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JenMH88RN has 1 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Oncology.

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  1. JenMH88RN

    About FNP 🤔

    Hello again, I am interested in pursuing a FNP career after 2 years (but feels like 5) of bedside nursing experience. My questions are: Can I specialize in GI with an FNP degree? Or would I have to focus on the whole body? The way my anxiety is set up, I need to focus on one part of the body, preferably GI, cardiac, or neuro. Would I need any special certifications in order to specialize in one of these areas? Thanks
  2. JenMH88RN

    Hazard Pay

    Are there any other hospitals out there that are not paying hazard pay? Or is it just the hospital I work at ?
  3. JenMH88RN

    I can't believe this - wearing a mask during the test?

    You should probably find another career because you’re going to have to wear a mask, for 12 hours, in the hospital so.....
  4. JenMH88RN

    Vanity Plates?

    I was interested in getting the RN tag for my state, but after I realized the truth about being an RN and the business of healthcare, I no longer wanted the tag.
  5. JenMH88RN

    I hate what I'm doing, help

    I guess I forgot to mention that I haven’t enrolled in the NP program yet. I was just looking for some other ideas before I decide to do that.
  6. Let your units guide you. If they’re looking for drops/min, then you know that you need to calculate the 20 drops/ml. Also, you need to calculate the 100ml/hr. There also needs to be a conversion in between, such as the hour into minutes. Disregard the 250 mg because that has nothing to do with anything. Using the dimensional analysis method makes it more easy for you to see what you’re doing. Also, round your drops to the whole number because you can’t have a half of a drop of something or 0.3 of a drop. Here’s an attachment of what I just explained.
  7. JenMH88RN

    Any other options??

    I have decided to enroll in a 2.5 year NP program but here’s the real dilemma: I DO NOT like bedside nursing, for various reasons(everything falls on you as the nurse, nurse-to-patient ratios, etc). It sucks because I am a really caring person . I got into it because all of the more experienced nurses told me that I need at least 1-2 years of med-surg experience. Also, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do after graduating nursing school . My question: is there anything else I could do while going through this NP program that would still allow ample study time?? As I cannot see myself doing bedside nursing for another 2.5 years. I would really appreciate all of you guys’ suggestions.
  8. JenMH88RN

    Scared RN 😱

    Thanks for the feedback!!! I’m still a nervous wreck though.
  9. JenMH88RN

    Scared RN 😱

    Hello ....scared RN here; Not scared of my current position (which I have been working for 1 year now), but afraid of the thought of NP school . Other NPs I have spoken to say that it is not as bad as nursing school, is this true? Is my anxiety (that I developed in nursing school, by the way) going to get worse? I have some other questions that I would truly appreciate any feedback on: Is NP school hard? Is being a NP hard/challenging? What were NP clinicals like? Do you have to give up your life for NP school like you do for nursing school? Again, any feedback would be truly appreciated
  10. JenMH88RN

    What's your favorite nursing task?

    Pushing Narcan is AMAZING!!! I also like to draw labs from central lines and wound care.
  11. JenMH88RN

    OMG 🤢

    I meant to say the peg tube contents EXPLODED all over me
  12. JenMH88RN

    OMG 🤢

    I meant to say....the contents of a patients’ peg tube EXPLODED all over me. I was so distraught that I left that part out
  13. JenMH88RN

    OMG 🤢

    OMG .....the contents of a patient with possible MRSA EXPLODED all over me today . Be honest, what are my chances of getting MRSA if the patient has it??? .....(fortunately, none of the contents got into my eyes neither my mouth ) Thanks guys!!!
  14. I have recently decided to remove myself from the float pool (I simply became tired of floating) and become a med-surg/oncology nurse. Yesterday, my patient’s (who has pancreatic cancer) was crying and saying “I just don’t like to see him in pain”. Later into the day, he has a room full of relatives/friends who were all crying and praying. I DID NOT KNOW WHAT TO SAY/DO , and I felt bad for not knowing what to say and also for saying nothing at all. Any advice on what to say/do for a grieving family or a patient who is grieving for him/herself would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Hello!!! Sorry for the LATE reply, but soon you will understand what it's like to be a nurse. Congratulations on starting your first semester of Nursing school!!! If you have some really supportive family members, practice some skills on them. Or, if that doesn't work, get a cheap teddy bear to practice your assessments on (I practiced my assessments on my dog ), buy some of the foam floaties that kids play with in the pool to practice IV sticks (and maybe foleys as well). My school provided us with a bag full of goodies we could practice with, including the foley catheter. You could also try to play-doh to create a model of the heart to learn the pathway of blood-flow through the heart, or anything else you feel as if you need to whip out the play-doh for. Good luck!!!
  16. JenMH88RN

    Ortho or CDU??

    I graduated nursing school going on 4 months ago without ANY clue as to what specialty I wanted to start in. So, I was fortunate to land a job with the title "Clinical Rotation Track", which is were I can spend 2 weeks on each unit of the hospital I work at; and at the end of the 12 weeks, or if I get on a floor I REALLY like before the 12 weeks, I'll get to choose which floor I want to stay on. I'm halfway through the 12 weeks and I have decided that I like both the Clinical Decisions Unit (CDU) and the Ortho unit. My question is: If I was to choose the ortho unit, would I be as marketable as I would be if I chose the CDU after about a year and a half working in ortho??? (meaning, after about 1 1/2 years of ortho, will I be able to get a job anywhere other than orthopedics???)

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