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  1. I've recently been in verbally abusive situations in which there wasn't support from charge nurse nor house supervisor. The common theme was to allow the patient to vent and to have a poker face throughout the entire ordeal with the hopes that the patient would calm down after expressing himself/herself. I advocate for prompt security and setting the tone to what will not be tolerated. You can't go into a post office acting up. You can't go in an airport or plane acting up. Try it! They know there's heavy consequences in those places. The nurse here should have went straight to an ER (as a good policy would require) and forced to go home. (I believe this hospital doesn't have an ER because it's in an area where many black uninsured people are and the ER did not make the hospital money, so it was shut down.) I definitely hold the hospital liable and accountable. Her family should sue and get as much money as they can. Her death could have been prevented.
  2. gcupid

    Attention nurse bullies... and victims!!

    Bullies are relentless. So lets say you won't allow yourself to be bullied, so now they go after your job and get you fired. Try going up against a nurse that has 10 years exp with the same organization and you are a recent hire or less than 2 years. It never ends well. It's best to just leave before tensions escalate pass a point of no return.
  3. gcupid

    Nursing Salary Survey 2014

    Some of these pay rates should be against the law.....NO RN should be in the twenties as a base pay rate. It doesn't matter if you are diploma, ADN, BSN etc. The type of responsibility we hold does not equate to being paid less than 30 an hr base pay....and if you are sacrificing nights, weekends, holidays away from loved ones, differentials should push you to minimally late 30's to 40's... Yes even in low cost of living areas.
  4. gcupid

    Cannabis and Healthcare 2014

    I hate the smell of that stuff.... But since it is legal can they tax the hell out of that pot and let's get some benefits from it.
  5. gcupid

    Nurses: Oppression Can Stop With You

    Okay, well I'm officially no longer offended, lol! Nicely reworded.... Clear & concise.... But you know, it's a sensitive subject and the passage shouldn't even give the slightest impression that my first interpretation could possibly be what the author means..... Thanks for clearing that up!
  6. gcupid

    Nurses: Oppression Can Stop With You

    As a black man that happens to be a Registered nurse, I do find the two comparisons to be offensive. Granted,there is oppression in the nursing profession but it does not hold the same weight..... And if you do believe that the two issues are on the same level there's nothing more I can say (outside of I wish I had a d%#^ time machine I could let you borrow)
  7. gcupid

    Nurses: Oppression Can Stop With You

    I'm sorry but you were dealing with an old fashioned bully. To end that cycle of abuse, a ghetto CMA, or just a strong personality that hates bullying would have stood up for herself as well as put her in her place when the nurse tried to move on to bullying a person she perceived to be weaker than her.... (shouldn't have to do all that but it's apparent management will not fire her)
  8. gcupid

    Do Other Professionals Skip Restroom Breaks And Meals?

    It takes two minutes to get to the bathroom after you walk the halls in some facilities, lol!.... Another 2 minutes to pee and to wash hands and another 2 minutes to make it back.... You have to force yourself to say no to everybody and make them wait... I will make a public announcement at the nursing station that I have to go and now it's required to carry cell phones.... So I leave the phone at the nursing station, so that I don't get calls while I'm using the bathroom.. It's not bad time management, it's called a saturated workload.
  9. gcupid

    Hospital CEO Salaries: Are The Big Bucks Justified?

    I have no problem with CEO's making plenty of money for the responsibilities that they hold; however, it's insulting when nurses & CNAs (the back bone of every hospital) are treated like crap and don't have a descent salary/benefit package and still managers want to take away perks while continually adding more work duties....
  10. gcupid

    Bullying--The Other "B" Word

    It's an excellent result for the individual who just got attacked.....but I was thinking maybe he/she should go for the Jugular vein. Make the bully an example by crucifying him/her. If the victim is black hair, blue eyes...when the victim retaliates the bully wouldn't even go after another profile that even vaguely resembles him/her.... Nip it in the bud not only for yourself but for the next possible prey.
  11. Days Pros: better only because of better staffing and the ability to get quality sleep and plan activities with the rest of society.... If any shift is messed over...its nights from my limited experience. Nights are more likely to be short staffed...Seems like we never had an aide. Most be more independent; however, nightshift nurses do have more team work. Dayshift is favorite child treatment... Nightshift is Step child treatment.... Management felt like nightshift nurses did not work as hard as dayshift nurses. Ive worked both day and night. Totally not true.
  12. gcupid

    What in the world does the ANA do?

    "It's sort of like complaining about politicians but not voting." I'm sorry, I equated paying dues to voting... (and even with my mind-set of believing that paying due=vote, you are still right because not enough "working nurses" are joining and paying dues= voting); I guess I'm trying to justify the reason for so many not being active, including myself...You were addressing those that claim ANA (or, any representative organization) didnt "represent them." My attempt was to address a possible reason why SO MANY EDUCATED, TALENTED nurses refuse to bother. I have yet to join an organization and try to change the way they operate...I usually take a pamphlet, you know,...observe the atmosphere & workings . Couldn't imagine joining a church, paying tithes & etc. for the mere sake of pushing the pastor/priest to amending doctrine.... It starts with the leaders.....stay true to the mission statement...establish & maintain integrity....honor high moral character and look out not only for the advanced nurses but for the nurse you use to be and the possible nurse you may see, if you were ever to get sick.... My point is that more "working nurses" would join if they represented them. but I think Im more on the follower side..... Dont get me wrong I understand exactly what you are saying...it's not going to change until we join....Let's see how it turns out, years from now..
  13. gcupid

    Registered Nurses Claim Patients Not Getting Proper Care

    I was concerned that from the outside looking in (non-nurses), they may have been portrayed as being lazy.... but I love how the interview shows their genuine concern for patient safety. I can feel the empathy ooze from the screen...
  14. gcupid

    What in the world does the ANA do?

    God forbid the "working nurse" be a prerequisite to joining the ANA... & could somebody please define the the term "working nurse"? Start off representing the "working nurse" and they will join....I think a lot of people vote for candidates and donate to charities that represent there ideal (fill in the blank)...(it may be wrong but Im young, I have a lot to learn) One person's reply stated an assignment of having 12 patients on med-surg to transferring to telemetry with 10 patients at 2300...I think being vocal should be enough...Surely that nurse was active when working that shift....I'd be so drained, I probably wouldn't have the energy enough to pick up the phone... (LOL!) If 100,000's of nurses joined tomorrow with twice the organizational dues paid, What would happen? but to end on a serious note...When dealing with a group of leaders with HIGH MORALS to represent , highly educated, & talented individuals..How much molding would need to take place in order to see greater changes at the bedside?
  15. gcupid

    What in the world does the ANA do?

    Somehow...what I inferred from the post was that the ANA is worried about education and the advancement of nursing practice {almost to the point of being doctors.." they are neglecting basic nursing. Instead of giving all attention to advancement in scope of practice can we just be in accordance with improving working conditions for the bedside nurses. If we can handle the entry level concerns, maybe we can expand to the rest...