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Clinical Research, Outpt Women's Health
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CrunchRN has 25 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in Clinical Research, Outpt Women's Health.

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  1. CrunchRN

    Stupid mistake when being observed

    Performance anxiety sucks. You just have to move on and try not to ruminate too much about it. I would sit down with her and just confess that it made you nervous and here is what I will do in the future to prevent it from happening again.... that way she knows you learned from it and did something about it.
  2. Is it a Synovial cyst? I am having one removed next month. Once removed they say you can lift again after several months......
  3. CrunchRN

    $3.85 dollars an hour. I may cry

    The OP came back on and said the boss made a mistake and they got paid more so not really an issue any longer...................................
  4. Sounds like Maria is the problem. Refer charge nurse to Maria.
  5. I don't know. That all makes legal sense 10G, but she was doing her best to do her job and got horribly injured in that process. Seems like she should have been paid until she was physically cleared to resume her duties.
  6. CrunchRN

    Who Did NOT Do a Year of Med Surg?

    Clinic and research nursing for 26 years now. It is possible. Never worked acute care as never wanted to.
  7. CrunchRN

    Expelled from RN program, looking for options

    Get the help with the anxiety and then return. It will pay off big time in all aspects of your life. I didn't even start nursing school until I was 27 by the way.
  8. This is just a tragedy for baby and parents plain and simple. Change in habits and distraction allow these things to happen. I am sure she would give anything to have that day back and change things. I have nothing but sympathy for her.
  9. CrunchRN

    Regrets after regrets!

    It is past time for you to start driving yourself and you will eventually need to drive your parents. Yes, they are overprotective.
  10. CrunchRN

    standing desk

    Had one for years and use it all the time. Love it.
  11. CrunchRN

    Is an ABSN program worth the debt?

    Not a wise choice to get all that debt. If you want a family you probably want a house too. You are young enough to take your time. That debt will never go away until you pay it and who knows if you will even like nursing?
  12. CrunchRN

    Medi-Spas at Your Doctor's Office!?

    What is with all these 20 and 30 year old women getting all these treatments these days? So expensive and do they really need it at that age?
  13. CrunchRN

    Can I get Fired?

    So, what was the outcome?
  14. CrunchRN

    Anyone else regret becoming a nurse?

    Keep looking for outpatient jobs. Sell yourself at the interview. I never wanted to do acute care after being a monitor tech and unit secretary prior to nursing school. You can make it work. There are jobs out there.