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ChristineAdrianaRN has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Pediatric and Adult OR.

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  1. ChristineAdrianaRN

    CWCN Study Guide and Flashcards for sale, never used

    Hey all, sorry if this is against the rules - I went through a wound care program and then decided against going for the certification (did a career change out of nursing instead). I have these two study materials that are brand new, never used, sti...
  2. ChristineAdrianaRN

    Having issues with being a "babyfaced" nurse.

    Looking much younger than I am is an issue for me, too (29 but recently got carded for a rated R movie). The snottiness actually comes more from my older colleagues than patients. But you really can't let it get to you, especially with patients. Usua...
  3. ChristineAdrianaRN

    Help! Hard of Hearing in the OR?!

    I agree with Rose_Queen (also an OR nurse here). I think a specialty that depends greatly on anesthesia and surgery interaction would be a poor choice. But cardiothoracic is the only one I can think of that is that way. Other than that, it seems the ...
  4. Hey all. Current OR circulator/scrub wanting to move into ICU soon in preparation for CRNA school. Is there anyone else here that spent most of their career as an OR nurse first? That strangely seems pretty rare. I think it's because once OR nurses g...
  5. ChristineAdrianaRN

    Do you have any tips for telephone interview for a travel nursing job?

    Travel nurse interviews have been nothing like interviews for regular jobs. They have basically been like: "'Ey, you got mad skillz?" "Yeh I got mad skillz." "K you got the job." ...Seriously. They just want to know if you're able to do the job. None...
  6. ChristineAdrianaRN

    Flagstaff Medical Center - any better now?

    Crap, good point! I am prone to altitude sickness. It seems to really only be when I hit 10,000+ feet but I didn't even think about that. I wonder if there's anything that can be done to prevent or combat it.
  7. ChristineAdrianaRN

    Cross Country vs Travel nurses across America

    I'm with TNAA and work with Donna. She's been doing this for a long time and she's great. Everyone I've worked with has been very prompt getting back to me and worked well with me. I'd recommend them.
  8. ChristineAdrianaRN

    Flagstaff Medical Center - any better now?

    Accepted a contract here for May-August. I'm super excited as the weather will be lovely and I've never been to Arizona. Everything I see on here about working at FMC is pretty outdated. Is it still as crappy as everyone says it is? I'll be in the O...
  9. ChristineAdrianaRN

    OR beard

  10. ChristineAdrianaRN

    Refreshers on Neuro-Spine, Total Joints

    Hey all. I accepted a travel position that's going to be heavy on neuro-ortho. It's not exactly my strongest service! I'd like to be better prepared when I get there. My biggest issue with ortho is all the unique equipment and implants. Anyone got a...
  11. ChristineAdrianaRN

    Working with multiple companies and health insurance

    My company pays my premiums...which seems nice, on the surface. Do travel companies provide an additional stipend in lieu of covering insurance premiums? (I emailed my recruiter to ask, but wondering what other companies do)
  12. ChristineAdrianaRN

    Hard time getting a contract as a couple

    I'm wondering if that's what I need to do. It seems like jobs for me (OR nurse) might be more in demand than for my boyfriend (physical therapist). We had to take our first assignment in my hometown because my dad fell ill, but it was a b**** trying ...
  13. ChristineAdrianaRN

    Working with multiple companies and health insurance

    Thanks, Ned!
  14. ChristineAdrianaRN

    Hard time getting a contract as a couple

    Question for the people saying it's not that difficult: is it easier to get jobs together if you go through the same company?
  15. Hey all. I've had many traveling friends say that they work with two or three companies to be able to get the assignments they want. I don't think they are getting insurance through the companies. I'f you are getting your insurance through your emplo...