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  1. NurseJay22

    Tarrant county college Nursing fall 2020

    Same. It was weird for me because reading is one of my strongest subjects LOL but yayyy I’m excited for us! 🩺♥️
  2. NurseJay22

    Tarrant county college Nursing fall 2020

    coming back to say I GOT ACCEPTED! Woohoo!! I’m literally shaking right now!
  3. NurseJay22

    Nurse Heroes Caption Contest | Nurses Week

    “Salute to the heroes who don’t have to wear Halloween costumes every time they’re in public” #HealthcareHeroes
  4. NurseJay22

    Share Your COVID-19 Stories Contest | Nurses Week

    It’s 90 degrees outside and my friend coughed ONE TIME. She is showing no other symptoms but swears she needs to get tested. She pulls into the drive up mobile testing and of course they turn her around. She calls me and says “I’m sitting in my car w...
  5. NurseJay22

    Send A Message To The World Contest | Nurses Week

    I can’t be alone when I say that I’ve always been a homebody and enjoyed being home... but I enjoyed it more when everyone else wasn’t home too the ENTIRE DAY EVERY DAY!!!
  6. NurseJay22

    Funny Things Patients Say Contest | Nurses Week

    “I need to check into the ER... ever since this corona virus started circulating I’ve been more gassy than normal and I’m starting to become concerned I may have caught it from someone”
  7. “I’M yOuNg sO iT dOeSn’T aFfEcT mE”
  8. NurseJay22

    Toon Caption Contest | Nurses Week

    “This May be in poor taste but... honey you look like you need a corona”
  9. NurseJay22

    Tarrant county college Nursing fall 2020

    I submitted my application today! With all of the changes because of the pandemic, my anxiety is high! I really hope they don’t push it back any further LOL I joined the FB group as well. A&P - A A&P - A Micro - B HESI - 90% (AP 96, grammar ...