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  1. Tigerlily8

    Nurses Promoting COVID Misinformation

    Thanks for your suggestions. Did you mean report her to Twitter?
  2. Tigerlily8

    Nurses Promoting COVID Misinformation

    I am aware of a former colleague (RN) who is frequently posting inaccurate information on Twitter. She is discouraging social distancing, wearing masks and mandatory vaccination. She recently has been promoting the use of unproven medications to treat Covid-19 and states the pandemic is a hoax. This behavior reflects poorly on all health care providers, especially nurses. I don’t know what I could do other than reporting her to the Texas BON. Any ideas?
  3. I am enrolled in the PMHNP program @ Walden University and looking for a preceptor for the Winter quarter that begins on November 29, 2021. I live in the Austin, Texas area, have a flexible schedule and am willing to travel within central Texas. I would be very grateful if someone would agree to serve as my preceptor.
  4. Tigerlily8

    Job Interview

    I remember those days during monitoring and experiencing unusual anxiety during interviews. I suggest you be well prepared, well rested, arrive early and bring up the topic of your past/recovery before they do. You will know the right time, when you are getting positive vibes from them and you sense that they like you. I know it is hard but there are some people who will not hold your past against you , appreciate your honesty and would love to give you a second chance. Good luck with your interview!
  5. Tigerlily8

    Facing my second major cardiac surgery in 3-years :(

    Hi, I am a former ICU RN who was born with a bicuspid aortic valve. I was unaware and asymptomatic until my late 50's when I also gained weight and became hypertensive. I had my aortic valve repair surgery approximately 5 years ago. I recovered quickly from the surgery. Unfortunately, I experienced a brief single episode of afib with rvr post-op and am on metoprolol for rate control. I feel like I am less energetic than before surgery but attribute it to the beta blockade. Aside from that, I had an uneventful recovery and have no activity restrictions.
  6. Tigerlily8

    Anyone selected to test right before discharge?

    I was selected to test approx. 1 day prior to completion and right before an approved trip out of town. I would have been finished with monitoring well before results were in, obviously a waste of my money. I called my case manager, not expecting much but she had the wisdom and graciousness to cancel the test.
  7. Tigerlily8

    Staffing Ratios

    Hi everyone, I am relatively new to psychiatric nursing and for decades worked in critical care areas with a 1:2 nurse:patient ratio. I am now employed at a for-profit acute care psychiatric facility with a 1:15 nurse:patient ratio. The PICU does have a 1:12 ratio. Is this common in behavioral health? We are now opening a unit that accepts medically fragile geriatric unit. Right now the ratio is 1 RN : 15 Patients. My opinion is that we are dangerously understaffed. We have no CNA's, lifts and only a few hospital beds. What is the norm elsewhere?
  8. Tigerlily8

    Diluted urine drug test!!

    I would not worry too much about a single dilute specimen. In my experience with the Texas monitoring program they only give you a hard time for repeated dilute specimens because then they assume the participant is deliberately trying to interfere with the accuracy of testing. Just do as you have been instructed. I have heard that a high protein snack about an hour before producing urine specimen will help to avoid a dilute specimen but do not know if that is true. I know it can be difficult to strike that balance, of course you want to be able to produce enough urine when you arrive at the lab and it is easy to overdo the fluids. Hang in there! This too shall pass.
  9. Tigerlily8

    tpapn jobs

    From what I hear, UHS is TPAPN friendly. Good luck to you!
  10. Tigerlily8

    First DUI. No hope. Help.

    I suggest you research the Washington state program for impaired nurses to get an idea of what to expect should you remain in Washington. I hear that California is one of the strictest states in dealing with impaired health care providers but have no first hand knowledge. Will it not be simpler to remain where you are? I am anticipating that you will have court appearances, DUI classes, community service etc that will need to be completed in the municipality where the offense was committed. Don't despair, you are not the first nursing student/health professional to make such a mistake. It will help you to be non-judgmental with your future patients.
  11. Tigerlily8

    TPAPN friendly employers in Austin?

    Hi ATXRN83, I reside in the Austin area and recently completed TPAPN. My first job in TPAPN was in Home Health. It was not really for me, I found it to be a difficult way to earn a living but it did allow me to circumvent the narcotic restriction. Another advantage was some control over my daily schedule and the opportunity to catch an AA meeting during the workday. I worked for 2 different Home Health companies, Jordan Health Services and HealthAtHome, and was offered a position by Encompass. Eventually, I ended up in Psych. Again, it is not an easy way to earn a living. The narcotic restriction should not be a big deal in Psych, I work in Psych now and really do not give that many controlled substances, mostly Haldol, Geodon, Zyprexa but with a sprinkling of Ativan and Xanax. I would suggest focusing on the smaller agencies and facilities. I must have applied for hundreds of positions @ Seton, Baylor Scott & White, St. Davids and the State of Texas to no avail. Among psych facilities, I have applied to Rock Springs many times without success. Best of luck to you. Are you able to PM me?
  12. Tigerlily8

    MSN done

    Congratulations! I don't know you but nevertheless I am very proud and happy for you.
  13. Tigerlily8

    should I just give up? DUI/ mental illness

    Hi, I urge you to be rational and creative in this decision. For example, try to calculate your future earnings as an RN vs whatever other skills you possess. Today RNs command a pretty nice salary compared to Liberal Arts, Communication graduates, etc. The barrier you are experiencing will only last a few years. How many years more do you expect to remain in the workplace ? Can you arrange to have a roommate or live with a friend or family for awhile until your income stabilizes? The program I am familiar with is TPAPN, the drug tests are $55 each, expect to be tested weekly in the beginning. There are a few other charges as well. Figure out how much you have invested in your nursing degree, Is it wise to set it aside?
  14. Tigerlily8

    should I just give up? DUI/ mental illness

    Please do not give up, you have come this far. In my opinion, your state BON will likely force you into their monitoring program. It is no fun, it is not fair but it is doable and only lasts a few years. I recommend you stay the course and try to find sources of income ASAP. If the BON does require monitoring then look for a job that fits their stipulations. I promise you, this too shall pass.
  15. Tigerlily8

    Hand sanitizers ... what do you use??

    When I was a TPAPN participant I used Babyorganics alcohol-free foaming hand sanitizer. The active ingredient is Benzalkonium chloride and is found in the baby section of supermarkets.
  16. Tigerlily8

    TPAPN and homehealth

    I have completed my TPAPN program but I did work in Home Health while a participant. One of the requirements was that I had to stop by the office every morning prior to seeing patients and then check in by telephone at the end of my workday. The agencies that hired me were Jordan Home Health and HealthAtHome. I was also offered a position by Encompass. Good luck to you! Eventually someone will offer you a job as well.