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Book: First-Year Nurse by Nurse Beth | Nurses Week

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Prolific author and allnurses.com columnist Nurse Beth (Beth Hawkes) is back with another amazing book jam-packed with great advice and insight. As a way to give back to nurses, Beth Hawkes is giving away EIGHT COPIES of her newest work – 'First Year Nurse'

With advice on working with doctors, prioritizing care, and time management; this book is a must-have for nurses who are beginning their careers! 'First Year Nurse' isn't available for purchase until May 19th but as part of National Nurses Week, you can win a copy before you can buy it! Click below to complete the form and you're entered to win. Be sure to enter each day to increase your chances of winning. We are giving away one copy for each day of National Nurses Week and another copy exclusively for Nursing Students!

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This giveaway is now ended.

8 lucky winners will be notified by Private Message. Your book will be sent once it has been released in a few short day.