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  1. skylark

    I can't believe this - wearing a mask during the test?

    If you are concerned about sitting at a desk wearing a mask, how are you planning to work 12 hour shifts in an N95?
  2. skylark

    UK RN moving to California - HELP

    I don't see a nursing shortage here at all. Agencies will always recruit, and travel nursing is growing, but in terms of regular, full time work, there is nothing going on.
  3. skylark

    UK RN moving to California - HELP

    Bucks isn't in London, it's a location which is about 30 miles out, and literally in the middle of a field, so you might want to factor that commute into your decision! There are no train or transit options out there.
  4. skylark

    Why are so many nurses against unions?

    Interesting that this thread has gone quiet. Unofficial figures now show that 100 nurses have died as a result of covid exposure, and all over the country there are complaints about the lack of PPE, and bullying where nurses are going into covid situations without adequate PPE. Nurses refusing these assignments are being fired. Do you think that a national union would have helped keep these deceased nurses safe? I understand that there hasn't been a single nurse death so far in Canada, so what are they doing differently to protect their nurses? Is it right to work in a situation without PPE, for fear of losing your job?
  5. Just a random off-topic thought . . . . . If your current ER is difficult, how much of that is the patients and how much is down to teamwork, and your rapport with your coworkers? I've worked ERs that I absolutely loved, and would never have left if I had the choice, (left due to a geographical move, family reasons). and then I have worked others that I loathe. Even though the job description is the same, its your team that can make it or break it for you. Yes patients are annoying, but a good team knows that, they will step in when needed, or else be supportive or funny if that's what required. Military nurses seem to much better at this level of teamwork, imho, and the dark humor can turn your day around instantly! Is it worth checking out other ERs, maybe as agency, to see if they are a better place to work? Sorry if this doesn't help, I just thought I would throw it into the conversation, just to be sure there isn't a team somewhere else that would work better for you. I'm in a job I don't especially like, and know which ER I want to go back to, if I get a chance. So I've had plenty of time to think about what works, and what doesn't!
  6. skylark

    Hospital Shifts - Days, Nights, or Both?

    That sounds like a standard schedule to me. Nights every fourth week. Nobody works permanent nights, unless they request it, usually for a few years, for childcare reasons. Only the US allows permanent night working, its been evidenced for decades that's its harmful for your health, so no other country allows it.
  7. skylark

    UK nurses overseas - maintaining NMC registration

    You would have to ask the NMC. There is a FAQ section somewhere, and also an email address for questions.
  8. skylark

    UK nurses overseas - maintaining NMC registration

    I don't think so, as long as it is accredited RN training. I'm in Chicago, and I used US CE for this, including course attendances that had CE hours stated.
  9. skylark

    UK nurses overseas - maintaining NMC registration

    So you have done the study hours and the reflective study? If you have all your study in order, the you can have the conversation, which is based on the reflective study. Any of us here can help, either on WhatsApp or Skype. I can do it, but not right now, I've signed up for a lot of overtime this week, but the first week of May I can do! Also figure out who is going to sign it, its usually your current manager, as long as they have a professional, checkable qualification, it doesn't matter if its overseas. I'm in Chicago, and my manager here signed mine, using her Illinois nurse license.
  10. skylark

    UK nurses overseas - maintaining NMC registration

    Janaelle, are you working as an RN in France? If you meet the practice hours and do the CE, you should be eligible to renew. You just need to find an NMC registered nurse for the professional conversation and someone with professional qualifications, (not necessarily NMC if overseas) to sign off your application to renew. Most of us overseas did the conversation via WhatsApp, or Skype, and then got our regular manager to sign it off. Bonne chance!
  11. skylark

    Advanced practice Nurse Practitioner from US to UK

    There is no equivalent, its not like moving overseas when an RN is an RN. I was an ANP in the UK but it wasn't recognised in the US, its too different.
  12. skylark

    Refusing Care of a COVID-19 Patient Due to Inappropriate PPE

    From what I've read, some states are responding to nurses who refuse to work like this by saying the only way they can refuse is to permanently surrender their license. Union should be national, it should be in every hospital, and ideally it should extend across professions, to include CNAs, pharmacists, physical therapists, radiographers, etc. Then it could make a difference.
  13. skylark

    Refusing Care of a COVID-19 Patient Due to Inappropriate PPE

    Totally agree, but management has different ideas. Here the only exceptions are nurses who are either pregnant or are cancer survivors. So we have breastfeeding moms going into covid rooms, and then going to another room to pump. How on earth is that acceptable?
  14. skylark

    Non-compliance with Social Distancing

    I use transit to get to work, and since this began its been a total nightmare. I'm in a certain large Midwest city that is known for being windy, and since the regular commuters stayed home, the trains have been occupied by the homeless and by street gangs. Its completely out of hand. Social distancing is non existent, and they all crowd rogether, and move from car to car with their various hustles, selling cigarettes, weed, and whatever else they steal to sell. Last Friday, my 20 minute train journey home was delayed by two shooting incidents that arose from gang clashes, and there were long waits for police to arrive. And these were not isolated incidents, there was another shooting Wednesday morning. Even though I am in ER and caring for covid patients, the most scary part of my day is the commute. The transit company won't make any effort to enforce shelter in place rules, and its clear that none of these riders are essential workers returning home. I am genuinely terrified of my commute right now. I'm trying different routes, and bus/train combinations, but its completely feral out there now.
  15. skylark

    The Real War Against COVID-19 in America

    Your comment about being at war sums up this whole situation perfectly. The lack of PPE is just plain dangerous. Even the financial management must be able to understand that if a nurse gets sick because of a lack of PPE, they are going to talk to a lawyer, and also its going to cost to get an agency or travel nurse to replace them. But the bigger picture is that healthcare in the US is unlike anywhere else in the world. Its a BUSINESS. Not a public service, not a community facility, just a business. And for decades, American healthcare has been a ticking timebomb, because facilities are built for the sole purpose of making money. Everywhere else in the world, hospitals are designed to serve the local community. And for that reason, their facilities include dedicated isolation areas. Most hospitals in other countries have their isolation rooms in a separate suite on the top floor. It has a separate entrance, so patients don't get brought in via ER and wheeled right through the hospital. It has proper anterooms and segregation, so staff gown up and then dispose of PPE without any risk to themselves. It has disposal chutes, so linen and trash drops down a chute to a waiting dumpster in the basement. Compare that with your typical American hospital. No dedicated isolation suite, maybe a few rooms scattered around the hospital that are capable of have controlled air flow. Shared access, so "isolation" patients are transported via ER, through the main hallway, and in the elevator alongside "clean" staff, visitors and patients. Trash and linen is removed by the regular environmental team, dragged along the hallway and taken downstairs in a regular elevator. But because the American healthcare "system", if it can even be called that, does not have any of these facilities, covid will continue to be a problem here, long after the rest of the world has wrapped it up and moved on. This is not going to go away. Healthcare needs these facilities, but because it is simply a series of separate businesses, nobody sees it as their responsibility to build them. We do not have healthcare as the rest of the world has it. And you cannot separate it from politics, until such time as we finally have a system that works.
  16. skylark

    Online license renewal Breeze

    OK, so I called them and figured it out. I'm adding it here in case anyone has the same question. When you get past adding your CE list, the next page is about convictions. The 'next' button is grayed out. There is nowhere to click 'no convictions' and no way of skipping to the next page. So you have to click 'Add' to open a box in this screen. This it NOT to add convictions, its to open the 'yes or no' box relating to convictions. Click no and then magically the 'new' button switches from gray to blue. Hope this helps!

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