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Lovely_Lyssa33 has 14 years experience and specializes in Med Surg/Prison/LTC.

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  1. Meme Contest | Nurses Week

    Oh, you didn't know it was rectal temp?
  2. Send A Message To The World Contest | Nurses Week

    No, really, please continue wearing your gloves all over public places and touching your face and phone with them. They are working.
  3. Nurse Heroes Caption Contest | Nurses Week

    When we grow up we want to be real superheros too.
  4. Share Your COVID-19 Stories Contest | Nurses Week

    At screening desk. In walks stinky man missing many teeth. Man: what can I take for a busted ear drum? Me: sir we cannot give out medical advice. However- cuts me off Man: just tell me what to buy at Walmart Coworker: sir we cannot give out advice. C...
  5. I can't get gas I don't have any lysol wipes and my gas light is on. There's a chance you will get ccovid. There's 100% chance I will wave as I drive past you on the side of the road cause you ain't got no gas. Beep beep.
  6. Toon Caption Contest | Nurses Week

    Babe, I'm hungry. What are you cooking for dinner?