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BittyBabyGrower is a MSN, RN and specializes in NICU, PICU, educator.

I have been a nurse since the lamps were lit and our nibs were whittled 🤗 I've dabbled in PACU, PICU, management, education but my heart always comes back to NICU bedside nursing. And believe me young ones, I can still run circles around you 😘. Looking forward to retirement in 2 years...just got to get those dang kids out of college! Lol Very fortunate to work where I can retire early!

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  1. Trach for double/triple chins?

    Not quite the same but we get some super chubby babies and we order the Bivona Flex for them. It is longer and flexible so you have room for tubing and such. Must have posted the same time as above lol And I have seen them in older kids in PICU.
  2. You know the shift is gonna be a hot mess when ...

    When the nurse you are following just starts laughing before report and ends the manic laughter with Oh ****
  3. Cleveland Clinic Tuition Reimbursement

    They can garnish your last paycheck, take any PTO you are owed and turn you into a collection agency. CCF doesn't screw around when it comes to their money.
  4. Education ideas needed please :)

    Chest tube set up and care, external shunts (ventriculostomy), golden hour care.
  5. New grad, do not feel challenged at all. Help?

    Here is my take just from her post, and as a former charge nurse and manager in a high acuity NICU: You seem to be over confident, that may give your charge nurse a reason to not give you sicker kids. Over cofidence can lead to errors or not asking ...
  6. Still get anxiety with peds IVs

    On babies, even chubsters, the saphenous ia usually pretty juicy. Put a tourniquet about midway on the calf and it should pop. Once you get the landmarks for it, it is a great blind stick spot. Scalps are are awesome also, but make sure to mitt t...
  7. Journaling

    Yes, if you let it be known that you keep personal journals about work, they can be subpoenaed if there is a suit filed and you are called to give a deposition. "Oh, I don't really recall but I probably have something in my journal" Prosecuting att...
  8. Why Is It So Difficult To Get Into A Neonatal NP Program?

    So, what is your response to my reply?
  9. Why Is It So Difficult To Get Into A Neonatal NP Program?

    Really? You are such a troll. Lol Are you even a nurse because you just cut yourself down also. The only program I know of is in PA and only accepts 2 per year, and you have to have PA experience. You start in a level 2 for the first half and then m...
  10. Why Is It So Difficult To Get Into A Neonatal NP Program?

    So then you should be able to see why they would want you to have experience before hand.
  11. Can Neonatal Nurse Practioners Work In An Independent Clinic?

    A neonate is classified as 30 days and under. An NNP trains to work in a NICU, so not much market to see an NNP versus a peds person. Why not just be a peds practitioner if you don't want to work NICU? Most don't carry a dual license.
  12. Weird Kangaroo Care Question

    Never heard of it and it is way off base. Is this a nurse? Skin to skin is NOT part of our job!
  13. Is Mother/Baby a good way to get into NICU?

    This may be true in the adult world but not really in NICU. Neonate are very different than adults. Nursery will give you a leg up in assessments, seeing the normal and picking up abnormal in neonates. Working with BFing moms is a plus also. sorry...
  14. Why Is It So Difficult To Get Into A Neonatal NP Program?

    To become a neonatologist you have to do a 3 year fellowship, same for any speciality. It is on the same line. Do you think someone could walk in and be a neonatologist without ever working with this population? So I wouldn't say it is really too mu...
  15. Daily Weights?

    Our attendings and nutritionists don't feel they are necessary. You know there is insensible loss and we give increased daily fluids to compensate for this and follow labs every 12 hours. And you use their dry weight for calculations anyways, so t...