What is the Hazard Pay/Shift Diff for Flight Nurse?

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OK, I need a little help out there. I am currently working for a transport team out of a children's hospital. We do neonates/peds flight and ground transports. This is the second team I have worked for. The first team provided us with a "hazard pay" or differential for doing this job. So we got paid our salary + this diff. This diff was $6 an hour for doing this job. We got this diff at all times - training, meetings even PTO that we took - It was build into our base pay. My current transport team only pays us this diff ($4 an hour) when we are working transport - so mandatory training that is required for this job we do not get this diff pay -- just our base salary. I was curious if others out there wouldn't mind sharing there shift diff and if they get this pay at all times or just transport. We are a dedicated transport team so we do not get pulled off a unit to transport. The first place was Florida, Tennessee is where I am at now.

Any flight nurses out there please answer:

1. Dedicated flight team Neo/peds or adults

2. State located

3. Diff amount (if you don't mind)

4. Is it built in your salary or just when you transport.

THANK YOU! I'm trying to develop a plan to approach my management with. I think truly we should get paid the diff for all mandatory training and meetings as well as daily for our shifts. PTO is a plus would be nice but I want to see what ya'll have to say ?



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Lots of hazards are present during training , hitting your head on the table, falling from cushioned chairs. Hazard pay is truly deserved for such dangerous environment


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I'm surprised you get any diff. When I did transport years ago, all of the nurses at that facility were payed the same, regardless of where they worked. The same is true for the transport staff at my current facility.

Have you searched or posted this on Flightweb?


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In my 10 years of nursing I've always heard of the team getting a little extra for risking their lives every day - via ambulance or helicopter. A flight nurse makes about the same as a floor nurse so that's how they keep us =)

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We didn't get extra diff pay as transporters and our Lifefight team doesn't make more either. We got extra life insurance on us, that was all.