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CrunchRN has 25 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in Clinical Research, Outpt Women's Health.

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  1. CrunchRN

    Crusty Old Bats

    Smoking in the lounge behind the nurses station in ICU at Virginia Mason hospital about 1978 LOL!
  2. CrunchRN

    Friday November 17 2023

    Hoping the wife gets benign results too much baloney
  3. CrunchRN

    Joint injections (kenalog vs depo-medrol

    LOL! I was at the ortho yesterday and had a hand injection. Into the joint at the bottom of the thumb really. I didn't think to ask them which med and why. Sorry. If I had only seen this before I went.
  4. Thank you for sharing all of that. So interesting. Seems like as reasonable a plan as any these days. We have the same anniversary coming up COB :).
  5. CrunchRN

    Friday November 10th 2023

    That is just crazy Tweety. I am really sorry.
  6. I don't think it would be handled any differently elsewhere. This is pretty typical. They never usually seem to care about the past years, and only the current. I would just let it go and consider it part of the bad year. If you do decide to change e...
  7. CrunchRN

    Return to bedside part time - or not?

    It would be better than dying of boredom! Even if it doesn't work out in the long run you will get your skills up to date which will open up a lot of future opportunities.
  8. CrunchRN

    New Grad Program, Not Meeting Goals

    Sounds like they want you to reflect on what is causing the errors and what might be the best way to help you overcome the issue. They may feel they have tried everything they can think of and feel the answer can only come from you. It seems like the...
  9. CrunchRN

    MRI machine traps nurse in freak accident

    Calling the supervisor before hitting the emergency shut off was just unbelievable.
  10. CrunchRN

    Glove use beyond standard precautions?

    In my opinion when they are worn for everything they become no better than an ungloved hand as it just becomes the "norm". Is that glove you are wearing for everything now any cleaner than your hand was without it for that activity?
  11. CrunchRN

    Monday October 16 2023 and Tuesday October 17 2023

    I am really glad you have Momo with you Stars. That was wonderful timing.
  12. CrunchRN

    Being a nurse of color.

    I wonder if it might be them seeing you as a new nurse more than anything. You will need to establish limits though with the tech etc. You are the nurse.
  13. CrunchRN

    Saturday October 14th 2023

    Stars - I am really grateful you were able to be there with him. Kim/Crunch
  14. CrunchRN

    Friday October 13 2023

    I don't post much here, but I follow along daily and have since I was a member of a previous site with you all. Stars - my heart has ached for you and your situation for a very long time. I am so glad you are finally getting help from the health...
  15. CrunchRN

    Phasing Out ADN?

    Same as they have been saying for almost 30 years.

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