in my opinion. I would start with that.
  6. CrunchRN

    new grad numbness

    You could work and get healthy at the same time.
  7. CrunchRN

    Returning to Work After COVID

    No way would I ever give up Reeses! Hope you recover quickly.
  8. CrunchRN

    Have debt but don't know if I want to be an NP?

    That is what everyone says when they start. You never know how things will end or what will be available at the time you finish and need to pay it all off. There are many that thought what you are thinking and are now living at the edge of poverty be...
  9. CrunchRN


    Wishing you a quick recovery and healing. It must be hard to be prone all the time.
  10. CrunchRN

    Advice Please! Skilled Nursing to Assisted Living

    I have my MIL at a wonderful ALF with a memory care unit embedded. They have fully independent residents to those that need assist with meds and toileting and more. My MIL requires assist with everything, but still gets to enjoy her apartment. There...
  11. CrunchRN

    Yikes! I've Been Stuck!

    Yep. 27 years ago. Used cervical block needle. Finished the procedure and washed it as quickly as possible. They tested the patient and I did my blood tests every 6 weeks for a while. All good.
  12. CrunchRN

    Management Timing Nurses Pee Breaks

    They have to much time on their hands. Geez.
  13. CrunchRN

    New Grad RN: Public health, Home Health, Outpatient Nursing Insight?

    Try clinic pediatrics.
  14. CrunchRN

    APS reporting and then termination

    Thank you for doing all the right things. I would pursue a financial settlement, but work elsewhere as they will always have it out for you.
  15. CrunchRN

    Have debt but don't know if I want to be an NP?

    You are making a horrible financial mistake. NP's here only make the pay you talk about if they become CRNA's. And, what if during the process or after you become disabled or something else happens? You will still have all that debt and no way to pay...