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  1. 1gr8trnstudent

    Grocery store workers hazard pay

    Is anyone else irritated by the fact that there are countless professions who are required to work during covid but the new is always revolving around grocery store employee needing hazard pay? What about nurses, doctors, hvac, etc..what are your thoughts?
  2. I've been working through this entire pandemic and it has been nothing but stressful. I am now motivated more than ever to find work off bedside. I now join the increasing number of burnt out nurses who look to leave bedside. Which is awful because bedside is the most important part of nursing. I look at my friends with envy as they all don't have to commute. Or those who were lucky enough to have their facilities shut down and collect significantly more than I do on unemployment. Meanwhile I'm over here wearing mask and goggles for 12.5 hours each night while being begged to pick up at least another four hours, all while dealing with my increased workload as we can't even get to minimum staffing levels. Not even to mention being at an increased risk to exposure to getting covid. All this while having my paycheck taxed to oblivion. I worked unbelievable amounts of overtime this last period because I need to pay off my credit card. I worked every holiday, I worked at least 100 hours a pay period. I lost 55% of my paycheck to taxes, I really needed that money and I put in the time and effort to make it. It was absolutely heartbreaking for me to sacrifice so much during the holidays and then to just have most of it taken away. Where is the incentive to work during this time!? I'm not in it for just the money, when the patients praise me for the work I've been doing, it feels great. But I am burnt out from the increased workload and now I have to ask my family for money to pay off my bills. There are those making significantly more than me on unemployment while just sitting at home. I know this because they brag about it. There is no doubt in my mind that covid has made things significantly harder on all of us working bedside. But what's the point of it now!? The government can't even give us hazard pay or even a measly tax break. If we, as nurses, are so essential during this time, why can't we be treated like it?
  3. JenMH88RN

    Hazard Pay

    Are there any other hospitals out there that are not paying hazard pay? Or is it just the hospital I work at 🤔?
  4. rubyagnes

    Hazard Pay

    Heroes Act is being stalled by the Senate (no surprise.) There are many aspects I feel are completely irrelevant to heroes and I honestly hate that they call it the “heroes act” when really a majority of the bill has nothing to do with the idea of anyone acting heroically - they’re just using the word heroes as a smoke screen. One of the few hero-related aspects discussed is hazard pay. Apparently if the bill is passed, employers would have to apply for the funding then eventually distribute money retroactively to employees. The process just seems impossible and extremely unlikely. I don’t know of any nurses receiving hazard pay, yet retail employees are striking for hazard pay. If anything we’ve had our hours cut, PTO drained, retirement matching removed completely, and any planned merit raises slashed. We’re being treated like *** and the idea of our government treating nurses and other healthcare workers as heroes is honestly a joke at this point. Any thoughts?
  5. Why hasn’t pay increased? Hazard pay, etc.? Especially considering that multiple hospitals lack supplies for PPE and we are frontline workers.
  6. Marianna5

    Coronavirus and Pay

    Hello Everybody, I expect the working conditions to deteriorate soon. I do not feel we are compensated enough for what this epidemic will bring. My childcare cost will go up providing anybody wants to watch my kids knowing I take care of very sick people. Please share your thoughts on this topic. Thank you.
  7. gemmi999

    Crisis Pay

    Hi, all! I work at a small, community hospital ER. Right now due to flu season we are INUNDATED with pt's and the hospital is basically maxed out. We are holding tons of pt's in the ER and people are waiting 6 - 10 hours just to be seen. Because of this not as many RNs are picking up overtime. Now my facility is offering what they term "Crisis Rate", an extra X amount of dollars per shift when they are *very* short staffed. Has your hospital done this? How much extra do you normally get? I just want to get an idea of what people are getting offered so I know if what my hospital is offering is fair/enough or if I should hold out for more. Thank you!
  8. Emergent

    Sainthood for going to NYC

    I notice that nurses going on assignments to NYC imply they are altruistic heros, going to the frontline to help. I did a Covid crisis job, and I did it for the money, primarily. I get it, the admiration of the public is great. But don't try to fool me that $5000-$10000 a week wasn't the prime motivation. And, don't complain about the lack of PPE or the rough conditions of your assignment. They call it hazard pay for a reason...
  9. They're calling it the "COVID-19 Heroes Fund". Read about it here: https://fox8.com/news/coronavirus/senate-democrats-propose-hero-fund-offering-essential-workers-up-to-25k-in-hazard-pay/ https://www.democrats.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/Heroes Fund FINAL 4.7.20.pdf Hey, I wouldn't mind an additional $13 an hour!