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BittyBabyGrower is a MSN, RN and specializes in NICU, PICU, educator.

I have been a nurse since the lamps were lit and our nibs were whittled 🤗 I've dabbled in PACU, PICU, management, education but my heart always comes back to NICU bedside nursing. And believe me young ones, I can still run circles around you 😘. Looking forward to retirement in 2 years...just got to get those dang kids out of college! Lol Very fortunate to work where I can retire early!

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  1. BittyBabyGrower

    Trach for double/triple chins?

    Not quite the same but we get some super chubby babies and we order the Bivona Flex for them. It is longer and flexible so you have room for tubing and such. Must have posted the same time as above lol And I have seen them in older kids in PICU.
  2. BittyBabyGrower

    You know the shift is gonna be a hot mess when ...

    When the nurse you are following just starts laughing before report and ends the manic laughter with Oh ****
  3. BittyBabyGrower

    Cleveland Clinic Tuition Reimbursement

    They can garnish your last paycheck, take any PTO you are owed and turn you into a collection agency. CCF doesn't screw around when it comes to their money.
  4. BittyBabyGrower

    Education ideas needed please :)

    Chest tube set up and care, external shunts (ventriculostomy), golden hour care.
  5. BittyBabyGrower

    Calling in for no sleep

    Have to do what you have to do, but I wouldn't tell my co-workers why I called off, especially if they work the same kind of rotations. We had one scheduler that would schedule you 7p-7a on Saturday and rotate you back to days on Monday 7a-7p. Talk about brutal.
  6. BittyBabyGrower

    Safe practice in blood transfusion.

    Well, in my world we would never give that amount, they are spun down. And platelets aren't ordered by the ml but by the unit. Blood on the other hand is ordered by the ml, usually 10-20ml per kilo. And and it isn't hung by gravity as usually an infant has in a smaller bore catheter and it most likely wouldn't go by gravity. And where I work all infusions for peds have to go on an infusion or med pump. So yes, there are many ways to skin a cat. And the person needs to look up stuff for homework and see how kind of wrong the question is and how we figured out it was homework. And the residents I work with look stuff up before they come to rounds, they don't expect someone to hand feed them.
  7. BittyBabyGrower

    Safe practice in blood transfusion.

    They way you worded it is what leads us to believe this is homework . What is the usual amount to be give? What do blood protocols tell you, how are platelets ordered? How big and old is the infant? What have you looked up? So...would you clarify?
  8. You are better off interviewing a nurse at a hospital. You don't know if someone on the Internet is a real nurse or a super googler wanna be hairy old man. Not that I am any of those, but I could be. You can email hospitals units or even call and see if you can do a Skype or phone interview.
  9. BittyBabyGrower

    Picking a path

    I'd ask to shadow in the other hospital and see how the dynamics are there. If it has that bad of a reputation, I would personally steer clear. Or see if you can transfer to peds or nursery within your hospital to get some experience under your belt to try to get the transfer to NICU.
  10. BittyBabyGrower

    Secretaries who believe they rule the unit or hospital

    "I think part of this phenomenon is due to secretaries and unit clerks being from the lower socioeconomic strata of American women. They're on par with waitresses, cashiers, babysitters and act as low class as the group they originate fr Wow, I really can NOT believe you wrote that. Our secretaries are ANY thing but low class. Many of them go to nursing school or go onto other things. And Inwould NOT want their job for all the gold available. I hate when we don't have a secretary and we fill in....I don't know the first thing about all the different computer programs they use, where to find things, how to other items, and forget answering the 4 phone lines, transferring them and taking care of the 10 people at the desk who needs something. Take a step back and look at what you wrote. Not nice, not nice at all.
  11. BittyBabyGrower

    High Risk OB

    We have moms in our MICUs and SICUs, OB sends a nurse to those units to care for mom along side the ICU nurse. We even do a C/S in the room if need be, so we go set up warmers and such.
  12. BittyBabyGrower

    Switching from ICU to Maternity nursing?

    I'd shadow and when you are there, ask if they offer those classes with orientation, which I am sure they do. For most certifications such as CCRN or such you have to be working in the area with X amount of time under your belt.
  13. BittyBabyGrower

    Newborn Careplan

    I wouldn't do the first one, I'd go with the second one. Newborns don't need a lot the first few days.
  14. BittyBabyGrower

    Maternal-Newborn Certification

    I always tell our girls when they take the test...think what is done nationally in practice, not what is done at your hospital...sometimes things are blurred when you read a question and you are " Oh yeah, we do this" and it isn't what is done in the books.
  15. BittyBabyGrower

    Minimum wage push to $15/hr. Will it help or harm UAPs Overall?

    Well, by 2022 that won't be enough money as cost of living escalates. In our economy right now, that would be great. My one college kid just started at Sam's Club at 10.50/HR. I took a look at there insurance and 401K and it is pretty good. At least she can pay her rent and buy food now lol.
  16. BittyBabyGrower

    Secretaries who believe they rule the unit or hospital

    Like what? We would be dead in the water without our secretaries!