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 I have a few questions for the nursing universe. The acute care psychiatric facility at which I am employed has recently started using a remote service to obtain physician orders. They are using unlicensed personnel to communicate electronically with physicians in order to obtain admission orders. I was originally told that an RN would complete the general health history section but the information would be transcribed and sent to the "teledoc" for orders. Yesterday, they started having unlicensed personnel (MHTs) perform the health history, request orders electronically. I am concerned that this is a scope of practice issue and the average MHT is not familiar with medications. What does everyone else think?

Sounds pretty sketch to me but the devil is in the details as always. You'd have to check your state NPA and regulations that pertain to your particular care setting.

this is crazy. But get ready for them to assign that role to you as opposed to hiring an additional nurse to offset this illegal mess they having going on. 

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1. Using a remote service to get admit orders? Why? 

2. MHTs doing admits by themselves? Oh hell no.

Sounds very bad, IMO.


Yes, apparently this remote service is much cheaper than our on-call physicians. 

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