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rubyagnes has 7 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Neurosurgical ICU, Emergency, Psych, Art Therapy.

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  1. rubyagnes


    Thank you for your response. If I listed my BFA, why would you suggest it be written first? I see that the article states the non-nursing degree be written first, but I'm curious if you have any ideas as to why. In the instance written, the person is...
  2. rubyagnes


    Hi, A lot of my coworkers have their credentials listed in resumes and email signatures. I am an RN with a BSN, I also have a BFA, and I'm a board certified psychiatric mental health nurse (PMH-BC) According to a nursing world article, the ...
  3. Hi, A lot of my coworkers have email signatures that list their credentials after their name. I am an RN with a BSN, I also have a BFA, and I'm a board certified psychiatric mental health nurse (PMH-BC) According to a nursing world article, th...
  4. rubyagnes

    Where to move?

    I just moved to Durham and got a job at UNC chapel hill in their neurosurgical ICU. I really enjoy it so far and they offered a relocation bonus and additional retention bonus. If you want more details just send me a msg ?
  5. Any advice on how to patent a nursing invention, specially one relating to using technology in a hospital setting. What steps should I take? When should I look into selling the idea and how can I do it? Like if I wanted to patent the idea then contac...
  6. rubyagnes

    Advice Please :)

    @MBNurse123 I just moved from the Baltimore area to Durham. I was able to interview at Duke, UNC Chapel Hill, UNC Rex, and WakeMed. Interviewing is extra strange right now and took a little longer than expected. All of my interviews were either just ...
  7. rubyagnes

    Resignation Question

    Just wanted to follow up - I ended up being paid my scheduled hours while not working for over 2 weeks. It’s pretty amazing to me. I don’t think I accrued any PTO along with those hours but I don’t care much about that (our PTO accrual is crap anyway...
  8. rubyagnes

    Resignation Question

    I’ll def follow up next week. Honestly don’t have much PTO and it’s only paid out at 50% so I’m more interested in my expected pay. I have written documentation from my manager clearly stating I will be paid my regular hours up until my chosen resign...
  9. rubyagnes

    Resignation Question

    Thanks. I think I’ll feel a lot more secure once I’m actually paid as expected next week. The coworkers I’m referring to extended their 4 week expectation to adhere to the policy, but the policy also states employees can call out sick during that tim...
  10. rubyagnes

    Resignation Question

    The policy is to pay out PTO at 50% but my manager clearly stated I’d be paid my regular hours as if I was working, then after my end date HR handles the PTO part. I’m on good terms with my manager and coworkers. I’m only suspicious bc it seems like ...
  11. rubyagnes

    Resignation Question

    Hi, I recently resigned from a nursing position at a hospital, as I was offered a new job out of state. Due to covid, the hiring process was a little slow, but I let my manager know as soon as I was certain about my new position. My current job polic...
  12. rubyagnes

    Duke vs UNC vs UNC Rex

    I want to start off by saying sorry for yet another post about the Triangle area. I'm moving from out of state and due to COVID the hiring process has been remote/interviews via zoom which has made things pretty stressful. I've never even been to the...
  13. rubyagnes

    Duke employment, commute, etc

    @mmc51264 My boyfriend is moving with me and I think overall we'd rather pay more for a nice downtown apartment than pay less and commute to pay for closer parking. We are both moving from a bigger city environment so we'd like to be in a more active...
  14. rubyagnes

    Duke employment, commute, etc

    Hello, I was just hired at Duke Hospital in Durham and I’m starting at the end of Summer. I was hoping to get some insight on a few things. Due to Covid, the orientation is now virtual, so I won’t have many opportunities to ask someone in person. I’...
  15. rubyagnes

    Waivers for acceptance

    Has anyone had a waiver approved for the use of antidepressants or adhd meds?