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  1. Naturally Brilliant

    How do you manage your PPE in a mixed Covid and non-Covid floor?

    Your unit has a mix of Corona and non-Corona patients?! Wоw.
  2. When those doctors Fauci and Birx are on the podium with Trump in the White House Press Briefing Room, are they wearing masks? Are they standing six feet apart from each other? It's do as I say, not as I do. Healthcare workers are people first and fo...
  3. Naturally Brilliant

    Is it wrong to turn down a shift?

    You're certainly doing the right thing in prioritizing your child over your job. Family is forever. A job is merely a fiduciary relationship, and your loyalty to your job only extends up to the job description. If I were in your position I would have...
  4. Lots of Americans are having trouble paying for basic necessities, among housing. Nurses and hospital workers are sadly no exception.
  5. Naturally Brilliant

    Covid-19 Among The Navajo Tribe

    Do the people there believe in allopathic medicine? I thought they weren't big fans of that and preferred spiritual healing stuff...
  6. Because of the Coronavirus? No. The only thing that would make me quit is marrying Emma Stone and living off her Hollywood earnings.
  7. Naturally Brilliant

    federal student loans & covid 19

    Thank you. I'm in a graduate level program right now, and will look into this!
  8. Naturally Brilliant

    U.S. Now Has the World's Largest Number of COVID Deaths

    Because of that. (Courtesy of Wikipedia)
  9. They're calling it the "COVID-19 Heroes Fund". Read about it here: Fund FIN...
  10. Naturally Brilliant

    Should handshaking be obliterated from our culture?

    I've worked in healthcare for nearly a decade and I almost always shook hands with people I newly met. And no, handshaking is part of our etiquette. Things will go back to normal once the Coronavirus crisis is over.
  11. Naturally Brilliant

    New to the field and feeling guilty

    You shouldn't feel guilty over your feelings. This is a sentiment I'm sure that most nurses will agree with me on, and something you'll probably accept in your healthcare career: Management and administration will inevitably screw you over and try t...
  12. 1) Most of us don't work in the ICU. 2) The OP was being overly dramatic about Coronavirus in general. It is not a fifty-fifty chance at a death sentence if you take care of someone with Coronavirus, ICU or no ICU.
  13. Okay then, quit. You're right, nursing isn't the military. Nobody is forcing you to care for patients afflicted by Coronavirus or any other pathological condition. Nobody is going to court-martial you for desertion or even strip you of your nursing l...
  14. So the real mortality rate would be even lower because there's plenty of people who are asymptomatic or have such mild symptoms they're not going to bother getting tested (whether due to availability of the tests or personal choice).
  15. No disrespect, but I think there's some self-selection bias in play here. The sickest Coronavirus sufferers are the ones who are going to be the hospitalized patients. For every patient in the hospital with Coronavirus, there's probably about ten ti...