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During this time of the crisis, what would you like to tell your family, neighbors, friends, and colleagues? Now is the time to let your voice be heard.

The best message whether it's heartwarming, funny, or sad will win $100 Amazon gift card courtesy of Carson Newman University!

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No, really, please continue wearing your gloves all over public places and touching your face and phone with them. They are working.

You want the city to fully open back up, but you find wearing masks offensive so you don’t want to wear one? ?


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It’s so important to remind yourself to be ‘present.’


vmbennett, BSN

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As nurses, our thoughts are with the many who have been directly affected by the coronavirus, as well as the sorrow and hardship the pandemic is causing, from physical suffering to economic difficulties. In these weeks, the lives of millions of people have suddenly changed. For many, remaining at home has been an opportunity to reflect, to withdraw from the frenetic pace of life, stay with loved ones, and enjoy their company. For many, though, this is also a time of worry about an uncertain future, about jobs that are at risk, and about other consequences of the current crisis. As nurses, as a team, as a family, as a community, we are working actively for the common good to move mountains, to rise up, and to SAVE LIVES.


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Specializes in ER, Dialysis, Tele.

Please take this seriously, as hard as it is. Just because your still alive doesn’t mean you are immune.


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Please take this seriously. Continue social distancing. Continue wearing masks and practicing good hand hygiene. We are winning the battle but the war is far from over.


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I can’t be alone when I say that I’ve always been a homebody and enjoyed being home... but I enjoyed it more when everyone else wasn’t home too the ENTIRE DAY EVERY DAY!!!


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Be kind to each other and yourselves.

Emergent, RN

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This too shall pass...

Specializes in Med-Surg., LTC,, OB/GYN, L& D,, Office.

It is my wish that we would individually and as a community, adopt the premise, "Positivity over Panic".

By bolstering our mindset it seems reasonable our outlook on the ?, and it's inhabitants should grow brighter, our expectations higher, that we might learn that despite adversity there are those highly visible, high ranking extremely knowledgeable physicians, local, state, and federal government representatives, community and health advisors, dedicated first responders, as well as the multitude of unseen rarely heard from behind the scenes heroes, who go to work everyday, continually, strivng toward bettering life come what may...

More simply put, If the concept of conscientiousness and caring were to instill itself into every human being, the result, would be widespread...a pandemic of POSITIVITY...!


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My message is for my Mama, and everybody else, but mostly my MOM!!

MOM!! I miss you so so much. I miss hugging you and kissing you and going out to dinner with you to all those fancy places you like to go to just so you talk about "back in my day and complain about how things are now" only to later on tell everyone how much fun we had!! HA!

To my sister! Since the coronavirus started you keep sending me gifts and words of encouragement and I could never ever thank you for the ways that you are thinking of me...I love you.

To my Brother! No matter how many times you text "I love you Sis, stay safe".. I love you MORRRREEEE!!!

To my FRIENDS! I am going to go out to breakfast and drinks with you more more more even if my legs fall off from standing all shift!!

I could go on but just writing this made me feel good. I know I will see my friends and family soon...

To ALL NURSES on ALLNURSES: HAPPY NURSES WEEK! I'm glad we are all here together!

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