Nurses caring for Coronavirus patients could get up to $25k from the Feds in Hazard Pay


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That would be much appreciated.

Meanwhile, my hospital isn't offering hazard pay, and we just got a mass email stating that due to financial concerns and lost surgery revenue, we aren't getting any cost-of-living adjustments or experience/merit-based raises this year.

I'm grateful to still have a job and that I haven't had to use any of my PTO yet, but it still sucks that the nurses at my hospital will be making less caring for COVID patients than we would have if the pandemic had never happened.

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My hospital is paying for being put on-call so we don't have to use PTO. They are also redeploying many of us. The surgical nurses are the hardest hits as there are no elective surgeries happening. I have been used in a screening position. All employees and visitors are screened at all entrances.

My organization is being awesome!!! I haven't heard about raises yet.