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  1. Love this advice. I also made my own custom brain and it helps me a LOT! Especially so when I was brand new. I also arrive a minimum of 15 mins early, normally closer to 25, to prepare. My shifts go way smoother when I do. I have time to read orders,...
  2. You probably feel so alone right now but the sentiments you are sharing felt true for probably 95% of us as new RNs (minus being shy/quiet, but most of us are intimidating speaking to the docs as new grads). Being task oriented in the beginnin...
  3. This is not necessarily standard but does happen from time to time. I doubt there is much that could be done about it, as they want to see the urine stream come from your urethra to the cup. Imagine how uncomfortable this is for us women too.. litera...
  4. K. Everly


    Deep breath. You can still keep your head down (I'll elaborate), and if your other case manager had all your paperwork and never raised an issue, I don't see it as being likely that you'll be retroactively punished by the director. You just have to f...
  5. K. Everly


    I've never heard of a BON using one, but it was used on me for sobriety court. They are called SCRAM tethers. They are basically a black box on a watch band that goes around your ankle and is not removable. If I remember correctly, every 30 minutes o...
  6. K. Everly


    Nope. I MEANT to say 3x a WEEK. I had to do a 6-panel drug test w/ EtG 3x a week. In addition to the urine tests, I also had to wear an ankle alcohol monitor for 8 months. And, when I got rid of the ankle monitor, I then had to breathe into a ha...
  7. K. Everly

    Fake Nursing School Scammed Me

    I had no idea. Are you calling me Trippy? I don't know what that means.
  8. K. Everly

    HPRP evaluation, advice needed please

    I managed, through tremendous efforts, to avoid an HPRP contract and board discipline while applying for my RN license while I was still in sobriety court for my 2nd DUI.
  9. K. Everly

    New RN looking to expand resume, please help me!

    Great question. I also think that is something that would suit my personality well and would love to hear from others who may know.
  10. K. Everly

    Wisconsin Nurse Amputated Man's Foot Without Orders

    I have more memes and facial expressions for this one than actual words. Crazytown is the only one that comes to mind.
  11. K. Everly

    Nurse lying to the BON about their past

    A DUI is, by definition, a criminal charge/conviction. Usually non-violent, but a crime nonetheless.
  12. K. Everly


    It’s unlikely but possible. Perfume has a ton of alcohol. In fact, I think it is almost all alcohol mixed with primarily synthetic fragrance. The chances of having a false positive from perfume or hand sanitizer are low, especially if you keep ...
  13. K. Everly

    Not Exactly HIPAA, But Worried I Said Too Much

    I don't see how this was a violation even in the slightest.
  14. K. Everly

    New grad struggle/situation

    Ahh, okay. So it sounds like their practices are a little shady but at least they have it written into their hiring paperwork. I personally feel it would be worse if they took liberties that went directly against the job description. Neither could ch...
  15. K. Everly

    Quitting Before My Four Weeks Notice

    I'm really sorry you're going through this. I feel like you're seeking advice but you've also said you're already certain you will call in your last shifts. I did float RN for a while and HATED it. I still wouldn't have called in to my last shi...

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