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  1. Thanks to everyone who commented. We truly appreciate the feedback! A special congratulations to @NurseBlaq, @juan de la cruz & @mtmkjr who were selected as winners! Your prize packs will be arriving soon...
  2. Nursing sometimes receives a bad reputation due to the hostility some nurses have towards new grads. But could the next nurse bully be a new grad themselves? These are 5 signs you may need to change your behavior. Read more: https://allnurses.com/the-future-nurse-bully-is-t69
  3. How you talk to your patients really matters. By structuring your conversation in this manner you can help your patients feel a boost of motivation knowing they are more than their ailment. Read more: https://allnurses.com/tips-for-using-people-first-t696501
  4. Perfect for those with pain or arthritis and equally at home for a mini spa day, Glove Treat contains paraffin wax in a sealed and reusable design that is easy to heat, easy to use and is 100% mess free.
  5. Consisting of a high strength band made of a highly elastic material, TheraBand CLX is essentially a portable gym that can fit in your pocket. Comprised of a series of loops, TheraBand CLX is an excellent item to have for quick workouts on the go, while traveling or on vacation. Its compact size and versatility – coupled with a variety of resistance levels – makes it a complete workout package.
  6. Sherley John, MSN, RN, CCRN discusses how she was able to take her desire to be a patient advocate from the bedside to a higher level by being selected for an AACN scholarship to participate in the Nurses in Washington Internship (NIWI)
  7. Therapearl's new Theraband hot and cold pain relief pack is perfect for relieving the stress and pain of your day. The adjustable band features a velcro closure for a secure fit whether you are walking, sitting or lying down. The Therapearl face mask features the same hot and cold pain relief technology and is designed to help relieve stress and tension in and around your eyes and face.
  8. All new nursing supervisors must prove themselves to their co-workers early on to earn the respect they need to become successful. Use these tips to get started on the right foot. Read more: https://allnurses.com/how-do-you-referee-nursing-t6959
  9. School can be a difficult and challenging endeavor for those wanting to become nurse practitioners. Use these tips to help you succeed on your journey! Read more: https://allnurses.com/tips-for-surviving-nurse-practioner-t583637
  10. Z-Coil pain relief footwear's proprietary coils at like shock-absorbers for your body. Lessening impact by up to 50%, these shoes are designed for those who spend countless hours on their feet and come in numerous styles which are perfect for nurses! Be sure to watch the video to learn about the money-saving promo code! http://nurs.es/zcoil The product reviewed in this video was provided by the manufacturer for review.
  11. Scrubs are often viewed as utilitarian in nature. Not Jaanuu Scrubs, though. Jaanuu Scrubs have been reimagined and take hints from fashionable runway designs. Advanced fabrics and styles that feel runway ready but are tailored for today's busy nurses. Learn more at https://www.jaanuu.com/
  12. The Nozin POPswab single use ampule is specifically designed for single usage on patients, visitors and healthcare professionals. The proprietary popswab tip is designed from a soft material which makes the application gentle on the nose. Learn more at https://www.nozin.com
  13. The risk of potential bleeding complications in high-risk patients calls for a highly effective and time-efficient approach. Evicel Fibrin Sealant protects patients from rebleeding risks while saving O.R. time. With a set time of around five seconds, the aerosolized applicator saves time and personnel. Learn more at https://www.ethicon.com/na/products/adjunctive-hemostasis/sealants/evicel-fibrin-sealant-human
  14. Nursing study aid for students and current registered nurses. To learn more about the Side effects and adverse reactions to immunizations, visit... http://nurs.es/mnemonics
  15. If you're feeling trapped in your current job there may be other options to try before you jump ship and start with a new company. Take a look at some of these ideas! Read more: https://allnurses.com/job-stagnation-how-recognize-t639420/