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  1. Atl-Murse

    Jobs while waiting for endorsement

    Any job that dose not require RN licence sales, retail, tech, customer service etc
  2. Atl-Murse

    Go PRN or stay PT?

    Check be ACA website depending on your state you may qualify for Medicaid.
  3. Atl-Murse

    I'm Sorry

    Coffee is not that important considering all that going on
  4. Atl-Murse

    Great opportunity, might lose a friend???

    You are wrong in this OP. She works for the company not you. She has a right to look out for herself, not play second fiddle to you so you can play mommy. She may not be a mom but she has a life and her time is as valuable as your . She is helping you achieve a better life with your kids and you are still upset! I sense jealous on your part. You should take back the facility and see how much you like working night and weekend. You should be more grateful to her and not try to putting knife in her back. Good luck working all nights and weekend I am sure your kids would love that
  5. Atl-Murse

    absn Programs with minimum pre-requirements

    They all the same basic requirements, A&P, microbiology math/ English etc. Instead of trying to analyze all 18 million ABSN, pick 3 in your local area talk to admission rep and get complete the classes you need
  6. Atl-Murse


    Why do you think anything went wrong ?
  7. Atl-Murse

    What Else Can I Do For A Living?

    6 figures may not be a lot depending on what part of the country, LA/NY versus Alabama/Miss. Tell us your general location and aprx pay. I don't know any RN that gets paid semi livable wage i.e $10-18/ hr. Your attitude stinks maybe why you feel this way.
  8. Atl-Murse

    What Else Can I Do For A Living?

    I agree with you, you should move on the sooner the better.
  9. Atl-Murse

    Can I Become A Nurse With A Dismissed Arrest Record?

    12 years is not long ago, it will show up, don't omit it in your application. Contract an attorney that specialize in BON issue and start building a case for righteous living.
  10. Atl-Murse

    What Else Can I Do For A Living?

    Stop with the drama.If you are in one of the higher pay nursing position. you are likely making 6 figures and you say your pay is crap. How much do you get paid ? Go be a politician for better pay than 6 figures for doing little
  11. Atl-Murse

    Firefighter husband and nurse wife

    You both will be off 4 days a week. Do you really need help planning time together ? Life is about making sacrifices to get where you want to be. The alternative is to be low income non working bums and be together 7 days a week never more than 2 feet from each other.
  12. Atl-Murse

    Nurse Manager Bully REWARDED After 80% staff goes to HR!!

    Your idea of punishment made not be the same as HR. The goal was to remove her from direct leadership over you not to destroy her financial by taking away her pay check. I sometimes want to see my perceived enemies crushed like stinky bugs but you may be in her shoes someday, this things tend to come around. She has failed as a leader and needs to be removed not destroyed
  13. Atl-Murse

    Inappropriate Behavior?

    Wow so much drama. I am sure if she was asked, she would make similar accusation against you. Best to keep distance from her, stay away on social media site. Find another company to work for, those social media post can come back and bite
  14. Atl-Murse

    Media and Nursing

    Nurses are not inferior to MD but in the food chain, MD rank higher, I don't like it but I am a realist. I think nurses are portrayed well by the media, what do you have in mind to improve your perceived perception ?
  15. Atl-Murse

    Low stats want to get into absn program

    With stats that low, private and more expensive schools might be your only choice.
  16. Atl-Murse

    Unethical nursing behaviour (OR)

    You didn't want a Foley and got a straight cath. Sounds like the respected your wishes. Be glad you didn't fall while ambulating post surgery and split your forehead