COVID Hazard Pay

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This is facility specific - If I get floated to our Covid Unit - I get an extra stipend per hour - but I can't leave te unit for my whole shift so hardly worth it. Thankfully few want to work with my unit's population so I rarely get floated.



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I've been taking care of COVID patients in my ICU since the first patient was admitted to our hospital in March 2020. We haven't received any special pay for working in the COVID unit. All hospital employees got a $400 bonus towards the end of 2020 that was called a COVID related bonus but it was paid to everyone.

Facilities can do as they please with their money. 

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It's unfortunate that many are not receiving hazard pay. My last hospital job staff wasn't receiving hazard pay and the hospital was over run with Covid. Now the CDC is saying its safe for nurses to take care of patients when the nurse is positive after being quarantined for 5 days. I do not know if they will be taking care of just covid patients or negative but it seems like a disaster either way. 

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About half my team have left since the pandemic started.

Instead of paying hazard pay and generally being nice to the staff they still have, managers chose to spend their money paying travel nurses $6k a week, while us folk who stayed don't even get a quarter of that.

They cannot hire, they even tried some 'Immediate hire' open days but nobody wants to work here.

All the other hospitals in this city have covid hazard pay.

Why can't they try thinking about why nobody wants to be here!