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  1. gcupid

    RN patient ratio in dialysis

    Why is every specialty in nursing difficult?? Shouldn't there be at least a few specialties in which u r treated with respect and not treated like a slave?? I'm one of the nurses in acute care that need a break. (especially after this covid mes...
  2. gcupid

    New Nurse - Unsafe Hospital

    if this were a male dominated profession, this foolishness would not exist. Just start refusing patients after 5. They can't fire every nurse.
  3. gcupid

    RN pay in the Bay Area, CA?

    that's what some of them do. The Bay area, San diego, & LA have very high rents but the bay is the worst. No one desires to really fix the problem.
  4. gcupid

    Burn Out

    Believe it or not, I am back motivated to work and I'm just hoping the motivation sticks around. I plan to have smaller short term goals to reward myself along the way and to force myself to take mini vacations on my time off from work. (For ex: boo...
  5. gcupid

    I really want to quit..any advice?

    Welcome to Nursing.
  6. gcupid

    ANA of New York BS in TEN!

    It is to my knowledge that legislation has been passed that would require all New York registered nurses who were licensed after 2017 to obtain their BSN within 10 years (by 2027). From a past email, involving BS in TEN, the New York State Chapter of...
  7. gcupid

    Why hasn’t pay increased? Hazard pay, etc.?

    Maybe moving forward in union contracts there should be a pandemic clause so that nurses are treated more fairly. These are healthy discussions we must have in order to progress the Profession.
  8. gcupid

    Why hasn’t pay increased? Hazard pay, etc.?

    I also want to admonish everyone at this moment, we need to stick together like physicians stick together. I applaud registry/travel nurses who decide to leave their home state or the comfort of doing the bare minimum hours to come out and help full...
  9. gcupid

    Why hasn’t pay increased? Hazard pay, etc.?

    Feel free to stop offering (ordering) suggestions. Lets see how that goes.
  10. gcupid

    Why hasn’t pay increased? Hazard pay, etc.?

    This forum does not give you authority to order. I Will speak out against whatever I desire to speak out against. Save those orders for your work environment in which you have those privileges.
  11. gcupid

    Why hasn’t pay increased? Hazard pay, etc.?

    Okay, well where's some of this magical bail out money that seems to come when corporations are failing? Who is fighting for the bedside individuals who are putting themselves at risk? You guys people have died from this virus.
  12. gcupid

    Why hasn’t pay increased? Hazard pay, etc.?

    With all due respect, some of us were willing to take those risks because we knew that there would be some type of minimum protective equipment provided in order to safely do our jobs. I've come across some old school nurses that practiced when ther...
  13. gcupid

    Why hasn’t pay increased? Hazard pay, etc.?

    I'm pretty sure we'd all rather PPE than extra money but in the mean time bc some facilities are going without enough PPE, can we get hazard pay? This way of thought is why nurses don't have better pay and working conditions in my eyes. We are consid...
  14. gcupid

    Why hasn’t pay increased? Hazard pay, etc.?

    I will be sure to follow that order. MSN,APRN,NP But I don't expect a pat on the back and I'm pretty sure a lot of us dont have that expectation because if many of us did have that expectation we would no longer be registered nurses without the MSN,A...
  15. gcupid

    Boyfriend wants me to stay away

    This is a warning sign to potential issues later in the relationship. His concerns doesn’t lack merit but what if you were his wife? What if you guys had kids? Could it be that he’s looking for a reason to spend time away from u? Is there a trust...