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adventure_rn is a BSN and specializes in NICU, PICU.

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  1. adventure_rn

    Fun Shoes (for a Boring Uniform)

    My new hospital requires pretty boring scubs (dull gray, with only three unflattering style choices that must be purchased from one particular off-brand manufacturer). I guess the consistency looks professional, but wearing the exact same scrubs as t...
  2. adventure_rn

    Dual Specialty

    Just to follow-up on my above comment, if you want to get experience working with high-risk pregnancies, you could try to get a job in Antepartum--that's the unit in the hospital where women with high-risk pregnancies stay until they're ready to deli...
  3. adventure_rn

    Dual Specialty

    I'm not an NP, but I do have a lot of experience in NICU, so I can take a stab at it. If you'd like to do MFM, NNP probably isn't the way to go about it. NNPs care for babies pretty much exclusively after they're born (including in the immediate...
  4. adventure_rn

    License Renewal

    ...This also means that the during time you've been working in OK since leaving TX (at which time your compact license reverted to a single-state status), you may have been practicing in OK without an active license... This was clearly an honest...
  5. adventure_rn

    Do Any Hospitals Hire New Grads For Nicu?

    @Coffee Nurse makes a lot of really good points. Part of what makes nursing so amazing is that there are dozens of different specialties with millions of different jobs you can do. The trick is, it's really hard to figure out exactly what you would l...
  6. adventure_rn

    Can you back out of an offer later?

    You can (I did as a new grad because a better opportunity came along), but just be aware that you may potentially be burning a bridge with working for that hospital system again. Usually it's not a big deal, especially if you give them plenty of noti...
  7. adventure_rn

    New Grad Nurse Pay Atlanta, Georgia

    That sounds pretty standard for a new grad. Honestly, in just about any hospital setting, it's very unlikely that you'll be able to negotiate a higher salary; they usually have pretty firm 'steps' based on your years of experience. As a new grad, you...
  8. adventure_rn

    Do Any Hospitals Hire New Grads For Nicu?

    It seems very bizarre that you're in a direct entry NNP program? Is it a reputable program? The 'residency' in and of itself isn't the busiest part of your first year as a new grad--it's being a new grad. There is an insane amount of stuff to le...
  9. adventure_rn

    Negative feedback loop

    As with bedside nursing, maybe schools will finally reach a point where they realize that they need to pay their educators better? I get that some schools are more financially well-off than others, but ultimately, nursing schools are businesses ...
  10. adventure_rn

    Offensive Raise Structure

    Of note, this hospital system does have a pension plan, where the pension is calculated based on your years of service and your salary in your last few years, so I'm guessing that has a lot to do with it, too... 👀 I always knew that the fastest ...
  11. adventure_rn

    Offensive Raise Structure

    It just seems so bizarre, especially compared to a union/contract system where raises are clear, equitable, and based on years of service. To clarify, I'd actually fall into the newer-middle category that would receive one of the higher raises, ...
  12. adventure_rn

    Offensive Raise Structure

    This one is a doozy. A nationally renowned hospital recently announced a market-based adjustment for nursing salaries. The problem is that there is a huge disparity in the size of the raises based on years of service--people with less experience are ...
  13. adventure_rn

    Why is there a shortage of pediatric nurses?

    It's a weird combination of high census and high travel rates. Most peds units were at a historic low census during covid (since scheduled surgeries were postponed, kids weren't getting the flu/RSV at school since they were isolating, and they w...
  14. adventure_rn


    I'm considering applying to CHOP for a PRN position. Are there any current or former employees willing to share their experiences? I'm happy to DM if you prefer not to state your job location on the public forum. Thanks!!
  15. adventure_rn

    CHOP 2021 New Graduate Program

    Is anyone who got a job offer on this forum still active? I'm starting grad school, and considering applying for a PRN position. Is anybody willing to share their experience as an employee? (Happy to DM if you're prefer). Thanks!